Titanic: The Artifact Exhibit in Las Vegas is a Detailed and Moving Look at the Tragedy of the World’s Most Infamous Ship (5 stars)

One of the greatest love stories of our time takes place on the doomed oceanic voyage of the Titanic, More than 20 years old, many people have fond memories of seeing the movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet as they created a modern Romero and Juliet. Star crossed lovers from very different back grounds find love on a sinking ship in one the saddest and memorable movies of the past several decades. Titanic became one of the biggest movies of its time.

The story of the Titanic lives on at the Luxor Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Under the atrium of the giant Pyramid in the middle of the Mohave dessert stands Titanic: The Artifact Exhibit. Before you even go in, a model of the Titanic sits outside near the lobby of the hotel so that you can familiarize yourself with what the ship looked like in its glory just before it set sail on its ill fated first voyage. You then descend to the second floor of the atrium to see a giant wall featuring the Titanic letting you know this is where the exhibit takes place.

When you arrive you are not just given a ticket, you are given a boarding pass for the Titanic. On this little slip is the name of a real passenger of the voyage. It does not say if they were among the survivors, however you will find out when you finish your tour through the museum since the names of all aboard are listed as either perishing or being among the lucky who were rescued. They also recreated the famous bow of the Titanic that you and your significant other can pose on so as to pretend to be Jack and Rose from the film in what is one of the most memorable moments of the movie.

Then you enter the museum It must be noted that it is a truly immersive experience that aims to engage nearly all of the senses while taking you right into the ship itself. If you were expecting a few treasures recovered from the ship and maybe some photos, guess again. This experience recreates what it was like to be on the Titanic in numerous ways.

You actually get to see the cramped third class quarters which consisted of two bunk beds in a single room. When you walk through the corridor, you hear a low rumbling sound meant to recreate the sound of the engines since the lower class where much closer to them. If living as a plebian isn’t to your taste, then be amazed when you get to walk up an authentic recreation of the grand staircase of the Titanic. Rich mahogany and gilded statues showcase just how opulent the accommodations where for the very rich in those days. Shortly after, you can see the luxury of the first classrooms especially when compared to what you saw in third class.

The immersion continues as you walk on the deck of the Titanic complete with twinkling stars in the sky, an ocean breeze and the sounds of waves crashing on the hull of the ship. One of the biggest surprises comes in the form of a giant iceberg that encourages you to touch it and feel how very real it actually is. Even your sense of smell comes into play when vials of perfume samples are displayed with holes that allow you to smell them. You can see, hear, smell and touch in this museum.

Things take a tragic turn as we see a massive replica of the Titanic once again. This one was bigger than the first, however unlike the one displayed in the hotel lobby, this one is what the Titanic looks like as it sits decaying on the bottom of the ocean. A giant hole is ripped in its side. Where it once gleamed white, now only rust appears. In the next room you see a massive chunk of the Titanic known as the Big Piece. This 15 Ton piece of steel was raised from the ocean floor and preserved and displayed before your eyes.

At the end, all of the passengers of the Titanic have their names upon a wall of remembrance. You can check your ticket to see if your particular passenger is a survivor before moving on. You will leave with a somber sense of the history and real tragedy of this once mighty vessel. The Titanic was deemed unsinkable, but as Vegas likes to prove, there are no sure bets.

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