Johnny’s List of Quirky Boston Events: 09/15/05

A lot is happening! This weekend is the
Big E, or Eastern States Exposition, Sep 16 – Oct 2, West Springfield, MA. It’s like many of the local agricultural faires but it’s way out west and huge. Over 1.1 million people attend, and they have a circus and rock stars and it’s just big big big. I’ve never gone but I may go tomorrow and will report! Rt 90W to exit 4. Rt 5S. 10am-10pm daily. Circus daily 1,4,7pm. Mardi gras parades M-F 7:30, SS 5pm. Ninth largest fair in USA.
Also, check out the AltWheels Transportation Festival, Sep 17-18 in Brookline. Basically any crazy-ass solar powered, hydrogen fueled, 8-wheeled, Inspector Gadget or Batmobile car will be on display. I haven’t attended but the Larz Anderson Auto Museum is worth seeing for its own sake.
This weekend is the South End Open Studios as well. Open studios are when local artists throw open their homes and private studios to the public. It’s a nice way to wander around and appreciate local art, and everything’s on sale so it helps the art community, too. Every community around Boston has one, so it’s not like this is your only opportunity to go to an open studio.
If you are a do-gooder, this would be a nice time to sign up for the American Heart Walk, Sep 17 or the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk, Sep 18. The idea is not to pester your friends and colleagues for cash until they slap you sideways. The idea is to bring a friend and just chat and meet other do-gooders and feel like you’re part of the solution.
I have to confess that I always thought that the
Taste of Boston 2005 was a cheesy marketing event. Until I realized that your $1 admission to taste food goes to charity. Maybe I’ll check this out. Why not. City Hall Plaza. Sat 11-6, Sun 12-6.
And next Thursday is
Revels RiverSing, Sep 22. I don’t know much about this, but apparently thousands come. You get to join in some singing in a huge volunteer chorus that spans the Charles River across the Weeks footbridge. (That’s the lil’ bridge you cannot drive over near JFK Street, Cambridge). 6-7:30pm. Bring a flashlight.
Would someone please help me learn more about the
August Moon Festival, Chinatown, September 18th? I’ve been trying to get information on this event but it is not really advertised. I imagine there may be a parade of lots of street vendors? I have head vaguely that it is really cool and worth checking out. See for a Sep 17th dinner opportunity.
It’s still summer! Check out one of Massachusetts great state parks, like the
Great Brook State Park, Carlisle, MA, where they have an ice cream stand and a kiddie zoo. Or the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary, where they have canoeing, trails, and “bouldering”, whatever that is. Better yet, check the website and go at a time when they are doing an event, like birdwatching or guided nature trail walk or fall foliage description and nature talk.
You want more? What, nothing grabbed from from all the stuff above? Fine. Animal lovers of the world, check out the
Long Hollow Bison Farm in Springfield . Hey you are going to the Big E out west anyway, right? Or check out Wolf Hollow Preserve, Ipswich or The Butterfly Place, Westford. Yes, they have real bison, wolves, butterflies. I haven’t been to these but they sounds really cool. Small attractions like these are best when combined with visiting something else in the area.