June 11-19, 2012: More Summer than Anyone Could Possibly Hug

This Week in ReviewJohnny Monsarrat

I’m going to start writing about the local entrepreneur scene, this week featuring three different groups for socializing, networking, and learning about business. Make sure to scroll all the way down to get my list of 400 outdoor concert series, outdoor movies, and outdoor theatre! (This week it’s 55, but the summer is just getting started. You’ll see it balloon in August.) I list more outdoor performance than anyone else, by a factor of ten.

I hope you are having an awesome week. Now get out there and do something fun!



A Chorus Line – tix giveaway

Reagle Music Theatre 617 Lexington St Waltham, MA

A Chorus Line - tix giveaway at Boston Events INSIDER

The worst job interview? Auditioning for a musical. I’ve got 4 tickets to give away for the 6/15 show of A Chorus Line. I loved the movie — the show is bound to be great!

Business Feature

128 Innovation Capital Group Piranha Pond

IBM Innovation Center 404 Wyman St. Waltham, MA

128 Innovation Capital Group Piranha Pond at Boston Events INSIDER

Silicon Hills, Silicon Valley, Silicon Alley… Boston is not a silicon anything. We have the Rt 128 beltway, and Massachusetts entrepreneurship raises more money per capita, and file more patents per capita, than any place in the world. We also have the most established community dedicated to starting companies. For example, the 128 Innovation Capital Group is a business networking group that has held regular meetings for 31 years. While many networking groups are unfocused, there is an actual process at 128, not chaos. Every person gets to stand and introduce themselves for a few seconds to the entire group. They publish a roster of attendees to make finding people easier. It’s a highly effective way to find business partners, get a job, raise money, or just learn about entrepreneurship. This week they host the Piranha Pond, where small companies get 5 minutes to convince real life investors to take a deeper look and possibly invest. While submissions are closed, you are welcome to attend, meet people, see how it’s done. I’ve personally attended and pitched to this group and they are highly recommended for their warmth and support. If you run a startup, or want to, you will find allies here. 7:30am-10:30am.

Mass Innovation Nights

100 Cummings Center Beverly, MA

Mass Innovation Nights at Boston Events INSIDER

Mass Innovation Nights are another standard of the Boston entrepreneur community. Each month, ten companies present a new product to the group, with an hour of networking beforehand, and an afterparty at a local restaurant. The FREE events take place in high-tech centers (usually closer to Boston, like the IBM Innovation Cente and the Microsoft NERD Center) and come with great serendipitiy. The feedback and word of mouth you receive from presenting — or even just attending — can lead to funding, getting a job, or getting ideas or team members for your own venture. Meets are generally the second Wednesday of the month, and this week their meet features a computerized soccer ball, high-tech business shirts, and tools to optimize your social media! 6-8:30pm.

The CFO Roundtable

Bentley University LaCava Center 175 Forest St Waltham, MA

The CFO Roundtable at Boston Events INSIDER

This week I spoke with Becky Blackler, Director of Marketing, Corporate Focus, about the CFO RoundTable. She’s been the marketing chair for 3 years and gives credit to President Jack McCullough, who founded the CFO RoundTable 6 years ago and is the main drive. He also co-chairs the annual MIT CFO Summit, the largest financial executive conference in Boston. “”We’ve got a very open, friendly, and nurturing environment,”” she said. “”Our group is wholly dedicated to our member’s experience. They tell us the topics that are of interest to them, and in turn, we listen and build programs based on that feedback.”” The group is more than just networking and socializing. If you’re a CPA, you can get credits at their workshops and keep up your license (which accounts for the $250/year membership cost, but fees also cover food and space rentals). But most of their discussions aren’t tied to technical accounting. For example, they just ran the CFO Leadership Conference, an all-day workshop devoted to leadership development for financial executives. They also had their first women’s networking event, which they plan to make annual. “”We take a lot of pride because with our timing and environment, it’s become a diverse group,”” she continued. You don’t have to wear a tie, and women make up 50% of the group. People are drawn to the value of fantastic content. Of course you’ll find a lot of high-tech CFOs, in various stages of the business lifecycle, several non-profits, a few financial executives from the educational or manufacturing businesses, and contract CFOs: those who have multiple clients. No matter where you are in the CFO lifecycle, the things you need to know are the same: healthcare reform, taxes, advanced negotiation skills, building a world class team, working with your board and management. Through the CFO RoundTable you can get continuing professional education in a warm environment. This week, their event is “”How to Attract and Retain the Best Talent””, June 13 from 4:15-6pm. The event is open to financial executives. To register, visit http://cfortjune2012.eventbrite.com/.
This Mobile App is Boston’s Largest High-Tech & Entrepreneur Calendar

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My new mobile app for high tech events at Boston Events INSIDER

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you like business networking? Then I have the free app for you! This calendar for the iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android is the largest calendar of startup and business events around Boston. I’m going to lose money on this until we see some adoption and can attract sponsors, so please tell your friends. Thanks!

The Week in Weird

Wings and Wheels Open House

978-562-9182 Stow, MA

Wings and Wheels Open House at Boston Events INSIDER

Did you know there’s a world class airplane museum in New England? But they’re not open all the time. So go now while you can! They’ll have a car show too where you can see Michael Andretti’s 1995 Lola/Ford XB race winning car. You can even spend $200 and take a flight! 2012: 8:30am-4:30pm.

NASA Centennial Challenge

Worcester Polytechnic Institute 100 Institute Road Worcester, MA

NASA Centennial Challenge at Boston Events INSIDER

Hey, robots! Instead of fighting, how about exploring Mars? Teams from all over the US flock to Worcester to get their robots to autonomously traverse terrain and take rock samples. Neato!

Reading Town Day and Fireworks

Birch Meadow Complex Reading, MA
Remote control race cars and laser tag , martial arts demos are featured here. Small town festivals can be great fun, epsecially when they have fireworks!

Musical Chairs World Championship

Amesbury Sports Park Amesbury, MA

Musical Chairs World Championship at Boston Events INSIDER

Thousands of people will play musical chairs, but there can only be one King or Queen, who will win $10,000! 9am-2pm.

Mayflower II Day

Plymouth Harbor Plymouth, MA

Mayflower II Day at Boston Events INSIDER

There’s a reproduction of the original ship that the Pilgrims arrived on in 1620, and they’re celebrating with costumed re-enactors. What a great way to learn about history? 9am-5pm.

Silver Kingdom Renaissance Festival

Ye Olde Commons 120 Northside Rd Charlton, MA

Silver Kingdom Renaissance Festival at Boston Events INSIDER

What is a renaissance faire? You get to see hundreds of people in medieval costuming (or renaissance, whatever, once you start pretending that the old timey days were romantic instead of crushing, who cares about the accuracy of your clothing) and see acts of music, dance, and theatre. Rain or shine. They’ll have some an all-day performance that (like a TV show) occurrs in espisodes with a single storyline. Sounds very creative! 10am-5pm.

Civil War Encampment on Puddle Dock

Strawbery Banke Museum 14 Hancock Street Portsmouth, NH

Civil War Encampment on Puddle Dock at Boston Events INSIDER

This re-enactment features an entire encampment of Civil War soldiers, and it’s a great way to interactively learn about history by chatting with them and seeing their weapons demonstration. It all takes place at one of New England’s very few re-enactment museums, Strawbery Banke, which illustrates the life of settlers around 1900. And it’s quite close to Boston.

Blackstone River Theatre Summer Solstice Festival

Diamond Hill Park, Rte. 114 Cumberland, RI

Blackstone River Theatre Summer Solstice Festival at Boston Events INSIDER

It’th the Thummer Tholthith! That’s what you’d say if you had a lisp. And also weren’t very good with calendars, since the Summer Solstice is actually June 20. Here’s some outdoor music, and see a TON of other shows by scrolling way to the bottom. I list 270 outdoor summer music series!

Quincy Flag Day Parade & Fireworks

Pageant Field Quincy, MA

Quincy Flag Day Parade & Fireworks at Boston Events INSIDER

I have no idea what Flag Day is, but I like parades, and I love fireworks! The parade starts at Coddington Street in Quincy and goes down Hancock Street to Pageant Field. Parade 7pm then a fly-over and live music and fireworks at 9:15pm over Blacks Creek.

Flag Day Parade at Brookline

Cypress Field & Cypress Street Brookline, MA

Flag Day Parade at Brookline at Boston Events INSIDER

There’s another Flag Day parade this week, and this one’s also got a road race and a children’s carnival. Events take place from 7am-4pm.

Dedham Flag Day Parade

Dedham Square Dedham, MA

Dedham Flag Day Parade at Boston Events INSIDER

Jesus Christ. What the hell is Flag Day? Why does the flag get its own day? I know it’s a potent symbol of freedom and democracy, but can we really not wait for Independence Day?

Rhode Island National Guard Open House and Air Show

210 Airport St. North Kingstown, RI

Rhode Island National Guard Open House and Air Show at Boston Events INSIDER

Two air shows in one week? So many riches! Features the USAF Thunderbirds. It looks like they’ll have skydivers and some kind of mock combat!

German Car Day at Larz Anderson Museum

15 Newton Street Brookline, MA

German Car Day at Larz Anderson Museum at Boston Events INSIDER

Or go to the world class automobile museum in Brookline for another of their car fests on the lawn. 10am-2pm.

Starburst – Fireworks

Doyle Field, Priest Street Leominster. MA

Starburst - Fireworks at Boston Events INSIDER

You can always tell that the music will be great when they don’t bother to name who is playing. Live music is okay, but the real draw is the fireworks display. I love fireworks! 4:30pm. Rain date next day.

Boston Bacon Takedown

Center for the Arts at the Armory Somerville, MA

Boston Bacon Takedown at Boston Events INSIDER

BACON!!! Pay $15, taste 20 bacon dishes, vote for your favorite, and possibly have a heart attack. Kevin Bacon will not attend. 2pm.

Battle of Bunker Hill Patriotic Exercises

Bunker Hill Monument Boston, MA

Battle of Bunker Hill Patriotic Exercises at Boston Events INSIDER

Hmm. This one sounds a little funeral-tastic instead of historical re-enactment-tastic. Will it be fun and educational, or simply sombre? 10-11:30am.

Fifer’s Day parade

Flerra Meadows Boxborough, MA

Fifer's Day parade at Boston Events INSIDER

Costumed minutemen will cook hot dogs?? Road race, parade, kids carnival, dunk tank, with a tug-o-war and a donut eating contest! 9:30am-6pm.

Gilbert Stuart re-enactment

Gilbert Stuart Museum 815 Gilbert Stuart Road Saunderstown, RI

Gilbert Stuart re-enactment at Boston Events INSIDER

Meet a re-enactor playing the artist who painted that portrait of George Washington that’s on the dollar bill. But did he paint the freaky pyramid with the eye? What the hell is the deal with that eye, and why is it on our currency? 4-7pm.

Hanover Day w/ Fireworks

Sylvester Field Hanover, MA

Hanover Day w/ Fireworks at Boston Events INSIDER

More fireworks! With a car show, and… Well, it’s a small town festival. But it has fireworks! 10am-10pm.

Orange Crate Derby

Bayview Avenue Bristol, RI

Orange Crate Derby at Boston Events INSIDER

Cute kids race cars using the power of gravity. Wait, didn’t Newton say that falling objects all went at the same rate? I guess these kids’ll show HIM something. Unlike Arlington, the races start at a sensible non-morning time. 3pm.

Make Music Harvard Square

Harvard Square 1 Brattle Street Cambridge, MA

Make Music Harvard Square at Boston Events INSIDER

In Cambridge, 150 musicians will play outdoors for your donations in 20 different locations in and around Harvard Square. It’s free, it’s outdoors. 2-10pm.

Common Boston festival

Various Boston, MA

Common Boston festival at Boston Events INSIDER

Why am I featuring an architectural festival? Well, you’ll find walking tours, art, dance, and design installations, music, and a dance party… Yeah, it’s mostly walking tours.

Chalk One Up for CommonBoston

Dewey Square Boston, MA

Chalk One Up for CommonBoston at Boston Events INSIDER

Oh! But part of the festival — well, actually, it goes unmentioned on the Boston Common website. I guess those guys are busy — is this event where you can make chalk diagrams on the sidewalk! 11am-3pm.

Printing Arts Fair

The Museum of Printing 800 Massachusetts Avenue North Andover, MA

Printing Arts Fair at Boston Events INSIDER

Also old-timey, learn about printing and bookbinding, skills that have been useless for so long (unless you’re a museum curator) that they’re now part of history themselves. There will also be activities and a rare book fair! 10am-4pm.

Boston Harbor Islands Free Ferry Day

One Long Wharf Boston, MA

Boston Harbor Islands Free Ferry Day at Boston Events INSIDER

If not now, when? I’ve never been to the Boston Harbor Islands – how sad. Get out there and explore the Boston Harbor Islands, because the ferries are free this day. 9am-5pm.

Martha’s Vineyard Harbor Festival

Oak Bluffs Harbor Oak Bluffs, MA

Martha's Vineyard Harbor Festival at Boston Events INSIDER

Martha’s Vinyard also has a HAH-bah. There’s also a free music and arts fair on Martha’s Vinyard. Of course, all of Martha’s Vinyard is like that in the summer! 12-5pm. Rain date next day.

Get Johnny’s 2012 New England Guide

All Over

Get Johnny's 2012 New England Guide at Boston Events INSIDER

I write about events weekly, but what about destinations? Where are the dinosaur footprints, the oddball museums, and a water park open indoors all year? Get my 2012 New England Guide! Just follow the link and help spread the word to friends about Events INSIDER to get it. (And then email me at johnny@eventsinsider.com. I’m not a mind reader.).

Also Fun

Revere Beach Summer Fest

Revere Beach Revere, MA

Revere Beach Summer Fest at Boston Events INSIDER

Too lazy to drive to an amusement park? Fiesta Shows brings them to you!

Chelsea River Revel

13 Andrew McArdle Bridge Chelsea, MA
What is a river revel? Is it like a rave? Nah. It’s more like a road race and a “festival” they couldn’t be bothered to describe. That means it’ll be *awesome*. 9:30am-3pm.

Waltham Riverfest

Moody Street & Various Waltham, MA

Waltham Riverfest at Boston Events INSIDER

Speaking of rivers, you’ll find 4 stages of live music. Oh! And a circus. Last year they had a moonlight canoe tour. Surely there will be some canoe tours this year as well.

Bluegrass Festival

NARA Park Acton, MA

Bluegrass Festival at Boston Events INSIDER

I’m sorry to say it, but bluegrass music all sounds the same to me. But then, so does most pop music. I must be getting OLD! Bring lawn chairs or blankets. It looks like it’s just the music (and vendors). 2-10pm.

Midsummer Night Revels: A Summer Solstice Soiree

Church 145 Brattle St Cambridge, MA

Midsummer Night Revels: A Summer Solstice Soiree at Boston Events INSIDER

Let’s hold a sun festival at night! Too bad it’s indoors, but you’ll find a buffet of desserts (free with admission), booze (which you buy), and Scandanavian style dancing that you can join in. Plus the fantastic Revels music. Too bad it’s indoors. 8pm.

Summer Solstice Celebration

Neponset Park, Hill Top Street Dorchester, MA

Summer Solstice Celebration at Boston Events INSIDER

Oh! A scavenger hunt beside Boston Harbor. With live music, I think. Well, music. 6-8pm.

In the Groves: A Summer Solstice Journey

Arnold Arboretum Boston, MA

In the Groves: A Summer Solstice Journey at Boston Events INSIDER

This combination natural walk/performance event presents music and storytelling of the ancient connection between humans and trees. The event is appropriate for adults and children 12 and older. 6:30- 8:30pm both nights.

Clark YMCA Summer Solstice Celebration

155 Central St Winchendon, MA

Clark YMCA Summer Solstice Celebration at Boston Events INSIDER

Bicycle flips, a parade, road race, and solstice festival north of Worcester. 9am-4pm.

Summer Solstice by Candlelight

Copicut Woods, Indian Town Road Fall River, MA

Summer Solstice by Candlelight at Boston Events INSIDER

I really like nighttime outdoor summer events! You’ll make a candle lantern and go on a guided night hike. Don’t forget your bug spray, though. Free. 7-9pm.

Duck Race on the Charles River

Riverdale Park Dedham, MA

Duck Race on the Charles River at Boston Events INSIDER

Now this is what I’m talkin’ ’bout! Hunt wild ducks, catch some, and make ’em race! Oh wait, they’re rubber ducks. Well, they’ll have pony rides and facepainting, too. 1-3pm.

Play in the Park at DeCordova

The DeCordova Sculpture Museum Lincoln, MA

Play in the Park at DeCordova at Boston Events INSIDER

What is this? We “play and experiment” in the park at my favorite art museum. As well as the indoor sculpture, they have an entire park and forest trail dotted with sculptures, which are startling yet accessible. So what is this event? Are we going to build tree forts or something?

Discover Mount Auburn: The Civil War

580 Mount Auburn Street Cambridge, MA

Discover Mount Auburn: The Civil War at Boston Events INSIDER

The Civil War was so far away and so long ago that it’s easy to forget it happened — at least for us Yankees. But soldiers and others from the Civil War era were buried in Cambridge. Take a walking tour to learn about them. 1-2:30pm.

BBQ at The Fort

267 Springfield Rd Charlestown, NH

BBQ at The Fort at Boston Events INSIDER

Hey! If I had an ancient fort, I’d host a BBQ too! Help turn swords into plowshares and then use them as BBQ spatulas! Yum. Gee, no time given. Well, it’s lunchtime-y.

Lowell African Festival

Sampas Pavilion, Pawtucket Blvd Lowell, MA

Lowell African Festival at Boston Events INSIDER

So with one week to go, no details on the website. I guess these guys are too busy to attract people to their festival. I’m sure it will contain live music and vendors. What else? No idea. Last year it was 10am-7pm.

Evening at the Kiln

1 Old Sturbridge Village Road Sturbridge, MA

Evening at the Kiln at Boston Events INSIDER

I’m going to tell you a secret about Sturbridge Village. JUST GO. It doesn’t matter that they’re staying open into the night to show you the glow of pottery being fired. The village itself is a marvel, with tons of live actors representing 19th century New Englandy goodness. Just go, for Pete’s sake. 7-9pm.

Music and Art Weekend at Old Sturbridge Village

1 Old Sturbridge Village Road Sturbridge, MA

Music and Art Weekend at Old Sturbridge Village at Boston Events INSIDER

And by music and art, they mean NINETEENTH CENTURY music and art! A whole weekend full of period entertainments.

Father’s Day Meet at the Pioneer Valley Live Steamers

108 Hillside Rd Southwick, MA

Father's Day Meet at the Pioneer Valley Live Steamers at Boston Events INSIDER

Train enthusiasts… I don’t get it. Trains were surpassed by planes, which were surpassed by rockets and spaceships… And now even spaceships are passe. But heck. They’ve got lots of model railroad track, including (judging by this photo) one you can ride. Check it out!

River Day Festival and Wingzilla

Northern Forest Heritage Park 961 Main St Berlin, NH
No Wingzilla, no! Don’t rampage through this BBQ competition. Ooh! They’re having a log rolling competition for both adults and kids. Fuck. Just for kids, I mean. But it also comes with a “Family Fun Float” where you build odd creations and see if they’ll float down the river. Answer: not if Wingzilla has any say about it.

Midsummer Faerie Festival

Washington Park, New York Ave at East Chop Dr Oak Bluffs, MA

Midsummer Faerie Festival at Boston Events INSIDER

Although this sounds really saccharine — and it might be — I’ve actually been to a fairy festival (not this one) and the kids were SUPER CUTE. So who knows, it might be good for adults. Kids will love it though. 10am-5pm.

Sunday Fun in the Park

Hatch Shell, Esplanade Boston, MA

Sunday Fun in the Park at Boston Events INSIDER

Games, crafts, fishing. The park is there all year ’round, but this time the park staff help you make full use of it. 2-4pm.

Special Olympics – Summer Games

Various Cambridge, MA

Special Olympics - Summer Games at Boston Events INSIDER

I vounteered for this once; it was fun. On the campuses (campi?) of Harvard, Boston University, and possibly (used to be) MIT.

The Dark Side of Boston – Walking Tour

Hanover St at Cross St Boston, MA

The Dark Side of Boston - Walking Tour at Boston Events INSIDER

It’s spooooky! Boston has a history that includes murder and death. Well, murder mostly involves death. Murder and crime. Wait. Murder is also a crime. Um… A dark past involving murder and… A flood of Molasses. For reals. 6pm every Friday, Saturday, Sunday through Halloween.

Back of Beacon Hill Walk

Beacon Hill Boston, MA

Back of Beacon Hill Walk at Boston Events INSIDER

Another walking tour leads you through Beacon Hill’s hiding spots for escaped slaves and other nooks and crannies. Yo! You gots to Registah in advance, baby eyes. 6pm.

South End Garden Tour

Library 685 Tremont Street Boston, MA

South End Garden Tour at Boston Events INSIDER

Here’s an opportunity to see how the better half lives, and their gardens. 10am-4pm.

Taste of Cambridge

Sidney Street and University Park Common Cambridge, MA

Taste of Cambridge at Boston Events INSIDER

Yikes. If you can spare $50, help some charities and eat a ton of food sample from local restaurants. I went to this one. It was decent, but kinda too fancy for me. Just hand out steak on a stick, people. 5:30-8:30pm.

Parker Posey at the Boston Premiere of “The Love Guide”

The Revere Hotel, Theater 1 Lobby 200 Stuart St Boston, MA

Parker Posey at the Boston Premiere of

I didn’t take to Parker Posey in “Superman Returns”, but she’s got a new movie playing a woman who saves her chicken farm by joining a reality show. Hmm. Let’s hope that’s a compelling commentary on the state of society and TV. At $150 it’s pricey, but you get to hobnob with a minor celebrity and it’s all to raise money for the homeless. Also, you get invited to a rich couple’s house afterwards. That would be cool, because you could be all, like, Yea! I’m rich too! At least in your head. 6pm.

Arlington Feast of the East

204 Massachusetts Avenue Arlington, MA

Arlington Feast of the East at Boston Events INSIDER

This merchant fair comes with live music and kids activities like a moon bounce and pony rides. Oh, and free slush, popcorn, and cotton candy… So basically, the three food groups. 1-5pm.

Strawberry Shortcake Festival

Deane Winthrop House Winthrop, MA

Strawberry Shortcake Festival at Boston Events INSIDER

This annual strawberry fest has a historic flair, because it’s happening in an old-timey historic home of the son of the first governor of Massachusetts Colony. Re-enactors dressed in costume will give you a tour of the 1627 residence / museum. Must buy tickets in advance if you want to eat. 5:30-7pm.


Harvard Museum of Natural History 26 Oxford St Cambridge, MA

Spider-Sense! at Boston Events INSIDER

Will this “spider sense” scavenger hunt involve dozens of children chasing and being chased by giant spiders? Could be! You’ll meet live tarantulas and there’s a family lecutre about finding nature in your own backyard, too. The Harvard Museum of Natural History is a must-see destination. Here’s your excuse to check it out. 9am-5pm.

Franklin Park Zoo Butterfly Landing Red Sox Kid Nation Day

Franklin Park Zoo Boston, MA

Franklin Park Zoo Butterfly Landing Red Sox Kid Nation Day at Boston Events INSIDER

The Franklin Park Zoo’s seasonal butterfly exhibit opens today. Also, if you’ve got a membership card of Red Sox Kid Nation (red… sounds kinda communist…) it’s free today. It’s an outdoor, tented area with garden beds, a waterfall, and a pond where you can enjoy the company of hundreds of live butterflies! Hint: this is open all summer, but if you haven’t been you REALLY need to check out this world-class zoo that’s so close you can bus there!

Lawrence Semana Hispana Carnival

Lawrence Common Lawrence, MA

Lawrence Semana Hispana Carnival at Boston Events INSIDER

Boy, these Fiesta Shows people sure are busy. Here’s another traveling carnival.

Rhythm and Spirit Weekend

Pinewood Lodge Campground Plymouth, MA

Rhythm and Spirit Weekend at Boston Events INSIDER

Is it just me, or does the phrase “yurt rentals” raise a red flag? A weekend full of drumming, yoga, and camping could be great fun… But let’s not get too New Age-y, please. They’re just drums. You’re not reconnecting spiritually with your ancestors.

Annual Arts Fest Beverly

Cabot Street, downton Beverly, MA

Annual Arts Fest Beverly at Boston Events INSIDER

The North Shore is having a juried arts fest. That’s when they have a bunch of vendors and seek to amp it up by excluding the worst ones. Hmm. At least it’s outdoorsy. 10am-4pm. Rain or shine.

South Shore Art Center’s Arts Festival

Cohasset Town Common Cohasset, MA

South Shore Art Center's Arts Festival at Boston Events INSIDER

Here’s another vendor show… I mean, juried arts fest. Well, it’s outdoors, comes with live music, and it looks like they’re not charging admission anymore, as far as I can tell.

Provincetown International Film Festival

Various Provincetown, MA

Provincetown International Film Festival at Boston Events INSIDER

PROVINCETOWN! You have to sing it, not say it. I’m against spending my summer indoors in the dark at a film festival, but the events take place at night, when you’re done with the beach, and it does come with some parties, celebrity Q&As, and even a drive-in movie.

Red Dog Dock Dogs

Boston Red Dog Resort and Spa 274 Southampton St Boston, MA

Red Dog Dock Dogs at Boston Events INSIDER

Unfortunately the humans don’t get to swim, but if you have dogs they will LOVE YOU FOREVA for taking them to this. Oh wait, they already love you forever due to centries of breeding. Oh, man. Look what wimps you wolves turned into. 11am-6pm.


Converse presents: “Passing the Mic”

The Strand Theatre 543 Columbia Rd Dorchester, MA

Converse presents:

Here’s another type of local festival — one involving kids doing hip hop. My strong intuition is that there’s a ton of community pride and support — as with many local festivals — and that it’s worth seeing, even if you’re not from the ‘hood.

Anthony Rapp: Without You

Modern Theatre 525 Washington St Boston, MA

Anthony Rapp: Without You at Boston Events INSIDER

Based on his New York Times best-selling memoir, Rapp, backed by a five-piece rock band, presents his turbulent journey through two life-changing events.

Molly Frances Watson Memorial HandBell Concert

Church 20 Main St Brimfield, MA

Molly Frances Watson Memorial HandBell Concert at Boston Events INSIDER

I love handbell concerts. I hope this one’s fantastic. Bet it is! 7pm.

Providence Improv Fest

Various Locations Providence, RI

Providence Improv Fest at Boston Events INSIDER

There’s comedy in Providence this week too. Check out the schedule for both improv performances and classes.


Fairfield County Irish Festival

Fairfield University Campus Fairfield, CT

Fairfield County Irish Festival at Boston Events INSIDER

This festival features step dancing, music, a marketplace, lots of food, and a soccer chamionship.

International Festival of Arts and Ideas

Various New Haven, CT

International Festival of Arts and Ideas at Boston Events INSIDER

Rather than a centralized festival, this is a series of performances, most of which are free!

Clive Cussler – The Clemens Lecture

351 Farmington Avenue Hartford, CT

Clive Cussler - The Clemens Lecture at Boston Events INSIDER

Clive Cussler isn’t just an author of thriller novels. He’s also done it — being a big name underwater explorer. Take that, Avatar! 7:30pm.

French and Indian War Encampment

Fort McClary State Historic Site, Rt 103 Kittery Point, ME

French and Indian War Encampment at Boston Events INSIDER

I must have missed this day in school. The French and Indians had a war? What the hell were the French doing in New England? This was British and then American territory. Um, and Indian. Well, an encampment is when re-enactors dress in period costumes and pitch tents and stay the whole weekend. It’s a great way to learn about history.

Southern Maine Pride Parade and Festival

Monument Square Portland, ME

Southern Maine Pride Parade and Festival at Boston Events INSIDER

Maine is the only conservative state in New England, which puts an edge on the gay pride parade. 12:30pm and followed by a festival.

Hot Rods, Customs, Muscle Cars & Antique Aeroplane Show

Owls Head Transportation Museum 117 Museum Street Owls Head, ME

Hot Rods, Customs, Muscle Cars & Antique Aeroplane Show at Boston Events INSIDER

I’ve been to this auto and airplane museum — it would be fantastic destination even without the festival! The antique vehicles will take your breath away, I promise. 9:30am-5pm.

Quechee Balloon Festival and Crafts Fair

Main Green, Route 4 Quechee, VT

Quechee Balloon Festival and Crafts Fair at Boston Events INSIDER

2 hours is a long way to drive for a crafts fair, but this one’s got balloon rides! It’s recommended that you book early.

Vermont History Expo

Tunbridge Fair Grounds Tunbridge, VT

Vermont History Expo at Boston Events INSIDER

Even further out!! Over 150+ historical societies gather for a huge New Englandy goodness festival complete with book learnin’.

Blacksmith Hammer-In

Lake Champlain Maritime Museum 4472 Basin Harbor Road Vergennes, VT

Blacksmith Hammer-In at Boston Events INSIDER

Blacksmiths and metalworkers from Vermont and beyond gather at the Blacksmithing Arts Center to exchange information and compare work.

Wicker Man. Regional Burn

Artemas, PA

Wicker Man. Regional Burn at Boston Events INSIDER

If you’re willing to road trip 8 hours, this is like Burning Man, but not in a Nevada desert. There’s *WATER* there!

Let me build you a website!

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Let me build you a website! at Boston Events INSIDER

Need a website? I just built the official website for Liv Tyler’s new film. Hire me to build yours on the cheap! Email johnny@eventsINSIDER.com.

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 Outdoor Theatre & Other Events Mon 6/11 Tue 6/12 Wed 6/13 Thu 6/14 Fri 6/15 Sat 6/16 Sun 6/17
Charles River Conservancy Parkland GamesAllston, MA

Check Facebook page for weather cancellations! Between JFK Street and Western Ave. 2-5pm.

Memorial Drive at JFK Street more

Longfellow House Summer FestivalCambridge, MA

Most shows are outdoors. Various times, plus family sundays 1-3:30pm.

Longfellow House, 105 Brattle St, 617-876-4491. more

Little Red Robin Hood & Family Hour in the OpenNewburyport, MA

Robin Hood 2pm, Family Hour 11am.

Maudslay State Park, Curzon Mill Rd., 978-465-2572. more

Shakespeare In The ParkProvidence, RI

7pm. As You Like It. Rhode Island Shakespeare Theatre, not the same as RI Shakespeare Theatre.

Roger Williams National Memorial, 282 North Main Street, 401-331-6118. more more more

Car Shows on Oakland BeachWarwick, RI

Tuesdays from 5:30pm.

Oakland Beach more more

Summer Theatre Festival at Waveny ParkCanaan, CT

Outdoors. Mostly 8pm, but some daytimes too.

Waveny Park more



 Outdoor Movies Mon 6/11 Tue 6/12 Wed 6/13 Thu 6/14 Fri 6/15 Sat 6/16 Sun 6/17
Outdoor – Movies by MoonlightBoston, MA

Silver screen and modern classics. Fridays. Free. Start at “dusk”.

70 Rowes Wharf, 617.439.7000. more

WBZ Free Friday Flicks at the Hatch ShellBoston, MA

Fridays at “sundown” (about 8:30pm, come early and bring a picnic dinner). 6/15 Happy Feet 2, 7/13 Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, 7/20: The Muppets, 7/27: Cars 2, 8/3: Kung Fu Panda 2; 8/10: Zookeeper, 8/17: Puss in Boots, 8/24: The Lorax.

Esplanade, 617-787-7200. more



 Outdoor Music Mon 6/11 Tue 6/12 Wed 6/13 Thu 6/14 Fri 6/15 Sat 6/16 Sun 6/17
Berklee Lunch Sessions at Prudential CenterBoston, MA

Every Tuesday in June and July from noon – 1:30 p.m, with rain dates in August.

Prudential Center, South Garden more

Boston Harbor Islands MusicBoston, MA

Various day times.

Georges Island more

WFNX Downtown Boston Block PartiesBoston, MA


Summer Street, 617-482-2139. more

Concerts in the Courtyard at Boston Public LibraryBoston, MA

Fridays 12:30-1:30pm.

Central Library in Copley Square, 617-536-5400. more more

Gardner Museum Nights / After HoursBoston, MA

5pm. Free admission.

280 The Fenway, (617) 566-1401. more

Readers Park Concert SeriesBoston, MA


School St at Washington St, 617-482-2139. more

Summer Street Concert SeriesBoston, MA


Downtown Crossing more

Shoppers Park Concert SeriesBoston, MA


387 Washington St, 617-482-2139. more

WODS Summer Concert SeriesBoston, MA

7pm. Free.

Hatch Shell, Esplanade more more

Summer Music Series in Norman Leventhal ParkBoston, MA


Post Office Square, 617-482-2139. more

Titus Sparrow Park Summer Concert SeriesBoston, MA


Titus Sparrow Park, South End, 617-918-5289. more

Club Passim Summer Concert SeriesCambridge, MA

Wed 12-1pm, Thu 1-2pm.

47 Palmer St. more

Kendall Square Concert SeriesCambridge, MA

Tue 4:30pm, Thu 12-1:30pm.

300 Athenaeum Street, 617 577-7354. more

Longfellow Family Sundays Art in the ParkCambridge, MA

Mostly family and children-oriented. Bring a blanket or lawn chair. Most events 1-3:30 PM.

105 Brattle Street, 617-876-4491. more

Acton NARA Park Concerts & TheatreActon, MA

Various times & events.

Nara Park more

Music at the Manse Concert SeriesConcord, MA

Most Sundays 2-4pm. And Sep 26.

The Old Manse, 269 Monument Street, 978.369.3909. more

Sundays in Coggshall ParkFitchburg, MA

2pm. Rain dates are July 29 and Sep 16.

, 978/345-9550. more

Hudson Summer ConcertsHudson, MA

Wed 6:30pm, Wood Park, Thu 12pm, Cellucci Park.

Various more

New Horizons Jazz BandWayland, MA


Town Building Courtyard more

Sundays in PattonParkHamilton, MA

5-8pm. Not on the website, but I confirmed this.

Patton Park, Rt 1A, 978-468-4818. more

Winnekenni Castle ConcertsHaverhill, MA


Winnekenni Castle, 347 Kenoza Ave more

Summer Concerts at East BridgewaterEast Bridgewater, MA


Town Common, 508-378-8032. more

Musician Union ConcertPlymouth, MA


, 781-585-6870. more

Summer Concert Series at DartmouthDartmouth, MA

6:30-8:30pm. $5.


Jazz at Sunset at EcoTariumWorcester, MA

Gates open 5:30, concerts 6:30-8:30.

222 Harrington Way, 508-929-2703. more

MA Symphony Orchestra Summer Family ConcertWorcester, MA

Various evening times.

Cristoforo Columbo Park, Shrewsbury Street at Fantasia Dr more

Sweet Sounds of Summer at the Wistariahurst MuseumHolyoke, MA

Various times. All outdoors?

238 Cabot St more

Family Concert Series at West SpringfieldWest Springfield, MA

7-8:30pm, except 7/4.

Various more

Musical Moments In Amelia’s GardenWestfield, MA

Tue 6:30pm. Rain or shine.

21 South Broad Street more

Sunday Night Concerts at WestfieldWestfield, MA

6-8pm except 7/8.

Stanley Park more

Coop Concerts & MoreGreenfield, MA

Various times.

Greenfield Energy Park, 413-774-9949. more

Sea Shell Stage at Hampton BeachHampton Beach, NH



Summer Concerts at Keene, NHKeene, NH

7-8:30pm. If rain, Rec Center, 312 Washington St.

Central Square Common more

Merrimack Concert AssociationMerrimack, NH

Wed 7-9pm.

Abbie Griffin Park Bandstand more

Summerfun Outdoor Concerts at NashuaNashua, NH

Various times. All day on 6/10. Fairy Tale Fest 7/21.

Greeley Park more

Haddad Bandstand Concerts on Sargent CommonNew London, NH


, 603-526-4821. more

Field of Dreams ConcertsSalem, NH

6:30pm, except 6/16 from 3-5pm, Kids Celebration 7/21.

Field of Dreams more

Summer Concert at Rose Larisa ParkEast Providence, RI


Rose Larisa Park, Bullocks Point Avenue, 401-435-7511. more

Friday Night Concert SeriesProvidence, RI


Waterplace Park more

Citycenter Summertime FestivalDanbury, CT

Well, last year it was 7:30pm.

CityCenter more

Summer Nights by Harbor Lights Concert SeriesMilford, CT


Rotary Pavilion at Fowler Field, 203-878-0681. more

Ocean Beach Park Music SeriesNew London, CT

Variety of cruise nights, magic, live music.

Ocean Beach Park more

Music Under the StarsShelton, CT

No times on the website, whadya know.

Gazebo, Huntington Green, 203-331-4120. more

Music on the GreenSouthington, CT



Summer Concert Series at TorringtonTorrington, CT

7-9pm. Click the rec dep’t brochure photo.

Coe Memorial Park, Civic Center, 860-489-2274. more

West Haven Summer ConcertsWest Haven, CT