Johnny’s List of Quirky Boston Events: 02/01/06

The performance of the week is
Mother’s Mary, Feb 2-3, part of the “Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival”, which gives the biggest college-level awards in theater in the USA.

Mother’s Mary is one-woman show about four generations of women and a family pizza parlour that’s in danger of being torn down. The show is really inspiring, especially as it is based partially on a true story. It is happening twice this week. Thursday at 4pm at Boston University, in the Arts Building at 855 Commonwealth Avenue, either in room 468 or 104.

Also on Friday at 10pm in Fitchburg, which is out west on Route 2. It’s at Fitchburg State College, in McKay Auditorium at 67 Rindge Road. Take a peek at the website and you’ll see all the other talent at the festival.

Another performance coming up is

The Lion in Winter, Feb 3-18, in Jamaica Plain. I’ve seen the movie and it’s an amazing story, set in the medieval period, about a king and the in-fighting amongst the family. There are about 100 plot twists. Eliot Hall, 7A Eliot Street. (617) 524-3200

Also, catch
Dom Irrera, at the Commedy Connection, Feb 3-5. This is an example of how famous people can get and you’ve still never heard of them. Makes you think about the smallness of life vs. Universe, etc. He was in “The Big Lebowski” and has hosted a couple of TV comedy series.
Not much else is happening. It’s the slowest time of the year events-wise. But note that the
Franklin Park Zoo is open year-round. And the Arnold Arboretum is, too. They even plow walking trails if it snows.