Johnny’s List of Quirky Boston Events: 02/17/06

This week, check out
Carnaval Brasileiro, Feb 18th, in Boston at the Castle at Park Plaza. 800-965-4827. It’s the biggest Mardi Gras event I could find this week, although there’s one next week at the Big Easy. More on that later.

Also see the
New England Championships – Fencing, Feb 19th in Wellesley, MA. I went one year and it was worth seeing.
Here are some wild ideas as we continue to wait for Spring.
Take a helicopter ride with Boston Helicopter. $200 for 30 minutes. Or Ryan Rotors in Plymouth,, $75 for 15 min, $125 for 30 min.

Also, there’s more than just Frog Pond at Boston Common for ice skating. Try the
Charles Hotel @ Harvard Square. Rentals $5, 2-8pm M-F, 10am-8pm SS. Or Larz Anderson Rink @ Brookline, Brookline. 23 Newton St. 617-739-7518. Or the Simoni Arena in Cambridge, but really it’s pretty much full all the time with youth groups, so the public skate times are short, except Sunday afternoons. Cambridge. 155 Gore Street. 617-354-9523. Indoors. Public skating Sundays 2-4pm, and weekday afternoons. Call in advance.

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