Events INSIDER: Nov 5-13, 2012

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Win Australian Pink Floyd
Hey! I’m giving away tickets to the Australian Pink Floyd, they are the OFFICIAL tribute band of Pink Floyd and they play this Saturday, Nov 10 at the Wang Theatre in Boston! To win, sign up for everything in Part 2 at and email me at ! :). more
Win The Donkey Show
Still haven’t seen The Donkey Show, the ART’s bawdy take on the Bard? I have 2 pairs of tickets to give away for each show, 7:30pm and 10:30pm on Nov 10! Email to win. Win The Donkey ShowOBERON Cambridge, MA, .
Win the Rat Pack
So, basically, coverband for the Rat Pack? Okay, cool! If you love Ol’ Blue Eyes, head out to Waltham tonight for some musical nostalgia. And I have two pairs of tickets to give away! Email to win. Win the Rat Pack Waltham, MA, .
Win Unitard: New and Abused
The famous New York comedy team is coming to Boston and I have two pairs of tickets to give away for each show: Nov 9 and Nov 11! Email to win. Win Unitard: New and AbusedOBERON Cambridge, MA, .
The Long Live Rock Tour comes to RADIO-Somerville!!
This classic rock tour features cover bands of Led Zeppelin and The Who. It makes its only local stop at Radio, a bar in Union Square where the popular Videodrome night has made its home. $8 cover. 8pm. Please note, this is not a giveaway. The Long Live Rock Tour comes to RADIO-Somerville!! Somerville, MA, .
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Johnny’s Picks
Don’t forget to vote! See the website for your local polling station! Vote!Main Street at Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA, .
Boston Veterans Day Parade
Of course, it’s Veterans Day, and there are a number of parades. Boston’s begins at 1pm on from the corner of Boylston and Tremont streets. Music and revelry to follow. Boston Veterans Day ParadeBoston Common Boston, MA, .
Veterans Day Kite Day
The warm weather is not going to last much longer! Get OUTDOORS and enjoy it! I’m sure this kite festival will be worth seeing. No details are given about kite competitions or vendors, so I’m guessing basically it’s people flying kites in a park with no real scheduled ‘event’. 10am-4pm. Veterans Day Kite DayPope John Paul II Park Dorchester, MA, .
Quincy Veterans Day Parade
Starts at Scammell Street & Quincy Ave then proceeds down Hancock Street to the Adams Academy where the Veterans’ Day Ceremonies will be held. In case of rain, book it to the Quincy High School gym! 1pm. Quincy Veterans Day Parade Quincy, MA, .
A Day in the Caliph’s Court
The Society for Creative Anachronism is a medieval-ish re-enactment group. You’ll find history classes on cooking, warfare, and culture. Plus they’ll have a mock battle as well. Very few of the SCA events are this close to Boston. Check it out! 10am-10pm. A Day in the Caliph's CourtChurch Milton, MA, .
Allston/Brighton Open Studios (Boston Open Studios)
An open studios is an excuse to walk around town, visiting artists in their studios or private homes. It’s interesting to chat directly with the artists rather than merchants, and of course they hope you’ll buy something. This one seems pretty small, being focused on just four buildings. 12-6pm. Allston/Brighton Open Studios (Boston Open Studios) Allston, MA, .
Watertown Open Studios
Here’s another open studios in Watertown. 11am-5pm. Watertown Open Studios Watertown, MA, .
Amesbury Open Studios
And here’s another way up north. 10am-6pm. Amesbury Open StudiosAmesbury Cultural Center, Upper Millyard Amesbury, MA, .
Brockton’s Veteran’s Day Cruise
As far as ways to thank our vets go, a cruise sounds pretty good! The 10:15am cruise will leave from Quincy Shipyard and the 11am cruise will depart from Long Warf in Boston. Free for vets and only $5 for family and friends. Brockton's Veteran's Day Cruise Brockton, MA, .
Brockton Train Show
There aren’t very many events for model train enthusiasts near Boston. But here is one. Come see the trains and, um, more trains. Best of all, it’s held in a temple. How crazy is that? 10am-4pm. Brockton Train ShowTemple at Pearl & Torrey Sts Brockton, MA, .
Harvest Dinner with the Pilgrims at Plimoth Plantation
Also this week they’re doing a re-enactment of a 1621 harvest dinner. You’ll see all kinds of old-timey food preparation. And pilgrims. And native americans. 5:30pm. Harvest Dinner with the Pilgrims at Plimoth Plantation Plymouth, MA, .
This isn’t so much a fest as a series of talks about Proust and his epic, six-volume masterpiece Remembrance of Things Past (or In Search of Lost Time, depending on whom you ask). I wonder if they’ll have madeleines and lime blossom tea for the purists? ProustFestProvidence Athenaeum Library,252 Benefit Street Providence, RI, .
Pumpkin Launch by Catapult
Halloween is over, and now we’re bored? What shall we do with these 5,000 pumpkins? And this catapult? Pumpkin Launch by Catapult South Kingstown, RI, .
An Evening of Illumination at OSV
Sturbridge Village is just as good as Plimoth Plantation, but bigger. They are continually having 1840s events and this one is at night using 19th century lights. I’m sure it’s beautiful. (I hope so, for $35!). An Evening of Illumination at OSV Sturbridge, MA, .
Stargazing with Arunah Hill
Those with an interest in the stars probably won’t find many better places in MA than the Berkshires- you’re surrounded by nature and far away from city lights! Meet local astronomers at dusk tonight to do a little gazing. Stargazing with Arunah HillNotchview Windsor, MA, .
Anthology (AnthoCon)
To say this is a conference for speculative fiction sounds misleading. That’s fancy talk for a fantasy and sci-fi con! If your geekery centers around books more than TV shows or videogames, this is probably the con for you. Anthology (AnthoCon) Portsmouth, NH, .
Science on Screen: It Came From Beneath the Sea
How realistic are movie monsters? Here’s your chance to learn about it from a scientist, and then watch a movie! 7pm. Science on Screen: It Came From Beneath the SeaCoolidge Corner Theatre Brookline, MA, .
Harvard Lampoon – Bored of the Rings
All this hubbub about The Hobbit film is bringing about a fresh wave of Tolkein-mania. Revel in it or roll your eyes at this popular Harvard parody. What is this? A book lecture? 7-8pm. Harvard Lampoon - Bored of the RingsHarvard COOP Cambridge, MA, .
Boston Bhangra Competition
Bollywood dancing! This will be one of the largest South Asian events in New England. It just looks like fun! Boston Bhangra CompetitionOrpheum Theatre Boston, MA, .
MIT Henge
A couple of times a year the Sun and the Earth align just right to be seen down the length of MIT’s 1/4-mile corridor. They call that MIT Henge. I’ve never seen it, but it’s sure to be 20 minutes of joy. MIT Henge Cambridge, MA, .
Gestural Engineering With Arthur Ganson
The MIT Museum has a lot of weird sculptures that interact and move. Meet the artist. Gestural Engineering With Arthur GansonMIT Museum Building N51 Cambridge, MA, .
El Dia de Los Muertos
I went to this Day of the Dead location once and it was lackluster. It’s just a very small museum with an ethnic meal that is basically a few cafeteria ladies serving lunch. However this year they’re ditching the kids activites and doing a 21+ evening dance & music performance! 8pm. El Dia de Los MuertosCambridge Multicultural Arts Center Cambridge, MA, .
1860s Politician Stephen Douglas
What do you call a politician who isn’t Abe Lincoln? Stephen Douglas! Come hear this lecture (which is not a re-enactment, alas). 6pm. 1860s Politician Stephen DouglasLongfellow House Cambridge, MA, .
Boston Jewish Film Festival
Like the many other film festivals we’re lucky enough to enjoy in Boston, this one features plenty of directors and celebrities coming to speak and take questions. So it’s not just sitting in a dark room idly watching movies. Just mostly. Boston Jewish Film FestivalCoolidge Corner Theatre Brookline, MA, .
Boston International Antiquarian Book Fair
Here’s your last chance to see some original texts while children still know what books are. They’ll have talks by book collectors and serious workshops for hobbyists and professionals. Boston International Antiquarian Book FairHynes Convention Center Boston, MA, .
From Russia with Love @ and Laughs
Gary Shteyngart is a seriously famous author you should hear speak tonight! 8pm. From Russia with Love @ and LaughsTemple Beth Elohim Wellesley, MA, .
Animals Preparing for Winter
Here’s a fun event for little ones about how animals get ready for winter. Registration encouraged. 1pm-2:30pm. Animals Preparing for WinterBoston Nature Center Mattapan, MA, .
Hidden Worlds: The Second Nuclear Age @ Cambridge Forum
There’s lots of fun to be had this week, but it’s also a week to think critically and seriously about our country and how it’s run. Harvard Square is as good a place to hold a forum as any! Hidden Worlds: The Second Nuclear Age @ Cambridge ForumFirst Parish Church, Harvard Square Cambridge, MA, .
MSPCA’s Run Fur Fun
This is a race you can do with your dog! Sounds like my kind of race. Unfortunately, it’s sold out this year, but there are plenty of opportunities to help by volunteering! MSPCA's Run Fur Fun Brighton, MA, .
Jack Bishop from America’s Test Kitchen at Harvard
Science and Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to the Science of Soft Matter. This week’s lesson taught by Jack Bishop of America’s Test Kitchen. Does this mean foam? I bet it means foam. 7 pm. Jack Bishop from America's Test Kitchen at HarvardHarvardScience Center at 1 Oxford Street Cambridge, MA, .
Boston River Run
These folks are choosing to honor our vets by running! I think I like the cruise idea better. Boston River Run Boston, MA, .
Free Movies & Music for Leukemia
oo! Free movies! And it’s a fundraiser for leukemia. Um, against leukemia. Free Movies & Music for LeukemiaBrattle Theatre Cambridge, MA, .
Barback Games
Even when it’s cold I don’t support heading to a bar and getting drunk as a ‘creative activity’, but this one, involving an obstacle course race, is irresistable. 9pm. Barback GamesRoyale Boston, MA, .
Belmont World Film’s Family Film Festival
It’s not just a film fest for kids, it’s also free ice cream and performances, yum! Belmont World Film's Family Film FestivalVarious Boston, MA, .
Fall Family Night Hikes
I bet nature walks at night must be really cool. I also bet that I would trip on something and fall flat on my face. If a night walk piques your sense of adventure, check this out! Fall Family Night Hikes North Easton, MA, .
Nocturnal Night at Animal Adventures
My first thought when finding this was, Where the hell is Bolton? It’s off 495, north of Framingham. There’s a zoo there and they’re doing a night program that includes the feeding of alligators and a large snake! Reserve in advance. 6pm. Nocturnal Night at Animal Adventures Bolton, MA, .
Veterans’ Day Flag Retirement
A ‘retirement’ means they burn flags, I think?!? It’s not as nice as a parade, but it’s outdoorsy and touching I’m sure. People with ratty old flags don’t dipose them into the trash. They ‘retire’ them in this ceremony that’s unfortunately at 8am on a weekday. Veterans' Day Flag Retirement Concord, MA, .
Norumbega Lodge Scandinavian Fair
You don’t often hear about Scandinavian culture in Boston, but there’s been a thriving metrowest community since the 19th century! I’d love to see a fair that includes all the Scandinavian countries, but this one in Concord focuses on Norway. 10am-3pm. Norumbega Lodge Scandinavian FairHigh School Concord, MA, .
Sweetbay Swamp Quest Fest
OoooO! This is a clue-based treasure hunt that leads you all around swamp trails. Just the word swamp is sort of spooky, especially when the event takes place in ‘Ravenswood Park’. But hey. It’s in the daytime, 1-3pm. What are the chances that you’ll get lost and stuck out there at night? :). Sweetbay Swamp Quest FestRavenswood Park Gloucester, MA, .
KONE Regional Kite Fly
These flies are generally 10am-4pm. Kiters are fun and welcoming people. Try your hand at a ‘stunt kite’ with two strings! KONE Regional Kite FlyHampton Beach Hampton, NH, .
City Of Bright Nights Ball
The good news: the holiday lights in Springfield are well worth supporting, as they bring in a lot of business. So you would think the local chamber would support it without a fundraiser? Hmm. Anyway, I’m sure it will be a great ball, but it’s $250 — or buy two tickets for only $500! Ouch. City Of Bright Nights BallSheraton Springfield Springfield, MA, .
The Art Forger
The Falmouth Historical Society has so many intriguing talks. How do they do it? I wish I lived closer! The Art ForgerFalmouth Historical Society Falmouth, MA, .
Guys and Dolls: Our review
Guys and Dolls, the 1950s musical, has come to the North Shore Music Theatre. Click for our review! Guys and Dolls: Our reviewNorth Shore Music Theatre Beverly, MA, .
I really want to this see! It’s a puppet show FOR ADULTS, a series of short stage performances that often include poetry, music, dance. It’s like a poetry slam with puppets. This one is Election-themed. If you can’t make this night, find one every two months at this venue. 8pm. PuppetSLAM Brookline, MA, .
Story Slam ‘POLITICS’
Run by a storytellers’ group, this is a night of comedy, stories, and ‘spoken word’ about the wonderful world of politics. 6:30-9:30pm. Story Slam 'POLITICS' Jamaica Plain, MA, .
Fashionless Dance
For the first half of this show, the dancers will perform in plain rehearsal clothes. During the second part, they don special costumes made by local designers. I guess that’s good?? Proceeds benefit a costume co-op for dancers. Fashionless Dance Cambridge, MA, .
Late 18th Century Thanksgiving Dinner
If you’re a history buff who loves to eat, here’s a pretty sweet opportunity to combine your passions! The dinner is $75, but how often do you get to experience a period-accurate meal? Late 18th Century Thanksgiving Dinner Wethersfield, CT, .
Mystic Restaurant Week
A real event or a marketing gimmick? Well, it’s a gimmick. But it means us bohemians can afford the finest eats. Mystic Restaurant Week Mystic, CT, .
NHRHTA Reunion Weekend Train Show
Guess this is a redletter week if you like trains! Since I grew up playing with spaceship toys like Star Wars, I sort of don’t get it. But there will be a lot of excitement no doubt at this show. 9am-3pm. NHRHTA Reunion Weekend Train Show Stamford, CT, .
Bar Harbor Bed Races
Please let this be beds on wheels with people rolling them around in a big race. Oh, wait — it is! And there’s a pajama parade. 10am. Bar Harbor Bed Races Bar Harbor, ME, .
Bakuretsu Con
Do I have any readers in Vermont? Does anybody read down this far in the blog? Because I could save a lot of time if I just kept it to Massachusetts. Somebody email me at Thanks. Bakuretsu ConHampton Inn Colchester, VT, .
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