Johnny’s List of Quirky Boston Events: 12/21/05

Hi everyone,

There isn’t much happening in way of events this week, because of the holidays.

However, I can quickly recommend that Chinese and Jewish restaurants are often open on Xmas, movie theaters and movie rental places are always open on holidays.

And if it snows, there is a great place to go sledding in North Cambridge, at Danehy Park. You’ll see it on the map next to Fresh Pond.

You can still do the Somerville Houses with Holiday Lighting tour I mentioned earlier, as a self-guided tour, but you have to pick up a map from the town office.

Also one suggestion about holiday letters. Holiday letters have two goals (1) bring people up to speed on your life (2) make your friends feel warm, like you’re saying “I’m thinking of you!”. Getting CC’d on a general email makes me feel like I’m getting a form letter and generally turns me off. It’s good for goal 1 but sucky for goal 2. I recommend taking an afternoon and writing out some cards longhand. It doesn’t take much longer but really, what’s the point of keeping up with friends if you don’t communicate warmth.

That’s just my opinion.

Also my opinion, I went to the Milky Way Bar in Jamaica Plain which I recommended a while ago for bowling, and it was sucky. They only have a few lanes and a couple of pool tables, so your chances of getting to play (and then playing 2 games in a row) are marginal, unless you want to wait 2 hours. Lanes n Games is much better, they have both duckpin and candlepin bowling.

Also, I’ve just seen The Twelfth Night, the Shakespeare play, at the Cambridge Multicultural Center, and it was awesome. Runs to January 8th, check it out.

Hmm, what else. I dunno, don’t forget that First Night Boston is coming up Dec 31st! Happy Holidays.