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The Northeast Balloon Festival (4 stars)
Most people have at least one fond childhood memory of The Wizard of Oz in which Dorothy almost heads home in a hot air balloon. 
September 2, 2018
New Hampshire Dome
Muse Paintbar is a Painting Class, Party, and Night Out at a Bar (4.5 stars)
What's better than going to a bar? A painting party at Muse Paintbar, where you learn to paint in a social atmosphere that happens
August 8, 2018
Patriot Place
Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s On the Run Tour II Lives Up to Its Hype (5 stars PLUS)
by Perrie Isidore and Johnny Monsarrat Opening act DJ Khaled called the On the Run Tour the biggest tour in the world, and this c
August 8, 2018
Gillette Stadium
Mendon Twin Drive-In Theater is a Night Under the Stars (5 stars PLUS)
I have long loved the Mendon Drive-In Theater, so I knew before I came to review it this week that it would fetch high marks. It i
August 3, 2018
Mendon Twin Drive-In
TreeTop Adventures is a Safe, Fun Challenge High in the Trees (5 stars)
Instead of running an obstacle course on the ground, how about taking to the trees at TreeTop Adventures? You put on a harness, ge
August 2, 2018
TreeTop Adventures
You’ll Love to Hate Richard’s Cheating His Way to the Throne in Richard III (4.5 stars)
Richard III, by William Shakespeare, Directed by Steven Maler, Scenic and Lighting Design by Eric Southern, Costume Design by Jess
July 28, 2018
Boston Common
Abbadia Mare Renaissance Festival at Hammond Castle Takes You Back to Olde Days (3.5 Stars)
What child didn’t dream of living in a real castle when they were young?  Perhaps you wanted to be a dragon slayer wearing a su
July 22, 2018
Hammond Castle
Ceramics Date Night at Brookline Arts Center (4 stars)
Especially in the winter, it's easy to feel that your only choice for going out on the town is a bar or restaurant. Taking an art
July 22, 2018
Brookline Arts Center
Meet Ghosts of the Past in Outdoor Theatre at ‘We The People’ (5 stars)
We The People, which I also reviewed last year (5 stars), is an indoor/outdoor spectacle, a play that takes place all across a far
July 20, 2018
Double Edge Theatre
30 Creative Events for the End of July 2018
Summer is high time for outdoorsy, interactive events, and here are some great recommendations. The Revere Beach Sandcastle Sc
July 19, 2018
Escape the Room’s Clock Tower is a Challenge but Lacks Story (3.5 stars)
Escape the Room is a puzzle adventure, a sort of miniature theme park that takes place in a single room. First, they lock you in t
July 19, 2018
Escape the Room
Whitewater Rafting with Northern Outdoors in Maine (5 stars)
Northern Outdoors is the oldest and best adventure sport destination in upstate Maine, with a focus on whitewater rafting on the K
July 18, 2018
Northern Outdoors
Cruise Boston Harbor in Style with the Pirate Ship Formidable (5 stars)
Boston has several harbor cruises but there's only one HARRRRR-bARRRRr cruise, joining pirates for an adventure aboard the Pirate
July 18, 2018
Rowes Wharf
Reality Zombies Brings Next-Level Realism to the Arcade Experience (4.5 stars)
Perhaps you can’t get enough of the Walking Dead.  Or maybe you have always wonder with your buddies about who would last longe
July 12, 2018
CambridgeSide Galleria
Hurricane Harbor at Six Flags New England (4.5 stars)
It's summertime at Six Flags, so of course you should visit their water park, called Hurricane Harbor. It's all based conveniently
July 9, 2018
Six Flags New England
Performer Interviews at Cirque du Soleil: Luzia
by Megan McCurdy and Johnny Monsarrat As part of the tour of Cirque du Soleil's Luzia through Boston, three of their performers k
July 6, 2018
Suffolk Downs
Backstage Interviews at Cirque du Soleil: Luzia
by Megan McCurdy and Johnny Monsarrat As part of the tour of Cirque du Soleil's Luzia through Boston, their "PR Ninja" Francis Ja
July 6, 2018
Suffolk Downs
It’s July 4th All Week in Massachusetts
You can find fireworks and parades all week in New England as different towns celebrate the holiday on different days. Everyone it
July 2, 2018
Cirque du Soleil: Luzia Amazes with Mexican Feats and Feelings (5 stars plus)
I've seen other Cirque du Soleil shows, and Luzia is the best one yet. The show is themed like Mexico and when you arrive you'll f
June 28, 2018
Suffolk Downs
Grammy Winner Bebe Winans Was “Born For This”: Celebrating Life, Love & Resiliency at the Majestic Theatre (5 stars)
In the midst of imminent sociopolitical divisiveness, hegemony, jingoism and xenophobia in America, comes “Born For This”, a p
June 27, 2018
Majestic Theater
Park Fest at the deCordova Sculpture Museum and Park (5 stars)
Park Fest is the annual festival at my favorite museum in New England, the deCordova Sculpture Museum and Park, just west of Bost
June 24, 2018
deCordova Sculpture Museum and Park
North Star Pro Rodeo Brings Southern Charm to New England (4.5 stars)
There are very few rodeos in New England that I've learned of in my extensive research. North Star Pro Rodeo is a great one! You'l
June 24, 2018
Marshfield Fair
Superhero Adventures to Try in Miami Even If You’re Not Athletic
To someone like me from intellectual, cold Boston, Miami can be an alien place. I don't think of museums or culture when I think M
June 17, 2018
Rent Jet Skis with BJM Rentals in Miami (4 stars)
BJM Rentals has all the equipment you need for water sports in Miami. You can rent a boat, jet skis, go flyboarding, stand-up padd
June 17, 2018
Miami Beach
Tubing with Miami Watersports Paradise is So Easy and Fun (5 stars)
Tubing is a water sport where they put you in an inner tube and drag you behind a boat! It sounds almost comically simple, but act
June 17, 2018
Miami Beach Marina