Johnny’s List of Quirky Boston Events: 04/12/07


I’ve mentioned in this blog / email list that I have a company focused now on event listings. We are ready to start making sales and take on investment. Please let me know if you know anyone who works for a newspaper company or is personally wealthy and might invest some cash. is the Web site. Yes, it is rough, we are just starting out people!

The weird event of the week is the J. Cannibal’s Feast of Flesh, which is a zombie movie and costuming event with dancing, prizes, and performances. Apr 13, at the Coolidge Corner Theatre, at 11:59pm. I know guy who runs it and I’ve been to one of their shows, it really is a mini festival not just a pure film event. Check it out.

A close second is all the Patriots Day stuff. Did you know that Monday is not actually Boston Marthon Day? It memorializes the day the American War of Independence actually began in the 18th century, and they have a great re-enactment. Here is an overview. The Brits show up, the American militia flee. A few shots are fired. Then — pancake breakfast and parades! 🙂

Battle of Lexington Re-enactment & Patriots Day Parades, Apr 15-16, Town Green, 1900 Massachusetts Avenue, Lexington. 978-388-6749. 5:45am on Lexington Green. Other Patriots Day Weekend activities, see Arrive an hour early or bring a stepladder for a good view. 6-10am Pancake breakfast and parade follow the re-enactment. 7:30am youth parade. 1pm Paul Revere Ride Re-enactment. Concerts, etc. 12-2:30 afternoon parade.

Wait one second! The weird just keeps coming. It’s the Scrabble Tournament Regionals, Apr 13-15 in Westford, MA. Stop by and compete or just watch. The website looks lackluster but I bet it’s worth a few minutes if you’re in the area.

On the other end of geek from brainy to mindless, check out the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Sing-a-Long, Apr 14th. If you don’t know what this is, you don’t want to attend, trust me. Coolidge Corner Theatre,

MIT is holding at Rube Goldberg Machine Design Contest at the MIT Museum. A Rube Goldberg device is basically, um, when you flip a switch and it fries an egg which attracts a dog who pulls on his leash which releases a mouse who scurries onto a balance beam scale which flips over and ignites a primer cord, igniting a bunsen burner which heats some air, filling a balloon, which rises, etc.

Sorry, I got carried away there! Anyway this is not one to miss, however, I believe they are doing it for a high school which means it probably is not participatory for us regular non-high-schoolers. Still, it’s just as fun to watch. Apr 14, Fay School, 48 Main Street, Southborough, MA. They also do a participatory version of this the day after Thanksgiving each year, watch this space. Actually don’t watch it because I think you need to sign up in advance. So mark your calendar.

Every year the students at the Museum of Fine Arts, and yes, they do have a school there, hold an open market to sell their arts and pay for tuition. It’s the School of the MFA Open Studios, Apr 15, I will alert you to the Mass College of Art one as well, in December, which is a little smarter because people want art stuff around holiday gift-giving time.

Also weird, the MIT Chantey and Maritime Sing. You would think once would be enough, but no, there is a group that meets regularly to sing sea chanteys! Yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me. Apr 15, at the MIT Sailing Pavilion in Cambridge, which is along Memorial Drive next to Mass Ave. I keep meaning to check this out.

For you collegiate citizens, XMortis is happening again, the Fetish/Goth night in Cambridge. Apr 13,, TT The Bear’s, Cambridge, MA. I mentioned it because it’s the only 18+ not 21+ event of this type that I know of, and a lot of under 21 people are on this list.

Yes, yes, it’s the Boston Marathon, but you already knew about that so I am listing it last. Apr 16. Copley Square and everywhere. If you’ve never been because you think all sporting events are kind of dumb, I encourage you to check it out. There is a huge amount of energy in supporting the runners and it’s impossible to not have a smile on your face as the wheelchair racers zoom by way in front of the main pack.

Ongoing events: Miss Witherspoon to Apr 21,; Titus Andronicus to Apr 22, And the Boston Turkish Film Festival thru May 11,

Also ongoing, I went to the Big Apple Circus last week and I think it’s worth seeing. There were a couple of wow performances, and many worth seeing, but it wasn’t all wow. It’s a small venue so don’t pay extra for the ringside tickets. Anywhere is fine. Big Apple Circus, to Apr 26, City Hall Plaza, One City Hall Plaza, Boston. (800) 922-3772

You are about to miss buying tickets for Loreena McKennitt, Apr 21.

That’s enough for one week. Too bad about the pending snow. If you like this list please mention it to someone, they can sign up at