Johnny’s List of Quirky Boston Events: 09/02/05

Tomorrow is a major Native American Pow-wow, the Seakonke Wampanoag Tride Annual Pow-wow in Rehoboth, MA, Sep 2-4. It’s been hard to get information about this, but contact me for directions if you plan to go. There are several throughout the year but this is the largest I believe. I’ve never been to one of these before but it’s basically a cultural fair with dancing and because it’s poorly advertised it’s likely to be very real and not commercial. I even met the guy running it on Yahoo IM and I hope to see him in person there. The website has a bunch of other local pow-wows.
This weekend is also the opening of King Richard’s Faire in Carver, MA, Sep 3-Oct 23. It’s a renaissance festival and everyone in my friend group probably already knows about it. What you don’t know though is that there’s a Cranberry Festival or two in October, so if you are traveling down to Carver MA anyway, why not attend both on the same day? Other hints, it is good to sneak in your own food, and figure out what you want to see ahead of time. Residents of Carver, MA get free admission, and you can often find coupons, check AAA, etc.
Also this weekend is the Newport Waterfront Irish Festival, Sept 3-5, in Newport RI. You want my advice? It’s probably only barely worth going to, but if you’re going to go to Newport anyway — and you should! A great excuse to go. See last week’s post.
It’s also not too late in the year to go skinnydipping. Last year I went as late as September 30th, it wasn’t that cold, don’t be a wuss! You just have to dry off quickly. Hey, we New Englanders have to stretch the summer as far as it will go. I just went on Sunday and it was fantastic. I shouldn’t post publicly about this but contact me privately for ideas on where to go. Don’t forget the bug spray, towels, blanket, and flashlight. And obviously, drinking and swimming don’t mix.