Johnny’s List of Quirky Boston Events: 9/23/05

Recently I went to
Battleship Cove in Fall River, MA, which is a real World War II battleship. They have a submarine and some other war boats too, and you can walk around getting a more visceral sense for war than just reading about it. One word came to mind: nookie. I mean, there are literally hundreds of bunks there, and the boats are full of out-of-the-way areas for a little passion. And what better way to celebrate the lives of naval servicemen, many of whom tried to sneak a woman on board the ship in times past. Also, I learned that they hold sleepover parties, I mean, camping overnight where you get to sleep in the bunks. Is that fun or what. Battleship Cove only takes 2-3 hours so while you’re there, but there is a railroad museum and a carousel immediately nearby, and it’s yet another great excuse to visit nearby Newport, RI. Battleship Cove gives a $2 AAA discount. Just keep that AAA card in your wallet at all times, ok?
Last night, I went to
Jimmy Tingle’s Off-Broadway, Somerville, which is possibly the most advertised comedy club in Metro Boston. Jimmy is an ex-TV-star and did his own show. The political discourse was deep and insightful. The comedy was pretty funny. Unfortunately the show. The American Dream, was about 70% political discourse, and it’s hard to build a critical mass of laughs with an audience of only 30 people and the jokes sprinkled with references to terrorism, natural disaster, and torture. It was OK and I’m sure other comedy nights are worth checking out, unlike Dick Doherty’s Comedy Stop which had a night of standup comedians that I really regretted going to. Sign up on his mailing list and you get a buy-1-get-one-free discount.