Johnny’s List of Quirky Boston Events: 02/07/07


Here’s what weird and coming up in New England.

Somebody in Lowell thought it would be great to have a Lowell’s WinterFest Celebration, Feb 9-10. Unfortunately it will be a bit chilly this weekend (high of 32F). However, the event features a soup bowl competition, juggling clowns, and the “National Human Dogsled Competition”. I swear I am not making that up. Lowell, MA.

Further off into the impractical spectrum, there will be a Peace Vigil, Feb 9th, on Cambridge Common in Harvard Square, Cambridge, 6-9pm. Bring a candle. This is not a political event, just a sit in.

It does get weirder. Bo Diddley is still alive, the legendary singer and guitarist, and one of the founders of Rock & Roll. He performs Feb 10th at the Charles Hotel, 1 Bennett St, Cambridge.

The Beatles are not still all alive, but a tribute band, Revolution – A Tribute to the Beatles, is performing Feb 10th at the Somerville Theatre in Somerville.

Vietnamese-Americans are also celebrating TET, a major holiday. Some bad stuff happened on one particular TET, but we’re forgetting that. And the only vietnamese event I know of all year, so hit it up. Bayside Expo Center, Boston, MA. 617-474-6000.

Darwin Day is also occurring, Feb 12. A bunch of events are happening worldwide. Do a search for “, ma” on the page For example, Redline the bar at 59 JFK St, is doing a Toast to Darwin, A bunch of churches are hitting the evolution question. And the Boston Photonics Center hosts, “Biological Arguments Against the Existence of God”, Feb 13, Rm. 428, Boston University Photonics Center, 8 St. Mary’s St., Boston, MA.

Also, the Special Olympics Passion Plunge is happening again, Feb 10th at Revere Beach. Those poor kids!

Every heard, the theatre students at Harvard (which has no theatre department) host an awards ceremony called the Hasty Pudding Man/Woman of the Year. This year, their pics are Scarlett Johansson (Feb 15 parade) and Ben Stiller (roast Feb 23). You can buy tickets, at And do it NOW, they’re bound to run out.

There’s still a Korean Drum/Dance Workshop at MIT, Feb 9-11, Although you have to register to actually be instructed, presumably they’ll allow bystanders to stop by and listen.

There is a heavily advertised Chinese cultural performance happening Feb 10th, called Boston New Tang Dynasty Chinese New Year, It’s a dance performance and concert.

Also Garrison Keillor is speaking Feb 11. He’s the guy from NPR’s Lake Wobegone, and who starred in the recent film, A Prarie Home Companion. Symphony Hall, Boston.

That’s pretty much it for weird.

Performances, there’s a “Flamenco Festival”, in other words a concert, Feb 9-11 at the Cutler Majestic Theatre, Boston, MA. 800-233-3123. And the Regattabar Jazz Festival is Feb 9-16, Another concert series masquerading as a festival.

I just heard about How I Learned To Drive, thru Feb 18, at the Devanaughn Theatre. The story of a young woman who learns about life while learning how to drive a car. Paula Vogel’s brilliant Pulitzer Prize-winning play. 791 Tremont St, Boston.

I don’t normally list food events, because they’re too commercial, but two major ones are occurring. The Anthony Spinazzola Gala Festival of Food & Wine, is I believe the biggest (and probably most expensive) charity food event. Seaport World Trade Center, 200 Seaport Boulevard, Feb 9. And the Boston Wine Expo happens Feb 10-11,

Continuing theater, Silence, Britannicus continues to Feb 11, The African American Theatre Festival goes to Feb 11, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, set to ballet, thru March 3, Doubt thru Feb 18,

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