Website Design and Online Marketing

Johnny Monsarrat

Do you need an inexpensive website that works? Recently, I built the official website, Facebook, and Twitter for The Ledge, the feature film with Liv Tyler (Lord of the Rings). Director Matthew Chapman told me that I’d given the film more push personally than all of IFC’s efforts.

Johnny Monsarrat drives purchases
Johnny Monsarrat movies
Johnny Monsarrat designs Facebook
Johnny Monsarrat designs Twitter
Johnny Monsarrat helps theatres
Johnny Monsarrat builds restaurants
Johnny Monsarrat lists events
Johnny Monsarrat draws animations
Johnny Monsarrat knows business
Johnny Monsarrat helps bands
Johnny Monsarrat assists charities
Johnny Monsarrat art project
Beautiful design draws in visitors (see it)
Compelling language gets visitors to contact you (see it)
Reach new customers through stronger Facebook outreach (see it)
Reach new customers through stronger Twitter outreach (see it)
Built-in Calendars (see it)
Online stores
Complex Calendars (see it)
Animation features (see it)
Search engine optimization (see it)
Logo design and video editing (see it)
Flash animations (see it)
Database searches (see it)

With my MIT MBA and consulting experience, I can help you find your business message, write focused and compelling text, and drive new users to action. Online marketing is a way to reach not just those ready to buy, but those who aren’t ready yet, or can’t, but like what you do. Engage these people. They are your fan club. They are your references. Online marketing is so much more than advertising. It is giving incentives and making it fun for people to spread word of mouth. It’s by far the most inexpensive way to get your message heard.

Let me help you with:

  • Compelling, professional website design
  • Crisp text for your website that drives visitors to action
  • Logo design & branding, including domain registration
  • Search engine optimization, which brings you new leads from Google
  • Outreach through Facebook and Twitter that turns your fans into referrers
  • Strategic business consulting
  • Video editing services
  • Extra website features like animations, calendars, online stores, and forms

Contact me at 617-510-4477, to get a free 30 minutes of advice and a quote on your project. You’ll find that it doesn’t have to cost much to get your business to the next level. Thanks!