Halfway to Halloween is an ever-evolving Haunt that gives a taste of terror at Halfway to Halloween 4 Stars

Halfway to Halloween is an ever-evolving Haunt that gives a taste of terror at Halfway to Halloween 4 Stars

Many people count Halloween as their favorite holiday.  For some, that is not enough.  Halloween is every day for these aficionados.  13 World Fright Park in Palmer Massachusetts caters to this very crowd when it held it’s Halfway to Halloween one day event.

If you need your horror fix even before the summer rolls in, then this is the place to go.  Open only one night, 13th World boasted numerous attractions plus to get the hardcore horror fans out for a Saturday in May.  The best part is it will all be open again in October.

13th World in Palmer is now in its 3rd year.  It has a sister attraction also called 13th World out in Providence Rhode Island of which this event has spun from.  The park has plans to expand rapidly with many new parts to be opened come next October.

Walking around you might see a few familiar faces.  Jason was there for sure.  So was Pennywise!  And Chucky too!  These make for great photo opportunities for those chasing Instagram clout.  Meet a few horror icon and snap a few photos!

So, what type of attractions can one expect at the show?  There were 3 haunted attractions to walk through.  The Hellfire House simulates the fear of being trapped in a burning building.  Once you enter, it is nearly complete darkness.  Smoke fills the air as you grope around trying to find the way out.  Lights will confuse and blind you but if stumble enough, you just might survive and escape.

The Prison of Torture is up next.  This one boast more special FX with a few that deliver well.  This one is short, but it might be perfect for those wanting to get their feet wet with their first haunt. 

The largest one is called Moonlight Mayhem.  Lavishly decorated, this is the longest of the three attractions.  Depending on how fast your group travels, it can easily take an hour to get through. 

The park also has a Midway.  As you walk in you catch the scent of roasting meat.  This is not as horrible as it sounds rather a good thing since they were offering BBQ for the hungry travelers.  The Midway of Madness had a few games including ax throwing.  Axes have become very common place with so many venues incorporated them into their business.  But the truly unique on had to be Shithead.  Yes, that’s what it is called.  Participants lob fake decapitated heads into toilet bowls.  It’s a funny and horror themed take on the traditional basketball game. 

4 stars is a bit low for this experience, however, the intension is to leave room for a fifth star due to the expansion of the sight come this October.  I was told much more is coming for the Halloween Season.  If Halfway to Halloween seems a bit sparse, just wait.  They are building away as we speak.

I was told to expect a movie theatre for patrons to watch horror movies in.  And a second pub plans to open.  With two pubs, one can almost pull of a pub crawl.  Well, many of the ghouls do crawl, so that’s appropriate.

A new walk-through attraction is planned called North pole Nightmare.  Remember when I said for some Halloween is their favorite Holiday.  Well, bring along your friends who tag Christmas as their favorite because this attraction aims to make Santa into Satan!

For those who just can’t wait for the spooky season to arrive this fall, 13th World Halfway to Halloween gives you a dose the horror when few places are open.  If you missed it, they will be back bigger and better for the fall. 

For more information visit 13thworld.com

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