The Rooftop at Providence G brings 5 star plus atmosphere under the stars

Rooftop at Providence G – 5 star plus atmosphere / 4.5 star food

Many weekends in Rhode Island see a flourishing of fires upon the waters of the three Rivers of Downtown Providence and create a European atmosphere here in old New England.  Water Fire is a frequent event in which braziers are lit with wood fires right upon the water.  All around it one can see performers and vendors as they cater to the large crowds that come out for the event.  One can see food trucks and food tents selling BBQ and more.  Crafter sell jewelry, blankets, art works and many more unique items.  Bands play music that can range from marching tunes to rock and roll.  All around are American flags and many veterans old and young who have come out in uniform to enjoy this celebration of America.

However, for those that want to continue the festivities well into the night as well as enjoy some fine foods and cocktails, then you might want to head to Rooftop at Providence G.  The G may very well stand for G since the building is housed in the renovated Providence Gas Company headquarters.  In this unique repurposed space are residences, a ballroom and three restaurants.  If you want to go to the top, you go to the Rooftop.

The atmosphere and ambience here is top notch.  The entire décor has a west coast feel, like one might be in a Malibu beach bar.  And at the same time, it goes one step further by having an authentic 70s cocktail lounge vibe.  The logo behind the bar is a sphere of warm earth tones with deep ochre colored Naugahyde seat.  The bar is not large, but perfect for the causal drinking seeking to wet their whistle. 

The true gem is of course the rooftop.  You are under the stars as you sit in what seems like a green house made of glass.  However, the large doors swing wide to make nearly all the space open to the night air.  Even more impressive is the retracting roof that can close over the space to keep the rain out.

The outside seating can boast some awesome looking fire pits.  Even in chilly weather, one can hit up the outdoor couches while a brazier burns before you.  This makes this outdoor venue a year-round experience.  In the summer, the weather lends itself to such outdoor dining.  With winter approaching, you can be sure to have a cozy and warm fire should you venture up on cold night.

Rooftop is a full-service bar complete with on tap beers, fine wines and cocktails.  Everyone’s taste in spirits can be satisfied.  Among their signature cocktails are two worth noting.  Once is the Cookie Jar.  This is the first time I have encountered a cocktail (or any drink really) made with actual cookie dough.  It is flavored with cookie dough whiskey and garnished with cookie dough you can eat as if plucking an olive from a martini.  It was a truly unique experience and a great dessert drink to finish up the night.  Also tried was the Cider Sangria – which is a bit misleading since it is a cocktail and not true sangria.  Still, it was sweet and strong concoction that added a final fall flair to the drink menu. 

We were informed that a new menu has been added when we arrived.  First, we were given a delicious sourdough bread that was made using a three-year-old starter – that being the yeast used to make the bread.  It was fresh baked warm with a hint of the famous sourdough tartness.  The pizza and flatbreads were also made using this same dough.  The spread was wine based and sweet, almost a jam like butter making it a unique flavor added to the already tasty bread.  One could easily fill up on this fare, however, one should leave room for what is to come.

Next up came our Brussel sprouts appetizer.  All the rage these days, Brussel sprouts can be made well, and they can easily be made poorly.  I am happy to say these more than passed the test.  Bad Brussels spouts are undercooked almost to the point of breaking your teeth.  These were tender and well sautéed.  They had a combination of cranberries, bacon, and a maple glaze which made them both sweet and a little salty.  The bowl this appetizer came in was enormous and enough for our whole party and then some.

To experience the menu fully, we went with a land sea and air approach.  We have pizza, fish and poultry.  The first tried was the Salumi flatbread, made with the very same sourdough our bread came with.  The meat used on this pizza had a nice spicey kick to it.  If you are a fan of gabagool (capicola for those not in the know) this is a hot Italian treat for you.  Next up was the sword fish.  This can best be described as solid but not distinctive.  Much of the flavor was lost in the oil that settled in the bottom of the dish.  Finally came the pan seared chicken over pasta.  In a similar fashion, it was adequate but lacked a true wow factor.  Finally, there was a dessert of apple cobbler and ice cream which rounded out the sweetness of the night quite well.

Overall, the food satisfied but did not impress beyond expectations.  It had taste, but the full flavor was not brought out.  Given the menu is a tad north of the pricey side, one would expect quality to match.  Come for the atmosphere, and drinks for certain.  Dine of the food once you have taken that in fully.

It must be noted that the bar also serves up entertainment in numerous forms.  Saturday nights boast a DJ spinning tunes.  We were greeted by the wandering characters of Big Nazo an Intergalactic Creature Band that’s home to Providence.  Think of it as a Disney Character meet and greet but for adults.   Rooftop hosts belly dancing, circus acts, musicians, and magicians. 

The atmosphere of rooftop can’t be beat.  If you want to have a special occasion like a birthday or bachelor / Bachelorette party, then don’t hesitate to book the date here.  Want to impress a date with a gorgeous place to wine and dine, then head up the elevator to the top floor.  Ready to keep the party going well into the night, then The Rooftop is the place.  

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