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The Week in Weird
Helicopter rides @ Davis MegaMaze 9/19 – 9/20 Worcester
My favorite amusement park is Davis Farmland out near Worcester. In the Spring and Summer they have a petting zoo, water spray park, and hay rides (but you must have a child along to enter), and in the Fall they have apple picking and the most fantastic corn maze in the world. This year they’re adding helicopter rides!
145 Redstone Hill, Sterling, MA.978-422-8888. more
Moonlight Mazing @ Davis Farmland 9/19 Worcester
And the maze is open late — your chance to walk the maze in the cool evening. Bring a flashlight.
145 Redstone Hill, Sterling, MA.978-422-8888. more
Marini Farm Corn Maze 9/12 – 10/25 North Shore
Yet another corn maze opens this week. This one seems to be pretty good!
259 Linebrook Road, Ipswich, MA.978 356-0430. more
Hoot & Howl Night – BBQ @ Wolf Hollow 9/19 North Shore
I’ve been to this one, and it’s highly recommended! They do a wolf presentation every weekend. You hear a lecture about wolves and get to howl along with them. This is their annual Halloween party and BBQ. Call ahead to reserve a space. Rain date one week later. Note, they don’t have it on their website but I believe it really is happening. Call them. Take shuttle at
114 Essex Rd, Ipswich, MA.978 356-0216. more
Space Ferrets: Mongo Skywalker’s Intergalactic Ferret Frolic 9/19 Metro West
I swear I am not making this up! It’s a ferret festival! I’m sure the ferrets are very cute. 11am-4pm. Outdoors. Ferret games and contests.
Knights of Columbus Hall, 375 Foundry Street, North Easton, MA.781-224-1098. more
Barktoberfest – Pound Hounds Family Fun Day & Dog Walk 9/20 Northern Mass
Animal events continue! This one comes with frisbee dogs and pet trick competitions! Rain or shine. 11am-3pm. Free.
4-H Fairgrounds, 51 S. Chelmsford Rd., Westford, MA.508-435-5029. more
Fall Family Festival @ Green Animals Topiary Garden 9/19 Rhode Island
Also animals, except they’re really animal-shaped shrubs, dot the Green Animals Topiary. They’ll have live music, scarecrow building, sort of kid stuff but it’s a nice garden, I’ve visited, and a great excuse to stop by nearby Newport and see the mansions and cliff walk.
380 Corey’s Lane, Portsmouth, RI.401-847-1000. more
Revels RiverSing (Fall Celebration) 9/20 Boston Metro
Every year this local chorus has a participatory sing-a-long along the Charles River near JFK Street. Half of you are on the Boston side and the other half on the Cambridge side. I’ve been and it was pretty fantastic. Picnic at Winthrop Park in Harvard Square at 5pm and then at 5:45 a procession to the river. Then sing 6-7:30pm. Participatory. Bring a flashlight and a blanket. Over 2,000 attend. No sign-up needed. Free!
Weeks footbridge, Charles River, Cambridge, MA. more
Eastern States Exposition 9/18 – 10/4 Springfield
It’s the 9th largest agricultural fair in the United States, and it shows. Over 1.1M people attend and every kind of hokey “as seen on TV” product is available at the many vendors booths. They’ll have an okay traveling carnival, a horse show, actual famous musicians, and a great circus! They’ll also have a slightly alarming “New England in Miniature” called Storrowton which is the only part of New England that many tourists will ever see. Rt 90W to exit 4. Rt 5S.
1305 Memorial Avenue, West Springfield, MA. more
National Talk Like A Pirate Day 9/19 Boston Metro
And of course Talk Like a Pirate day is this Saturday. This is more like an excuse to dress up and say “Me Hearties!” than an actual event. See
No real location, Everywhere. more
Be Bold, Be Bald! 9/17 Boston Metro
This one’s all about making baldness cool. Or cancer. Or fighting cancer. The idea is that you wear a bald cap and raise money. I imagine the psychology is that the bald cap is a ‘talking point’ that helps people to twist their friends’ arms for the obligatory $5 contribution. And they’ll have a party to ‘cap’ it off, ha ha. 6-10pm.
Ned Devine’s, 1 Faneuil Hall Market Pl, Boston, MA. more
New England Comic Con 9/20 Boston Metro
You can wear your bald cap and nobody will even comment on it at this smallish comic festival, which takes place apparently not across the hotel, but just in the ballroom. 009: 9am-4pm.
Boston Radisson Hotel, 200 Stuart St, Boston, MA. more
The New Hampshire Highland Games 9/18 – 9/20 New Hampshire
I haven’t been to this one but another Highland Games I’ve visited makes me a real believer! These people know how to party! It’s at a major ski resort so they’ll probably have gondola rides and hiking trails. They’ll have a fiddle championship, band marching, athletics & dance competitions, tons of music and vendors, and “sheepdog trials”.
Loon Mountain Ski Resort, Lincoln, NH. more
Fish Box Derby Race 9/20 North Shore
And a derby car race! I’ve always wanted to see one of these. Kids and home-built high speed vehicles. What could go wrong!
Rogers Street under the Gorton’s sign., Gloucester, MA.978-283-1932. more
50th Anniversary Rededication & Celebration Gala @ MIMA 9/20 – 9/21 Metro West
MIMA is the national park spread across Concord, or Lexington, or Lincoln — they’re not great on giving addresses and GPS coordinates — that has the most active re-enactment calendar of the year, outside of full-time attractions like Old Sturbridge Village. They’re having a gala on Sunday and a birthday party Monday that isn’t well-described.
Cary Hall, Lexington, MA.978-318-7822. more
The Gathering of People Pow-Wow 9/19 – 9/20 Boston Metro
Although there are pow-wows (native american festivals) all over New England, this is the only one that’s actually in Metro Boston. Rain or shine. Outdoors. Bring a blanket or chair. They’ll have singing, dancing, drumming, ethnic food and vendors.
The Native American Indian Center of Boston, 105 South Huntington Avenue, Jamaica Plain, MA.617-232-0343 x26. more
Third Annual Intertribal Powwow @ Sweetwilliam Farm 9/19 – 9/20 Boston Metro
I also list the major pow-wows somewhat close to Boston and here is yet another. If anything it looks like it may be bigger than the Jamaica Plain one. They’ll have drumming, singing, dancing, including a “pumpkin dance” and a “blanket dance”, storytelling. And of course it takes place on a farm, with animals, hay rides, and ice cream.
Sweetwilliam Farm, 153 North St, Upton, MA.508-529-2000. more
Railfan’s Weekend at Conway Scenic Railroad 9/19 – 9/20 New Hampshire
Trains are the gee whiz fantasy that was surpassed by airplanes, which was surpassed by the moon landing, which is now passe. But people love ’em! Come on a scenic train ride and see the vendors and model train enthusiasts at this annual event.
Conway Scenic Railroad, North Conway, NH.800-232-5251. more
The 10th Annual South Boston Street Festival 9/19 Boston Metro
OK, now on to local festivals! Here’s one in South Boston. 11am-4pm.
East Broadway, between I and L Streets, Boston, MA. more
South End Open Studios (Boston Open Studios, United South End Artists Open Studios) 9/19 – 9/20 Boston Metro
While you’re there, South Boston is said to be the “best” artist community in Boston so this event is very worthwhile. You walk around visiting local artists homes and studios. It’s far more personal than simply meeting vendors, and it’s nice to walk around getting to know a neighborhood! It’s free but of course they hope you’ll buy some artwork. I guess they don’t have any Web artists, though, judging from their website. 11am-6pm. Info booth at 540/560 Harrison Ave.
Start from 560 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA.617-267-8862. more
Falmouth (MA) Old Time Fiddle Contest 9/19 Cape Cod
This is going to be small, but I can’t resist a fiddle contest (or banjo) and small events can be fun because the people who do it are so passionate. 11am-4pm. Have you figured out yet that when there’s no photo, I just grab a random one, like, from Missouri? :).
Falmouth, MA. more
Tivoli Day at Martha’s Vineyard 9/19 Southern Mass
While you’re on Cape Cod, check out Tivoli Day. What is that exactly? Is that some kind of pastry, like a cannoli? Well, there’s a parade and random stuff like a rock climbing wall and a replica of the pirate ship from Pirates of the Caribbean. They’ll have kites and all the summer vendors start getting serious about liquidating their stock as summer ends. It’s not much, except a great excuse to visit Martha’s Vinyard.
Martha’s Vinyard, MA. more
Harvard Fall Festival 9/18 – 9/20 Northern Mass
Yet another small town event, with a BBQ cookoff, a carnival that only kids can ride (*pout*), and a craft fair. However, they’ll have fireworks!
Hazel’s Farm, 150 Ayer Road, Harvard, MA. more
SerbFest 9/19 – 9/20 Boston Metro
This is the only Serbian event I’ve ever heard of near Boston. Like many of these small ethnic festivals, it’s church-related.
St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church, 41 Alewife Brook Parkway, Cambridge, MA.617-876-0707. more
stART on the Street 9/20 Worcester
They say it’s the largest arts festival in central Massachusetts. And they could be right. If you’re in the area (for example visiting Davis Farmland or the Ecotarium), it looks like fun, with 11am-5pm. Featuring over 240 artists & crafters, 10 live bands, street performers, kids activities and a food court.
Park Ave. and Elm St., Worcester, MA. more
UMass Boston outdoor films 9/17 Boston Metro
Let’s face it, outdoor movie season is over. But UMass Boston still thinks its summer! Up! At 7pm, The Dark Knight at 9pm. Campus Center Front Circle. No website, but this really is happening, I got the poster.
UMass Boston, Boston, MA.
Family Movie Night Under the Stars 9/18 Cape Cod
And Sandwich, MA….
Heritage Museums & Gardens, Sandwich, MA. more
Coma movie w/ Robin Cook lecture 9/21 Boston Metro
Decidedly indoors, this is your chance to meet sci-fi novelist Robin Cook.
Coolidge Corner Theatre, Brookline, MA. more
International Movie Nights in East Somerville 9/19 Boston Metro
And there’s another outdoor one in Somerville….
parking lot behind the old fire station, 165 Broadway, Somerville, MA.617.623.3869. more
Urban County Fair 9/19 Boston Metro
Also in Somerville, a county fair, in an urban setting, run by a burlesque performer known for an act called “Trani Wreck”. It will either be fantastic or just confusing. Go and find out!
Union Square, Somerville, MA. more
Celebrate Bisexuality Day (Bis Night Out) 9/24 Boston Metro
Speaking of alt-friendly fun, here’s a social and some films about bisexual people. Stop by Cambridge 1 at 27 Church Street before the films (7:30-9:30) for a casual meet up.
Brattle Theatre, 40 Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA. more
Sin-O-Matic Variant Ball 9/19 Boston Metro
And Boston’s largest fetish nightclub is having their annual party, called the “Variant Ball”. I really have no idea what that means, and apparently they don’t feel that describing the event on their website would help people decide. It’s a nightclub. It’s a dance party. They have a bar. People will dress in black and leather. It should be good if that’s your thing.
1254 Boylston St., Boston, MA. more
MassCann Freedom Rally 9/19 Boston Metro
What happens when a bunch of stoners try to organize a festival? It’s fun to find out!
Boston Common, Boston, MA. more
Lebowski Fest 9/19 – 9/20 Boston Metro
Ditto, except this one seems to be traveling the country! A tribute to the laid back, lazy lifestyle that everyone who’s given up on making a difference can embrace. House of Blues party on 9/19 and Bowling Party on 9/20.
Various, Boston, MA. more

Also Fun
MFA Community Day (September) 9/20 Boston Metro
The MFA is free again. (Thanks!).
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA. more
MFA College Night 9/24 Boston Metro
And again, but only if you have a college ID!
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA. more
College Night at The Museum of Science, Boston 9/21 Boston Metro
Students also get in for free at the Museum of Science.
Museum of Science, Boston, Boston, MA. more
Connecticut Day at Southwick’s Zoo 9/19 Southern Mass
This time it’s the turn of people with Connecticut IDs to have free admission to the largest zoo in New England.
2 Southwick Street, Mendon, MA.800-258-9182. more
BeanTown Jazz Festival 9/18 – 9/26 Boston Metro
Jazz performances continue at various places that, frankly, always have jazz. So, is it a festial or a loose connection of events? Well, they do have a big street festival on 9/26.
Columbus Avenue, Boston, MA. more
Trails & Sails Weekend 9/18 – 9/27 North Shore
Likewise this ‘festival’ is a series of 140 independent events all over the region. Take shuttle at
Various areas, Ipswich, MA. more
Caliente: Latin Music Concert 9/19 Boston Metro
And now for a series of smaller festivals. This one’s on City Hall Plaza.
City Hall Plaza, Boston, MA.617-635-3911. more
Local Roots & Music Festival 9/19 Boston Metro
This one’s very tiny. 5-8pm.
Somerville Community Growing Center, 22 Vinal Ave, Somerville, MA.617-628-9988. more
Provincetown Music Festival 9/19 Cape Cod
Do you really need an excuse to visit Provincetown before the summer ends? Here’s one.
Provincetown, MA. more
Tennessee Williams Theatre Festival 9/24 – 9/27 Cape Cod
And another! I guess these people really like Tennessee Williams.
Provincetown, MA. more
Norwood Day 9/19 Boston Metro
Norwood is having a street festival.
Norwood, MA. more
Fall Festival @ Lookout Farm 9/12 – 9/20 Metro West
Train rides, hay pyramid, live animals, fruit picking.
89 Pleasant Street, South Natick, MA.508-651-1539. more
Hillsborough Open Studio Tour 9/19 – 9/20 New Hampshire
Hey! This is an open studio in the country. And it looks much more interesting than you would guess.
Hillsborough, NH.603-464-2953. more
Quincy Arts Fest 9/19 – 9/20 South Shore
Less interesting than you would guess, Quincy is having an “arts festival”, but it’s really a series of paid art workshops (plus demonstrations that are presumably free).
Yoga & Wellness Center, 605 Hancock Street, Quincy, MA.617-770-2482. more
Old Deerfield Fall Craft Fair 9/19 – 9/20 Western Mass
One step down, this one’s pretty concretely commercial, and they fail to mention music or street performers. However they’ll have demonstrations of rug hooking, glassblowing, and “lampwork” and free museum admission. Free shuttles take you around.
Deerfield, MA. more
Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk 9/13 Boston Metro
It’s yet another charity walk. This time for Cancer, a good cause. Maybe they should merge them all together into one humongous walk on just one day of the year. It runs along the Boston Marathon route. Register ahead of time.
Various, Boston, MA.800-632-3562. more
CCTV’s Annual Backyard BBQ 9/17 Boston Metro
CCTV is only a small TV station, but they need love, money and they can give you BBQ!
675 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA.617-661-6900. more
Boston Film Festival 9/18 – 9/24 Boston Metro
I’m sure this film festival is worth seeing, but will all these celebrities in their photos actually be there? That would be cool. I guess the idea is that if you give out awards it’s prestigious and celebs will show up for it.
Kendall Landmark Theatre, One Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA.617-621-1202. more
Rochester Fair 9/18 – 9/27 New Hampshire
Fiesta Shows will have their traveling carnival here.
Rochester Fairgrounds, Exit 13 off Spaulding Turnpike, Rochester, NH. more
New England Fringe Festival – Boston, MA 9/24 – 10/4 Boston Metro
Also arty, but far smaller, this ‘festival’ is a series of dance, theatre, and storytelling performances. I went once and it was creative but not well attended. The festival continues October 1-4 in Nashua, NH.
Roxbury Center for the Arts at Hibernian Hall, 182 Dudley Street, Roxbury, MA.978-667-0550. more
St. Joseph’s Festival 9/18 – 9/20 Boston Metro
Yet another Fiesta Shows festival!
790 Salem Street, Malden, MA. more
Fall Forest Festival @ Franklin Park 9/19 Boston Metro
10am-4pm. Meet at the Resting Place / Shattuck Picnic Grove.
Franklin Park, Boston, MA. more

POP Craft Exhibition 8/8 – 10/22 Boston Metro
I rarely list gallery or museum exhibitions. You guys can find that stuff elsewhere and it’s not normally very off-beat. This is a worthy exception. :).
SAC Exhibition Gallery, 175 Newbury Street, Boston, MA. more
Wings of Freedom Tour 9/16 – 10/2 North Shore
This airplane show is all over: 9/8-10 in Lincoln, RI; 9/10-12 in Hyannis, MA; 9/12-15 in Plymouth, MA; 9/15-17 in Plymouth, NH; 9/17-19 in Manchester, NH; 9/19-9/22 in Beverly, MA; 9/22-24 in New Bedford, MA. This one you actually get to fly in an old bomber aircraft and it’s far more expensive.
Various Locations. more
Carousel on Boston Common 9/8 – 10/20 Boston Metro
Visit the carousel on Boston Common! The merry-go-round is open daily from 11am to 9pm, next to Frog Pond. Only $2. Closing whenever weather gets cold.
Boston Common near Frog Pond, Boston, MA. more
King Richard’s Faire (Ren Faire) 9/5 – 10/25 South Shore
New England’s largest renaissance faire continues. Weekends & holidays only. Plenty of Ren Faire vendors and people-watching, with 8 performance stages. Only 1/3 of the acts are worth watching, but definitely see the Aerial Angels, Paolo Garbanzo, and especially the jousting! Rt 3 S to Rt 44 W to Rt 58 S.
Carver, MA.508-866-5391. more

British Invasion Weekend 9/18 – 9/20 Vermont
I’m not likely to drive to Vermont for a car show, considering I live right next to the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline, MA which is constantly having lawn shows all summer. But hey. It’s probably the biggest thing happening in Vermont. I’ll list it.
Stowe, VT. more
Festival of Nations / Fete des Nations 9/18 – 9/20 Vermont
But is it? This Champlain Quadricentennial event will have fireworks. It also features an Atlatl Championship.
Addison, VT. more


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