For a Regional Zoo, Capron Park Zoo Sure Packs a Punch! (4.5 stars)

Founded in 1937, and renovated in the 1980s, Capron Park Zoo is a regional destination in Attleboro, Massachusetts that has a wonderfully wide-ranging series of animal exhibits. You’ll stroll their outdoor grounds, which are located in Capron Park, which has a playground, rose garden, fountain, and war memorials. In warm weather, there’s a farmer’s market and free outdoor concerts, too.

The grounds are attractive and with plenty of open space. Humorous signs say, for example, “Don’t throw cigarettes in the water. We’re trying to get the fish to quit smoking,” and “Lions love kids, but they are hard to digest but please stay off the ledge!” Our favorite space was the pond. It’s set off to the side and really looks like it’s just part of the park. A long bridge spans the pond so you can walk through its center. Then you notice that on each of the pond’s two small islands they have free-ranging lemurs! They are the cutest.

We were so thankful that the animals at Capron Park Zoo were active. Their lion strolled and roared. We saw kangaroos “boxing” with each other (I suppose they are just playing). Their tails are strong and they can lead back supported by their tails and feet like they’re on a tripod. Then an emu in the same pen got involved, chasing the kangaroos around! Their otters have even learned to climb the pine tree in their enclosure, something that the zookeeper said he’d never seen before anywhere.

Even the Amur Leopard and sloth bears, which look like giant black bears, strolled for us. You have to see the meerkats, too, who love to stand on their hind legs. They are the most curious of all the animals! They really want to check out their visitors.

One building, which was recently renovated, replicates a rainforest, allowing you to stroll through an open area where there are no cages and the birds can fly right overhead. You’ll see an Indian Flying Fox, pigeons, a sloth, tortoise, and a “Dwarf Caiman”, a tiny crocodile, along with snakes including a Blood Python.

Another building is dark during the day and bright at night, exhibiting nocturnal animals like the adorable Douroucouli Monkey. They think it’s nighttime so they’re awake and you can see them move around during our daytime.

Don’t miss out on the Indian Crested Porcupine, which is so large and spiny! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a porcupine in a zoo before, and it is a marvel. You definitely wouldn’t want to get stung by its quills. You’ll see so many other animals, too, including a De Brazza’s Monkey, and Visayan Warty Pigs.

The Capron Park Zoo host events such as photography opportunities and animal meets where you don’t touch but go inside the enclosure with their lemurs or red pandas. Did I mention they have pandas?!?

There’s also a water spray park for kids during warm weather. Of course they have a gift shop with visors, t-shirts, sunblock, hand sanitizer, water bottles, red panda umbrellas, magnets, mugs, and stuffed animal toys. There’s a small seating area that serves basic food such as hot dogs, corn dogs, chicken tenders, hamburgers, fries, and onion rings.

While not as large as the nearby Southwick Zoo, there’s far more to do and see at the Capron Park Zoo than you might expect! I’m glad to give the Capron Park Zoo 4.5 stars.


See an emu break up a kangaroo fight!