Review: Spirit of the Gables, Salem MA (4.5 stars)

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Spirit of the Gables is a show that takes place at the House of the Seven Gables where you are led through room and room. Instead of being true to history, the play follows the plot of one of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s books, the House of the Seven Gables. While the acting was great, we were told up front not to interact with the actors yet the lines of dialogue had them asking the audience questions. That was a conflict. And they chose not to end the story, presumably to inspire us to read the book, which is understandable, but hey, let’s not be a poor sport that people don’t read books anymore. Please add an ending to your show! It’s better than Hawthorne going unrecognized. Kudos to an impressive if not quite perfect show, which even includes an outdoor component. I looked but could not find photos of the actual show on their website.

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