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BostonEVENTS is dedicated to the idea that, although we love movies, sitting in a dark room is no way to bond with friends, family, or on a date.

Just think of one of your favorite movies. Let’s say Back to the Future or Jurassic Park. Can you remember who came with you to see it?

Nope. Sitting in a dark room just doesn’t form a memory for a lifetime. We also love concerts and theatre shows, but big ticketed events are easy to find because they have money for advertising.

What about festivals? Parades? Haunted attractions and corn mazes? What about improv comedy and outdoor theatre?

BostonEVENTS has more of that than anyone else in New England by a factor of 3 or more.

We hand pick the most worthy interactive, weird, outdoorsy, and creative events that will transform your view of New England and inspire you to travel to all its corners.