Miracle of Science Bar & GrillCambridge, MARestaurant

2-Star Restaurant (our ratings)
I never liked it much, and I guess I won’t be returning.

Review by Johnny Monsarrat

I almost didn’t write this review, because I didn’t want to seem self-indulgent. A rule of journalism is that you are not the news. Yet, I have a pretty good track record of hunting restaurants down. Of the 31 that I’ve approached (excluding those who’ve made no reply at all), 29 have said yes to a review. One said no politely. The other was Miracle of Science, and when I called in the manager on duty was not polite. I don’t think it’s self-indulgent for me to say that if a manager in a service industry who knows he’s talking with a journalist can go from zero to “fuck you” in 90 seconds, something is wrong.

So from memory, here’s what I remember about Miracle of Science. It’s like Justin Bieber. Your friends love him way too much, which makes it annoying to be the one hold-out who thinks he’s over-hyped. I’ve heard a lot of people say that they like the place. I think I get it. It’s small but fahsionable. The atmosphere is intelligent and trendy, clean and professional.

That’s as a bar, though. I don’t drink, so I go to places as restaurants or cafes. I’ve been to Miracle of Science for food three times — though not since 2003 — twice for brunch and once for dinner. The meals were expensive, small in size, and not very appetizing. I came away thinking that the place is over-hyped.

But you never know. I called in hoping to return and find out. But I guess I won’t be going back. As a bar, I’m sure it has some chops. As a restaurant — and it does have “grill” in its name — in my opinion, don’t go.

Miracle of Science Bar and Grill

321 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge MA




Mon-Fri: Breakfast 7-11am, then open to midnight
Sat-Sun: Brunch 9am-1pm, then open to midnight
Bar: evenings only