Johnny’s List of Quirky Boston Events: 10/24/08


A few weekend updates!

Somerville Car Wash is doing a Haunted Car Wash! This is tonight ONLY, 6-9pm. They have 10 actors in costume to scare you, blacklights, a coffin, it sounds like they are really try to make this “real” not hokey. 680 Somerville Ave, Somerville.

I was just at Barrett’s Haunted Mansion which I believe is the best in New England. Every night is a different charity. It’s quite long, they have very creative actors and set design, all new from last year. This year they have added a new attraction (which costs $10) where you lie down in a coffin and they pretend to bury you alive. It’s all in good fun… basically the coffin stays in place but there are pneumatic jacks underneath rocking it and they play scary sounds. 1235 Bedford St, Abington, MA. Definitely worth seeing. Every day through 10/31. Rating: A.

While you’re on the South Shore, check out the Haunted Museum @ Marshfield Fairgrounds, which supports the Boys & Girls club. Just like Barrett’s is perfect for teens and adults, Marshfield is perfect for small kids who need that not-so-scary experience. It’s run with a low budget but a lot of passion. I wouldn’t normally give it a “B” but they have a 2nd attraction, a hay ride which adds to the experience. Rating: B.

Finally, a lot of bars have Halloween parties this weekend and next weekend. I have not listed any of them because frankly they’re not very creative. They hang up some decorations, put out a $500 prize, and hope that their customers will provide the atmosphere by coming in costume. I try to focus on the events that do something real. Anyway, they’re out there, just check the Boston Phoenix or Weekly Dig.