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Events INSIDER is the largest all-digital news magazine for the arts and tourism in New England. We were founded in the Boston Globe as a resident contractor, have been independent since 2015, and are now larger on social media than Boston Globe Events.

Here are our recommendations on classy, non-touristy travel, to feed your brain and adventures to live life to the fullest.


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Recent Destinations


US Virgin Islands (23 articles), with scuba, swimming with sea lions, a pirate museums, resorts, restaurants, hiking, snorkeling, and boat tours. Includes St. Thomas and St. John, with suggested itinerary, and pro travel tips.


 United Kingdom (17 reviews), with castles, lodging, restaurants, historic re-enactments, gardens, theme parks, hedge mazes, theatre shows, woodland follies, and museums,

Orlando (12 articles), with amusement parks, airboating, alligators, indoor skydiving, dinner theatre, swimming with dolphins, diving, kayaking,  and restaurants,

 Puerto Rico (13 articles), with caving, ziplining, snorkeling, kayaking to glowing sea creatures, old forts, rainforest tours, and restaurants,

• Miami (8 articles), with parasailing, tubing, surfing, and a park where you touch lemurs, sloth, parrots, and kangaroos,

• Los Angeles (5 articles), with movie studio tours, learning to surf, and flyboarding, where at a marina they strap jets of water to your feet and you try to balance yourself on streams of water pushing you high into the air,

Las Vegas (6 articles), with helicopter tours, casinos, attractions, and shows,

Upstate New York (24 articles), with whitewater rafting, rock climbing, fun parks, ziplining and touching Niagara Falls, a diamond mine, historic homes, and The Star Trek Original Series Set Tour.

New Hampshire (23 articles), Vermont (8 articles), and Connecticut (26 articles), including restaurants, resorts, mountains, and moose tours.

New England (dozens of articles), our home base, including amusement parks, theatre shows, magic shows, festivals, historic re-enactments, circuses, whitewater rafting, and so much more.

Events INSIDER was incubated inside the Boston Globe as a resident contractor until 2015, and is now the most popular non-print events source in New England. We reach 50,000 social media followers, plus website visitors and our email newsletter. We find the gems of travel at home and around the world.

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