Johnny’s List of Quirky Boston Events: 04/03/08


This is the week in weird! Yay! 🙂

The weird event of the week is the Guerrilla Queer Bar. The idea is that a bunch of LGBTA or LGBTA-friendly people congregate on a single straight bar on a single night. It’s not about challenging anyone, more about being playful and getting two communities to mingle. At least I think that’s the idea. This Friday Apr 4 is the next one, 9pm, Tequila Rain, 3 Landsdowne St, Boston, MA.

This one really looks worth the visit. It’s called Boston Skill Share, and basically you show up and learn strange skills like juggling or learn about gardening or polyamory. Apr 5-6, at the MIT Stata Center, 32 Vassar Street, Cambridge MA.

Here’s a new one. Did you know that there are storytelling festivals for adults? Well it’s true. It’s remarkably like watching a one-person play. Although the national convention is in Tennessee, here’s one that’s local. Sharing the Fire, Northeast Storytelling Conference, Apr 5, The Crowne Plaza, Nashua, NH.

I’ve already mentioned the regular storytelling events in Medford,

Also weird! There are two live roleplaying festivals this weekend:

— At Brandeis University in Waltham, The BSCF LARP Conspiracy, Apr 4-6,

— At Brown University in Providence RI, ProCon, Apr 4-6, and apparently they do not have a 2008 Web site, but try contacting someone through

Everyone’s favorite community theatre, Theatre At First, is showing Much Ado About Nothing, by Bill Shakey, or somebody, Apr 4-12,

There’s still not much in the outdoor festival category happening this Spring. But I found a community carnival in Haverhill, MA, Apr 2-6,

While you’re up north, check out the Lowell Film Festival, at the Revolving Museum, which doesn’t actually spin, it turns out. Although I once went to the North Shore Music Theatre and they actually do have a round stage that spins slowly. Apr 4-5. Lowell, MA.

Apparently I was wrong to be dissing Margaret Cho’s attack dog style. She’s softened her political ranting and is doing more mainstream comedy these days. Apr 5. Orpheum Theatre, 1 Hamilton Place, Boston, MA. 866-448-7849.

If you haven’t visited the ICA yet, Boston’s newest museum, here’s an excuse. They are showing award-winning film with a lecture, about a real-life Israeli spy. Champagne Spy. Apr 5.

I was completely excited about the WCRB Classical Cartoon Festival, where they show kids cartoons set to classical music in Boston Symphony Hall. But then I discovered that it’s not live music. Basically they’re just projecting a movie. They do have booths and demonstrations for kids where you can interact, so it’s not just a film event. Still weird though, considering the dignity of the Boston’s classical Mecca. Apr 5. 301 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, MA. 10am.

I went to the a cappella competition two weeks ago, and have to say that the good groups were great, but about half the songs didn’t really grab me. Here’s hoping the Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Competitions are even better. Apr 5. Cohen Auditorium, Tufts University, 40 Talbot Avenue, Medford, MA. 617-627-3493.

At MIT they’re having a conference on humor. It looks more like a comedy festival than a real scientific endeavor, focused on women comics. They may talk about gender issues and comedy, it’s unclear. Apr 4-5, Stata Center, 32 Vassar Street, MIT, Cambridge, MA. Free.

The Huntington Theatre is showing new plays for free this weekend at the Breaking Ground Festival! It’s Apr 3-6, Calderwood Pavilion at the BCA, Boston.

The Currier Museum of Art has re-opened, and is free through April 6. It’s an arts museum and they claim to have international status. They’re having a two-day pottery course and curator talks to celebrate. 150 Ash Street, Manchester, NH. 603.669.6144.

Closer to home, AD20/21: Art & Design of the 20th & 21st Centuries is an art show at the Boston Center for the Arts, 539 Tremont St. Boston, MA. 617-363-0405. Apr 3-6. Note, this is really a gallery event, aimed towards sales.

Also commercial, the Boston Gift Show Apr 5-8, at the Boston Convention & Expo Center, Boston. (800) 272-SHOW. They’ll have 450 “exhibitors”, i.e. sales booths.

Continuing events:

— LEGO exhibit, to Apr 17,

— Big Apple Circus, Boston, to May 4,

— Smuckers Stars on Ice, to Apr 11.

— Boston Turkish Film Festival, to Apr 6,

I’m continuing to seek roommates (have an entire house to fill), just 1 minute from Porter Square, new renovation, discounted pricing. Email for pics & description. May 1 or June 1.