Win Two Tickets to a Steampunk Night, a Costume Party Game in a Mansion

Hey Events INSIDERs,

    My name is Johnny and I’m the owner and editor of Events INSIDER Magazine, which is New England’s largest all-digital news channel on the arts. For 14 years, I’ve led the charge to find the weird, wonderful, creative and interactive events of New England and beyond. For example, this year I wrote a review of the Jewelry City Steampunk Festival, the Newport Art House Anti-Gala Masquerade Ball, and I swam with sharks. Please add me on LinkedIn.

    I’m doing a press review of a “Steampunk Party” at Castle Hill, this Saturday evening, November 16. See this other description page, too

    Just the location is stunning. Castle Hill is a genuinely huge and one of the most beautiful mansions in New England, located on Boston’s North Shore. It’s got a rolling lawn that goes down to the ocean. It’s like one of the Newport Mansions.

    The Steampunk Party is a live-action roleplaying game, where “participants will meet steampunk characters, solve puzzles and make choices that determine how the story unfolds.” Most people will come in costume. Even if sort of nothing happens, just the magnificent costumes, mansion setting, and friendly community should be well worth the trip. But I’ve met some of the crew hosting the event, and it should be wildly creative and fun!

    I’ve been invited to write a press review, and can bring two guests. So I’m looking to give away two tickets to whomever has a car and would like to give me a ride, there and back. I live in Attleboro, MA near Providence, so could meet a driver there or take the commuter rail up to meet my driver in Boston.

    Attleboro is on your route if you live in Southeast Massachusetts, anywhere in Rhode Island, or Southeast Connecticut.

    Please add me on Facebook and message me, and I’ll pick a winnner. Thank you!