Magic Boston makes Boston a hub for magic again

Interview by Johnny Monsarrat

Do you like magic? A new group is starting a sort of “The Magic Castle” in Boston. In the 19th century, Boston was a hub of the magic world — you could see Harry Houdini regularly. And now Magic Boston brings back that vibe in a new series every Sunday evening at the same theatre that hold Medieval Manor, the comedy dinner theatre. I had a chance to speak with Jason Escape, the host, who travels around the world performing dangerous escapes and mind reading, and has landed his own forthcoming TV show, Jason Escape Show, and with Malik Haddadi, the co-manager of the show and its “resident comedy magician”.

Doors open at 7pm, and if you come early, you can see close-up magic from the professionals working next to the bar. Then there’s a big 90-minute stage show. “We’re rekindling the heyday of Boston’s magic clubs,” Jason Escape said. “We’re going to put magic in the forefront of the city again.” Although you can buy alcohol and the shows are aimed at an adult audience, there are no age limits, and the shows aren’t bawdy, so they’re safe for kids. Unlike Medieval Manor, they do not serve dinner but have plans to introduce a menu. As well as the magic, you’ll find juggling, acrobatics, escape artists, and other performances. Jason Escape does mind-blowing mind reading between each act. “It’s my job to warm up the audience”, he said, ” and keep the night high-energy.”

The show is a lot more than a comedy club. “It’s not just a show but a social event for magicians and enthusiasts,” Malik Haddadi said. “You’ll have a great time and laugh, but you’ll also be amazed. We also host industry lectures for magicians who want to meet, mingle, and learn new tricks.” So far the shows have drawn in bigger and bigger acts. “It won’t be long before we’re drawing in Las Vegas acts,” Jason Escape said. “That’s our goal — to go beyond entertainment to being a resource, a showcase.” It sounds like they’re on their way.

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