Old School Game Show is a Hilarious Theatrical Cabaret Parody of TV Game Shows (5 stars)

Old School Game Show is an immersive theatrical experience that leaves audiences laughing, dancing, and cheering in their seats. It is impossible to explain. Like the Matrix, you must experience it! 

At the last OSGS show I reviewed, their theme was 1980s high school movies. Not only did they invite contestants up on stage for a real game show experience, but they also had actors come out for comedy, dance, music, and theatrical performances based on a parody high school drama plot. But this time it was a completely different production. Astoundingly, Old School Game Show puts on a new production almost every month!

This time, for Halloween, monsters came out to menace the performers, who of course survive. One actress portrayed a take on Lady Elvira (Ginny Nightshade). Another was more of a Dr. Funkenstein (Nick Chambers). It is run by game show host and crazy talent Mike D’Angelo, who makes every moment more fun. But there are no weak links in the cast, which includes an game show style MC who stays in his studio booth, a live band, and the Cubic Zirconia Dancers, this time dressed up like zombies and Frankenstein creatures.

It takes place at Oberon, the second stage of Harvard’s American Repertory Theatre. Pay extra for a full table because the seats are better than on the main floor, where the seating was uncomfortable. They have a full bar with table service. The nightclub setting has dance lights, with railings set high all around the room (which I wish had been used in the show). The dance floor is taken by seating, but stay late for dancing at the “Donkey Show”, which comes after!

As with the last show, I was struck how creative and original the plotline was. Instead of the drama happening around the game show, the game show host and cast are actually swept into the theme, making it more personal and engaging. Although you won’t find character depth and development, it goes far past most comedy shows where you don’t feel a bond with the skit characters who just come and go.

Just one of these shows would be a phenomenon. That Old School Game Show can put on an original, highly creative production almost every time at this level is real greatness. If you like my blog and my weird events, trust me, you will want to see Old School Game Show.

I’m happy to give the show 5 stars.

You can still catch their Halloween show in Salem on Thursday October 27. And their next Oberon show, November 19 at 7:00pm is their Cardiovascular Spectacular. In the audience you stay in your seats but on stage they will parody the aerobics and gymnasium culture, with love. And a game show!

You sit in style while they parody musclebound exercisers with love and admiration.

See www.oldschoolgameshow.com and www.americanrepertorytheater.org.