Events INSIDER’s Mobile App for High-Tech Events

The most popular events blog in New England, Events INSIDER, now brings you a mobile application for the iPhone, BlackBerry, and Droid that lists high-tech and entrepreneur events. We’re looking for someone to “own” the application:

  • Be perceived as the high-tech leader! You are the one in the know. You are the one with the attractive phone app.
  • Bring eyeballs to your logo and website every day as people check for updates.
  • Your logo and message on the splash screen that loads when the app begins
  • Your brand replacing the “About Events Insider” button at the bottom of the list and grid pages
  • An entire page describing your business built into the app, with a link to your website.
  • Your logo and a link to your website on every event details page

Events are updated every business day. Every event includes a title, the date, city and state, and most events also include the event’s street address, time, description, venue name, and often an image. The app is available now in Greater Boston but we can supply a version for any metro in North America on request. We also provide a Website only version. We would be happy to modify the look and feel to suit the applications new owner.

See the below snapshots and see the complete list of events today, and contact Johnny at 617-510-4477 or Events INSIDER is a service of Hard Data Factory, Inc.

An example home screen icon

The splash screen loads when the app is opened

List view is the default view

Calendar grid view is optional

An event details page. Replace our logo with yours!