Jun 19-26, 2012: Egyptian New Year, Sand Sculpting, Civil War, Chinatown, & tix giveaway to Rock & Blues Cruise with Carbon Leaf!

This Week in ReviewJohnny Monsarrat

This summer I’m listing 4,000 outdoor shows: music, theater, movies, and more! Just scroll way to the bottom to see it. (It won’t look super big until August, it’s still early in the season.)

Also please take my survey this week. I’m trying hard to understand where to invest my limited resources, but I try every week to make some improvement to the blog (often a shot in the dark). With your feedback, I’ll know better where to go.

I hope you are having an awesome week. Now get out there and do something fun!


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Rock & Blues Cruise w/ Carbon Leaf

World Trade Center Pier Boston, MA

Rock & Blues Cruise w/ Carbon Leaf at Boston Events INSIDER

Cruise Boston Harbor with live music from top acts. What could be better? How about two pairs of tickets I’m giving away for the June 23 cruise with Carbon Leaf? Email johnny@eventsinsider.com to enter.

The Week in Weird

Chinatown Main Street Festival

Harrison Ave. & surrounding streets Boston, MA

Chinatown Main Street Festival at Boston Events INSIDER

My fav? Cute kids on stage doing martial arts. It’s absolutely the best time to check out Chinatown. I’ve been to this street festival featuring Chinese Opera, folk dances, martial arts performances, vendor booths, and more. 10am-5pm.

Master Sand Sculpting Competition at Hampton Beach

Ocean Boulevard Hampton, NH

Master Sand Sculpting Competition at Hampton Beach at Boston Events INSIDER

They dump 250 TONS of sand on Hampton Beach for this annual contest! (Wait, isn’t there already sand there?) There will be fireworks on 6/23 at 9:30! Everything’s better with fireworks!

Civil War Reenactment

286 Mendon Street Blackstone, MA

Civil War Reenactment at Boston Events INSIDER

A re-enactment is a great way to learn youse some his’try. This one’s about the civil war, which is uncommon in New England. Crazy people, I mean, history buffs, will dress in authentic costume and camp the weekend like a military brigade, with hospital, cavalry, post office, chaplain tent, and tavern. 10am-4pm with battles at 1pm.

Olde Abington Country Field Day & Fireworks

Memorial Field Abington, MA

Olde Abington Country Field Day & Fireworks at Boston Events INSIDER

Happy 300th birthday! Best known in the events world for its fantastic haunted house attraction, Abington has a kids parade and live music all day and night ending in fireworks. Sweet! 3-10pm.

Egyptian New Year Celebration

Winslow Farm 37 Eddy Street Norton, MA

Egyptian New Year Celebration at Boston Events INSIDER

Egypt? At night? With “theatrics”? On a farm? I’m not sure what to expect, but I’ve been to Winslow Farm and they really pack a punch. Despite its remote location, expect to be thrilled and inspired! My guess is that this will be more on the fantasy Renaissance faire side than a modern Egyptian festival.

NERF Night for Kids & Adults

GuardUp 103 Terrace Hall Ave Burlington, MA
It’s not just for kids! Adults too can shoot each other with NERF weapons, and some of their events function like a summer camp for kids. Other ones that adults can attend include Thursday July 12 for Zombies with NERF weapons and fantasy-themed day for boffer weapons on July 26 that WIRED magazine will be attending.

Mutton and Meade Medieval Festival

210 Turners Falls Road Turners Falls, MA

Mutton and Meade Medieval Festival at Boston Events INSIDER

Meet Robin Hood and try a citizen’s arrest at this medieval festival. That guy is an outlaw! Find 13th century jousting, eagles and falcons, knife throwing, archery, and more. 10am-6pm. Rain or shine.

Yankee Engine-uity Steam Engine Show

Orange Airport Orange, MA

Yankee Engine-uity Steam Engine Show at Boston Events INSIDER

In a kiddie tractor pull, who gets pulled, the kids or the tractors? While you’re heading to the medieval fair, make it a whole day or weekend trip and see old timey steam engines and new fangled machines at this festival.

ARRL Radio Field Day (Brookline)

Brookline, MA

ARRL Radio Field Day (Brookline) at Boston Events INSIDER

Do you have to be a ham to use a ham radio? Ha ha, I crack myself up. Ham radio operators are having a festival, showing how their long-range radios provide communication whenever there’s an emergency. They’ll show off Morse code, solar power, and even try to contact a passing satellite overhead. p.s. no actual ham provided.

Clay Center Amateur Radio Field Day

Waltham, MA

Clay Center Amateur Radio Field Day at Boston Events INSIDER

The fun continues in Waltham…

ARRL Radio Field Day (Marlborough)

Central Fire Station 215 Maple St. (Rt 85). Marlborough, MA

ARRL Radio Field Day (Marlborough) at Boston Events INSIDER

Here’s another in Marlborough…

ARRL Radio Field Day (Worcester)

National Guard Building 55 Skyline Drive Worcester, MA

ARRL Radio Field Day (Worcester) at Boston Events INSIDER

Worcester’s getting in on the radio fun today, too.

British Car Day at Larz Anderson Museum

15 Newton Street Brookline, MA

British Car Day at Larz Anderson Museum at Boston Events INSIDER

Hip hip! Wot wot! We are fortunate to have a world-class auto museum in our backyard, and they hold outdoor festivals all summer. Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the day. 10am-2pm.

Boston Harbor Islands Free Ferry Day

One Long Wharf Boston, MA

Boston Harbor Islands Free Ferry Day at Boston Events INSIDER

If not now, when? I’ve never been to the Boston Harbor Islands – how sad. Get out there and explore the Boston Harbor Islands, because the ferries are free this day. 9am-5pm.

Chalk One Up with Sidewalk Sam

Varies Boston, MA
Chalk it up to summer, you too can make ark on the sidewalk! Monday in Copley Square, and Tuesday in Brattle Square. Rain dates respectively 2 days later. 2012: 11am-2pm.

Chief One Bear’s Pow-wow

Prowse Farm 5 Blue Hill River Road Canton, MA

Chief One Bear's Pow-wow at Boston Events INSIDER

Pow! Wow! It’s a Native American festival with dance, storytelling, drumming, crafts, food, and a full kids program. I’ve been to a few Native American events and it’s remarkable how much you’ll learn and feel welcomed. Often you can even join in the dance!


Various Concord, MA

Riverfest at Boston Events INSIDER

This ‘festival’ is really a loosely related series of events — but a ton of them! — from the Concord area, up to Billerica and Lowell. You’ll find boat rides, sculpture walk, river walk, music, canoe trek, scavenger hunt, nature walks and a bunch more on their website.

Summer Solstice Reveling at the Old Manse

The Old Manse Concord, MA
Wow! These people are really comitted to the solstice. (Or ought to be committed.) To kick off Riverfest, this is first a picnic and tours at historic home, then join the flotilla of boats to an outdoor drum and dance circle under the stars! 6pm.

The Long Arm of the Law and The British Redcoat

Hartwell Tavern, Rt 2A Lexington, MA

The Long Arm of the Law and The British Redcoat at Boston Events INSIDER

It’s a fair cop! Find old-timey police, criminals, and judges as part of Riverfest weekend. (Though actually, the Minuteman National Park has re-enactments almost every weekend this summer.) It’s always struck me as weird how they never give a real address. I guess just drive up and down Rt 2A and hope to spot it.

New England Wild West Fest

Marshfield Fairgrounds Rt. 3A Marshfield, MA

New England Wild West Fest at Boston Events INSIDER

You don’t see many rodeos in Boston! This one comes with BBQ and chili contest, and um, country music and a church service. Maybe you could wear earplugs. No Civil War re-enactment this year, I guess.

NE Six Shooters Cowboy Mounted Shooting

Dunstable, MA

NE Six Shooters Cowboy Mounted Shooting at Boston Events INSIDER

I think I’d rather see cowboys shooting balloons from horseback!

Phantom Gourmet BBQ Beach Party

Suffolk Downs Boston, MA

Phantom Gourmet BBQ Beach Party at Boston Events INSIDER

This BBQ fest has a Ferris Wheel! And they cart in 100 tons of sand to Boston City Hall Plaza. Yikes! You guys know that Boston *has* beaches, right? This isn’t Kansas. I guess they figure that we’re too lazy to head to the beach. City Hall is central.

Emerging Americal Festival and Parade

Starts from 2 Arrow St Cambridge, MA

Emerging Americal Festival and Parade at Boston Events INSIDER

No parade this year, but a sidewalk booth and a closing party turn this string of performances into a festival of sorts. The Pirate of Penzanze is everyone’s favorite GIlbert & Sullivan comedy, find comedian Lenny Bruce re-enacted, and other exciting and new performances presented by three of Boston’s giants: The American Repertory Theatre, The Huntington Theatre Company, and the Institute for Contemporary Art.

A Wild Affair at Stone Zoo

149 Pond Street Stoneham, MA

A Wild Affair at Stone Zoo at Boston Events INSIDER

Pick a caged animal; they club it and cook it. Just kidding! The food’s from local restaurants. But they will have live animals and music, and it’s at night. (Unfortunately, the last time I visited the Stone Zoo at night, the animals were all hiding or sleeping, but that was winter.) Ages 21+. 5:30-9:30pm.

Boston Tea Party Museum Opens!

Boston, MA

Boston Tea Party Museum Opens! at Boston Events INSIDER

If there’s an opening celebration, I couldn’t find it, but I’m excited to spread the word that Boston has a new museum! It’s floating near South Station and is a replica of the ships that the Boston Tea Party happened on. Is it good? Yah, most likely! They’ll have live re-enactors dressed in old-timey costume. 9am-5pm.

US Air Guitar Championships – Boston

Boston, MA

US Air Guitar Championships - Boston at Boston Events INSIDER

The epicness is epic. Faking guitar lets you be epically epic without the burden of learning an instrument or singing well. Ya know what? I bet the antics are hilarious and bring out the rock hero in everyone. 9pm. 18+.

Mass State Dodgeball Championship

Simmons College Gym 331 Brookline Ave Boston, MA

Provincetown Portuguese Festival

Various locations Provincetown, MA

Provincetown Portuguese Festival at Boston Events INSIDER

If you missed the Portuguese Festival in Boston, here’s another one in P-town. If you’ve never visited, why not? If not now, when? (um, during CARNIVAL!).

Yarmouth Summer Celebration

Various Locations Yarmouth, MA

Yarmouth Summer Celebration at Boston Events INSIDER

Before the fireworks: sand sculptures fascinate, but even better, see them being made by pros! Also see “sport kites” doing stunts with two strings, with parties, baseball, and fireworks.

Tow Show

New Hampshire Motor Speedway 1122 Route 106 North Loudon, NH

Tow Show at Boston Events INSIDER

Tow trucks have their own parade? What, so we can boo them for towing our illegally parked cars, or so we can cheer them for getting us out of that ditch we drove into? Well, you’ll also find BBQ and driving schools and a rodeo. That’s what I’d go for. The rodeo.

Gilsum Rock Swap and Mineral Show

School 640 Route 10 Gilsum, NH

Gilsum Rock Swap and Mineral Show at Boston Events INSIDER

This one does have ham. While in New Hampshire, pan a stream for minerals and see lots of rare stones get swapped. They’ll have a rock climbing wall, too. Rain or shine.

Newport Flower Show at the Rosecliff mansion

548 Bellevue Avenue Newport, RI

Newport Flower Show at the Rosecliff mansion at Boston Events INSIDER

Can floral arrangements be inspired by Latin dance? I suppose so. Um, you guys know that flowers don’t *move*, right? You kinda need that for dance. Anyway, the real draws to Newport are the beach, the mansions, and the cliffwalk, and they are highly recommended and fun to visit anytime!

See the 1812 Marines in Action

Boston, MA

See the 1812 Marines in Action at Boston Events INSIDER

Re-enactors will show you cannon and musket firing and old-timey skills like sewing and blacksmithing. 9am-3pm.

Get Johnny’s 2012 New England Guide

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Get Johnny's 2012 New England Guide at Boston Events INSIDER

I write about events, but what about destinations? Where are the dinosaur footprints, the oddball museums, and a water park open indoors all year? Get my 2012 New England Guide! Just follow the link and help spread the word to friends about Events INSIDER to get it. (And then email me at johnny@eventsinsider.com. I’m not a mind reader.).

Business Feature

Drinks on Tap

Tavern in the Square 1815 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA

Drinks on Tap at Boston Events INSIDER

Networking events can sometimes be so high energy or focused on the presenters that you don’t get a chance to socialize. Drinks on Tap turns that equation on its head by offering a relaxed, social environment for developers and designers of mobile apps. I spoke with Greg Raiz who told me that they discourage PowerPoint presentations and sales pitches. Although at each monthly meeting, they have a couple of presenters, they try to keep each one to five minutes. And of course you don’t have to drink to attend. You’ll can find as many as 200 people to mingle and network with, and even to make real friends. If you’re an expert or have an interest in Android, iPhone, or other device development, their next meeting is July 10th. 6-9pm, with demos starting at 7pm.

UPA Boston

Boston, MA

UPA Boston at Boston Events INSIDER

Your product does a job, but is it beautiful? Is it a dream to use? I spoke with Chris Hass, SVP of Experience Design at Mad*Pow about his consulting practice and UPA Boston. UPA Boston is a group of high-tech, design, and user experience professionals who have expertise in or want to hone their skills in usability. That’s how you turn a product that’s functional into one that people can’t wait to tell their friends about. The group of 1,600 have 17 annual events, which are generally monthly speaker events, but also include an annual conference, a picnic, quarterly workshops. As well as networking and socializing where you can see demos of technology, tour usability labs, and hear lectures about case studies in the industry, or even learn about getting a job. Join UPA Boston at http://upaboston.org to hear about their movie night to be held in August in Arlington, MA!

Ascent Venture Partners B2B IT Forum

Cambridge, MA

Ascent Venture Partners B2B IT Forum at Boston Events INSIDER

What is the cloud? How do you keep things secure? Listen, learn, and network with Boston entrepreneurs and other high-tech and business professionals. It’s free and they’ll serve food! 6-9pm.

Mobile App: Boston’s Largest HiTech Calendar

All Over

Mobile App: Boston's Largest HiTech Calendar at Boston Events INSIDER

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you like business networking? Then I have the free app for you! This calendar for the iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android is the largest calendar of startup and business events around Boston. I’m going to lose money on this until we see some adoption and can attract sponsors, so please tell your friends. Thanks!

BostonEco Taste of Summer

WorkBarBoston 711 Atlantic Ave Boston, MA

BostonEco Taste of Summer at Boston Events INSIDER

Speaking of food samples, here’s another networking event devoted to “sustainable” growing of food. Yum. I’m getting hungry. 6:30-9pm.

It’th the thumma tholthtith!

World’s End Summer Solstice

World’s End Hingham, MA

World's End Summer Solstice at Boston Events INSIDER

Hmm… So you show up and the sun sets… Sounds like every summer evening in every local park? Ah, they’ll probably have music and kids activities and forgot to say so. 6-8:30pm.

Summer Solstice Stroll

John Hancock Tower 200 Clarendon St Boston, MA

Summer Solstice Stroll at Boston Events INSIDER

Wait, I pay $100 for some tours and a “light buffet supper” and it goes to what charity? Something to do with Copley Square, I guess, but as a tourist destination, isn’t there plenty of city or chamber of commerce money for Copley Square?

Independence Day

4th of July Celebration: Wilmington

Town Common, Church St. Wilmington, MA

4th of July Celebration: Wilmington at Boston Events INSIDER

It’s not too soon for July 4th celebrations! This traveling carnival gets fireworks on July 3rd!

Amesbury Days

Amesbury, MA

Amesbury Days at Boston Events INSIDER

A week chock full of fun events in Amesbury that all lead up to the big fireworks display at Woodsom Farm. Enjoy live music, kids carnival, hot air balloon rides, and lots more.

Northampton Family Fourth Celebration

Northampton, MA

Northampton Family Fourth Celebration at Boston Events INSIDER

Northampton brings food, music, games and then fireworks, early! 4-10pm.

Branford, CT

Branford, CT

Branford, CT at Boston Events INSIDER

Branford brings early fireworks, too! Rain date next day.

Red, White & Blue Summer Fun Festival

Mailly Waterfront Park, Main Street at Route 24 Bowdoinham, ME

Red, White & Blue Summer Fun Festival at Boston Events INSIDER

petting zoo and live music at 5pm, then fireworks at 9pm!

Windjammer Days

Town Center Boothbay Harbor, ME
Two days of family fun, pancake breakfasts, concerts, an arts & crafts fair, and what I like best- FIREWORKS!

Also Fun

Rediscover Ashland Finale

Ashland, MA

Rediscover Ashland Finale at Boston Events INSIDER

Hot air balloon rides and some kind of treasure hunt spice up the last day of this chamber of commerce festival that seems a bit too much about raffles and sales. 8:30am-6pm.

Can’t Stop the Serenity

Coolidge Corner Theatre 290 Harvard Street Brookline, MA

Can't Stop the Serenity at Boston Events INSIDER

Are you a fan of the sci-fi TV show Firefly or the movie Serenity? Join other fans to see the film, raise money to end violence and discrimination against women and girls, and to commiserate about the financial failure of both the TV series and movie. 11:59pm.

Pops on the Lawn presented by the Cambridge Symphony Orchestra

Sennott Park Cambridge, MA

Pops on the Lawn presented by the Cambridge Symphony Orchestra at Boston Events INSIDER

I track 270 outdoor summer music series in New England. Here’s an easy one to get to, right in Cambridge. These “pops” are by the Cambridge Symphony Orchestra, not the Boston Pops. (Are they rivals? Do they have gang fights, and with what weapons? Well, you can at least hear the *music* of West Side Story.) 3pm.

Circle The City

Franklin Park Boston, MA

Circle The City at Boston Events INSIDER

Uh oh! The Boston Pops competes on the same day with an outdoor concert that’s accompanied by kite flying, dance performance, “nature activities”, and more park-y stuff. 1-5pm.

“My Juliet” Music Video shoot

Hugh O’Neill’s Restaurant & Pub 45 Pleasant St Malden, MA

Or perhaps you’d rather make history by joining this band as they make a music video. Their music is mellow-acoustic, like James Taylor and they need extras to cheer and dance! 8:30pm.

Back of Beacon Hill Walk

Beacon Hill Boston, MA

Back of Beacon Hill Walk at Boston Events INSIDER

Another walking tour leads you through Beacon Hill’s hiding spots for escaped slaves and other nooks and crannies. Yo! You gots to Registah in advance, baby eyes. 6pm.

Grecian Festival

Hellenic Cultural Center 25 Bigelow Avenue Waltham, MA

Grecian Festival at Boston Events INSIDER

I went to a small Greek festival once. It was fun and not as religious as I’d feared. That being said, these Greek and Italian festivals are generally way more religious than other festivals. This one has Greek dancing (presumably you can join in)… And music… and that’s it. Well, they’ll have food and “church tours”. Wow, a church tour.

Stoneham Family Day

Stoneham Town Common Stoneham, MA

Stoneham Family Day at Boston Events INSIDER

Hmm. “Rides for children” and “fun activities”. Like what? Compel us with breathtaking writing, please! It looks like they may have a mini train ride for kids and it’s mostly a “crafts sale”. So basically it’s shopping. You often find vendors at festivals but let’s not make it the whole festival, please.

Acton Lions Club Festival

School St Field (off route 2) Acton, MA

Acton Lions Club Festival at Boston Events INSIDER

The Fiesta Shows traveling carnival gets the ratio right! Looks like their website with the details is down. Well, it’s a carnival. You’ll find carnival stuff like hokey overpriced rides and junk food that are undeniably fun.

Wrentham American Legion Carnival

American Legion Post 592 South St. Wrentham, MA

Wrentham American Legion Carnival at Boston Events INSIDER

Carnivals continue…

Swampscott Carnival

Swampscott High School 200 Essex St. Swampscott, MA

Swampscott Carnival at Boston Events INSIDER

Carnivals continue…

Carnival Weekend at Davis Farmland

145 Redstone Hill Sterling, MA

Carnival Weekend at Davis Farmland at Boston Events INSIDER

After Canobie Lake, Davis Farmland is my favorite amusement park. They will feature a small carnival, with an inflatable obstacle course and all their regular stuff like hay rides, water spray park, and they seem to have added a mini-car racing course. The only trick is, adults can’t get in without a kid in tow. 9:30am-6pm.

Sturbridge Muster

Sturbridge Common Sturbridge, MA

Sturbridge Muster at Boston Events INSIDER

Hmm. Although I couldn’t find details on this, a ‘muster’ is when old-timey minutemen drill.

Yarmouth 2nd Annual Family Beach and Kite Festival

Bass River Beach Yarmouth, MA

Yarmouth 2nd Annual Family Beach and Kite Festival at Boston Events INSIDER

The name of this festival would seem to indicate that there’s more to it than just kites, but I couldn’t find details.

Smokin’ at the Ballpark BBQ Festival

Peters Pond Campground Sandwich, MA

Smokin' at the Ballpark BBQ Festival at Boston Events INSIDER

OMG! OMG! There’s an entire CLUB just for BBQ! I’m getting so hungry listing food festivals!

Neighborhood Night Out – Melrose, MA

Melrose, MA

Neighborhood Night Out - Melrose, MA at Boston Events INSIDER

Neighborhood Night Out is some kind of anti-crime initiative where you get to know your neighbors, I think. While it’s a national drive, I’ve tried and failed to find lots of locations where it’s actually happening. Here is one that I noticed. Free “slush” and free games. 6-8pm.

A Candlelit Tour of the 1716 Stetson House

1716 Stetson House, 514 Hanover Street Hanover, MA

A Candlelit Tour of the 1716 Stetson House at Boston Events INSIDER

Tales of intrigue and mystery are part of this night-time tour at an old-timey historic home.

Waushakum Live Steamers – Van Brocklin Meet

Holliston, MA

Waushakum Live Steamers - Van Brocklin Meet at Boston Events INSIDER

Are steam engines still cool? These folks think so, and they’re having a cookout.

Strawberry Shortcake Festival

Deane Winthrop House Winthrop, MA

Strawberry Shortcake Festival at Boston Events INSIDER

This annual strawberry fest has a historic flair, because it’s happening in an old-timey historic home of the son of the first governor of Massachusetts Colony. Re-enactors dressed in costume will give you a tour of the 1627 residence / museum. Must buy tickets in advance if you want to eat. 5:30-7pm.

Boston Massacre (Diplomacy Competiton)

Pandemonium Books 4 Pleasant St Cambridge, MA

Boston Massacre (Diplomacy Competiton) at Boston Events INSIDER

Do you like Diplomacy, the board game? Here’s a competition!

Boston Tango Festival

16 Bow St, 2FL Somerville, MA

Boston Tango Festival at Boston Events INSIDER

Tango is the hardest of the dances to learn, but I called and they swore this festival is for beginners of all ages, even kids.

Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival

358 George Carter Road Becket, MA

Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival at Boston Events INSIDER

Dance! Dance! Dance! This indoor / outdoor festival draws the best performers from around the world — although since it takes place all summer, it’s more like a venue’s performance season. You’ll find social events, participatory dance, and even some free performances.

Massachusetts Dance Festival – East

Boston, MA

Massachusetts Dance Festival - East at Boston Events INSIDER

The Mass Dance Festival is more focused — just two days — and you’ll find performances, but also workshops where you can learn to dance. Make sure to see the Sorvino Dance Project, which is based on film noir — wiley detectives and seductive women create an air of mystery!

Boston GuitarFest

New England Conservatory, 290 Huntington Ave., Boston, MA

Boston GuitarFest at Boston Events INSIDER

Not up for air guitar? Find real instruments. And real workshops and guitar competitions.


Various Cambridge, MA

EurekaFest at Boston Events INSIDER

I don’t get this festival, but it seems to involve inventors showing off their cool toys. That’s good, right? Comes with a BBQ and you can check out their inventions.

Taste of Legacy Place Under the Stars

680 Legacy Place Dedham, MA

Taste of Legacy Place Under the Stars at Boston Events INSIDER

I love these outdoor nighttime festivals! This one benefits the Italian Home for Children. (Shouldn’t this be the Home for Italian Children?) It’s only $35 at the door and they’ll have live music and food samples from various restaurants. 6:30-9pm.

Chefs in Shorts

Seaport World Trade Center? 200 Seaport Boulevard Boston, MA

Chefs in Shorts at Boston Events INSIDER

Also outdoors, join this fancy chef BBQ. Hmm. There’s no charity, and yet it costs double. 7-9:30pm.

Outdoor Sculpture Reception

Mill Brook Gallery 236 Hopkinton Road Concord, NH

Outdoor Sculpture Reception at Boston Events INSIDER

An “Outdoor Juried Sculpture Exhibit”… What a fancy name for a yard sale! Juried is supposed to mean ‘we just don’t let any crap vendors attend’, but that doesn’t necessarily make it so, and a highly juried show may come with highly high prices. Well, here’s their opening reception. 2-4pm.

The Vintage Bazaar and Music Festival

Pettengill Farm 45 Ferry Rd Salisbury, MA

The Vintage Bazaar and Music Festival at Boston Events INSIDER

“Vintage Bazaar” is another name for yard sale. But it looks like they’re making this a real festival with live music, unspecified kids activities, and old crap to buy… Sorry, VINTAGE goods.

Arts Alive Festival

Falmouth Library Lawn Falmouth, MA

Arts Alive Festival at Boston Events INSIDER

This is more like it. While you’ll find 50 vendors (ho hum!) you’ll also find 50 music, dance, theatre, and film performances. And sidewalk chart art and other kid stuff.

Clash of Titans: Robert E. Lee vs. Ulysses S. Grant

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church 91 West Main Street Falmouth, MA

Clash of Titans: Robert E. Lee vs. Ulysses S. Grant at Boston Events INSIDER

This far from the battles of the Civil War, we need high-energy lectures like this one to make learning some history fun. 6:30pm.

Cape Ann Artisans Open Studio Tour

Gloucester, MA

Cape Ann Artisans Open Studio Tour at Boston Events INSIDER

And this one’s even more like it! Travel to the homes and working studios of real artists and talk with them — as well as perhaps buying their art!

The Boston 48 Hour Film Project

Coolidge Corner Theatre 290 Harvard Street Brookline, MA

The Boston 48 Hour Film Project at Boston Events INSIDER

They gave filmmakers 48 hours to create a film from start to finish. The contest is over. Now watch the results!

Nantucket Film Festival


Nantucket Film Festival at Boston Events INSIDER

Diane Keaton and writer Nancy Meyers are the celebrities coming to this film festival. (Why would you want to sit on your butt in the dark on *Nantucket* in the summer?).

Asian Festival

Italian American Cultural Center 28 Mulberry Street Worcester, MA

Asian Festival at Boston Events INSIDER

Food, music, and traditional dances from a dozen different Asia cultures. 12-6pm.

Cape Cod “Quahog Day”

Beach at Hemisphere Restaurant 98 Town Neck Road Sandwich, MA

Cape Cod

Watch out groundhogs! Now quahogs can predict the weather, too! After asking the quahog its prediction, find a quahog eating contest and lots of silly beachy New Englandy stuff. 2pm.

Costume Party: SupahFans Streetwear Store Grand Opening

SupahFans 176 Brookline Avenue Boston, MA

Costume Party: SupahFans Streetwear Store Grand Opening at Boston Events INSIDER

To bring you into their clothing store, this new sportswear store wants you to dress as your favorite sports hero from history! In the store and then 6pm afterparty at a local “watering hole”. 21+.


Hello Dolly – our review!

62 Dunham Road Beverly, MA

Hello Dolly - our review! at Boston Events INSIDER

When matchmaker, Dolly Gallagher Levi, is hired to arrange a marriage for the miserly half-a-millionaire, Horace Vandergelder, she finds him the perfect mate – herself! Click for our review (5out of 5 stars!.

A Chorus Line – our review!

617 Lexington St. Waltham, MA

A Chorus Line - our review! at Boston Events INSIDER

The longest running Broadway “singular sensation” dances its way into the hearts of Reagle audiences. Click for our review! (4.5 out of 5 stars). Photo credit: Herb Philpott.

CUPCAKE – our review!

Club Cafe 209 Columbus Ave Boston, MA

CUPCAKE - our review! at Boston Events INSIDER

CUPCAKE is a flirty love-letter to Summertown, a free-spirited seaside resort where every mouth waters for Tom and his irresistible cupcakes. Click for our review!

Black Box Comedy Presents: Food Fight!

Davis Square Theatre 255 Elm St Somerville, MA

Black Box Comedy Presents: Food Fight! at Boston Events INSIDER

Boston’s premier stand-up comics bringing their stories of food, fisticuffs, and failure to the beautiful Davis Square Theatre. 8pm.

Kit Cat Cabaret

The Dance Complex 536 Mass Ave Cambridge, MA

Kit Cat Cabaret at Boston Events INSIDER

Kit Cat Cabaret combines the traditional dance forms of Jazz, Tango, Ballet, and …tap and mixes it with the humor and style of cabaret.

Capitol Steps

Wilbur Theatre Boston, MA

Capitol Steps at Boston Events INSIDER

The singing, dancing, theatre troupe that parodies national and world news. For serious news junkies. I’ve seen it — Their production values are a bit sub par, but the comedy is excellent, and that’s what you’re there for, right? 7pm.


Judy Blume Lecture

200 Bloomfield Avenue West Hartford, CT

Judy Blume Lecture at Boston Events INSIDER

If you know who Judy Blume is, you’ll want to see her. If you don’t, you’re male. Thanks, Mark Twain House! 7:30pm.

The Midsummer Magick Faire Grand Opening and Fire Festival!

Schreiber’s Farm 648 Quaker Farms Road Oxford, CT

The Midsummer Magick Faire Grand Opening and Fire Festival! at Boston Events INSIDER

Comedy, stage shows, live combat, and they have nightime celebrations with fire dancing! Rain or shine.

International Festival of Arts and Ideas

Various New Haven, CT
Rather than a centralized festival, this is a series of performances, most of which are free!

Campfires Stories

138 Blue Hill Road Franklin, CT

Campfires Stories at Boston Events INSIDER

Roast marshmallows and hear some non-scary tales around a campfire. 7-8:30pm, and July 12 and August 23 also.

Damariscotta Pirate Rendezvous

Damariscotta, ME

Damariscotta Pirate Rendezvous at Boston Events INSIDER

WOW! The pirates actually invade the town, while costumed re-enactors on shore will attempt to repel the attack with artillery, muskets, and swords? 10am.

Saco Spirit Sidewalk Art Festival

Saco, ME

Saco Spirit Sidewalk Art Festival at Boston Events INSIDER

Hmm. Sounds like vendors selling crafts. Ho hum.


South Portland, ME

PortConMaine at Boston Events INSIDER

Anime, gaming, science fiction, costuming, fantasy, video gaming, boffer combat, steampunk, and more…

Festival of La Kermesse

Mechanics Park Biddeford, ME

Festival of La Kermesse at Boston Events INSIDER

Parade on Friday at 6pm… Car show… Crafts sale…

Mechanic Falls Community Days

Mechanic Falls, ME

Mechanic Falls Community Days at Boston Events INSIDER

Cow pie challenge? Helicopter rides? Wow!

Native American Encampment

Lake Champlain Maritime Museum Vergennes, VT

Native American Encampment at Boston Events INSIDER

I wonder if this “encampment” will be historically accurate, with people in costume just like other encampments (Civil War, American Revolutionary War)…

International Time Line Event

West Dover, VT

International Time Line Event at Boston Events INSIDER

Most re-enactment events focus on one era, of course. This one has everything from Ancient Rome to today!! It may very well be worth the 3 hour drive from Boston, if you make a whole weekend of it.

Let me build you a website!

All Over

Let me build you a website! at Boston Events INSIDER

Need a website? I just built the official website for Liv Tyler’s new film. Hire me to build yours on the cheap! Email johnny@eventsINSIDER.com.

Please support Johnny’s Big Diet

All Over

Please support Johnny's Big Diet at Boston Events INSIDER

I’m employing peer pressure to help me with a new diet. I figure if I post my weight to the blog every week I’ll be too embarassed to cheat. In early May, I weighed 354.6 and now I’m 323. My goal? 210. Please email support to johnny@eventsinsider.com.


 Outdoor Theatre & Other Events Mon 6/18 Tue 6/19 Wed 6/20 Thu 6/21 Fri 6/22 Sat 6/23 Sun 6/24
Charles River Conservancy Parkland GamesAllston, MA

Check Facebook page for weather cancellations! Between JFK Street and Western Ave. 2-5pm.

Memorial Drive at JFK Street more

Longfellow House Summer FestivalCambridge, MA

Most shows are outdoors. Various times, plus family sundays 1-3:30pm.

Longfellow House, 105 Brattle St, 617-876-4491. more

Twelfth Night + Magic + Ice CreamCharlestown, MA


Shipyard Park, Charlestown Navy Yard, 617.242.3285. more

Little Red Robin Hood & Family Hour in the OpenNewburyport, MA

Robin Hood 2pm, Family Hour 11am.

Maudslay State Park, Curzon Mill Rd., 978-465-2572. more

Energy Park Music SeriesGreenfield, MA

11am-4pm. For kids.


WaterfireProvidence, RI

An outdoor event where they place baskets of burning wood in the Providence River, lighting up the riverwalk and with vendors, music, and more. 20 minutes after sunset.

Providence Place, 401 751-1221. more

Car Shows on Oakland BeachWarwick, RI

Tuesdays from 5:30pm.

Oakland Beach more more

Summer Theatre Festival at Waveny ParkCanaan, CT

Outdoors. Mostly 8pm, but some daytimes too.

Waveny Park more

Summer Evenings at Treworgy PlanetariumMystic, CT

Indoor / Outdoor planetarium & telescope skygazing.

Treworgy Planetarium, 75 Greenmanville Ave, 860-572-0711 x5150. more

Fireworks at Old Orchard BeachOld Orchard Beach, ME


The Pier, 2 Old Orchard St more



 Outdoor Movies Tue 6/19 Wed 6/20 Thu 6/21 Fri 6/22 Sat 6/23 Sun 6/24 Mon 6/25
Boston Harbor Hotel’s ‘Summer In The City’Boston, MA

Silver screen and modern classics. Fridays. Free. Start at “dusk”.

70 Rowes Wharf, 617-439-7000. more

Burlington Movies on the CommonBurlington, MA

At dusk. Moves indoors if rain. Aug 15 & 22 are rain dates.


Family Night & Outdoor MovieWoburn, MA

Dusk. Kid’s concert precedes it 7/24.

Library Park more

Neighborhood Night at the MoviesBeverly, MA

Fireworks instead on 8/5.

Lynch Park Shell more more

Crafts & Movie NightDanvers, MA

Crafts 7pm, movie 8pm.

Glen Magna Farms, Ingersoll Street more

Summer Kickoff CelebrationPrinceton, MA

6-11pm. One-shot event with BBQ, games, live music, movie!

Krashes Fields more

Movies on the BlockProvidence, RI

Thursdays at dusk thru Oct 4.

Westminster St at Union St more

Movie on the BeachWatch Hill, RI

7:30-9:30pm. $38 but comes with food and beer.

1 Bluff Ave, 401-584-7000. more

Summer FlickersNew London, CT

Wednesday at 8pm.

Hygenic Art Park, 79 Bank St, 860-443-8001. more

Beach Blanket Movie NightsNew London, CT


Ocean Beach Park more

Mechanic Falls Community DaysMechanic Falls, ME

Lawn chair Drive-In at 8:30pm.




 Outdoor Music Tue 6/19 Wed 6/20 Thu 6/21 Fri 6/22 Sat 6/23 Sun 6/24 Mon 6/25
Payson Park Music FestivalBelmont, MA

June-July 6:45pm, Aug 6:15pm.
Payson Park, 617-993-2760. more
Berklee Jazz on Spectacle IslandBoston, MA

Relax on the porch of Spectacle Island and listen to the jazz of Berklee College of Lukas Pool.
Spectacle Island, 617-223-8108. more
Berklee Lunch Sessions at Prudential CenterBoston, MA

Every Tuesday in June and July from noon – 1:30 p.m, with rain dates in August.
Prudential Center, South Garden more
WFNX Downtown Boston Block PartiesBoston, MA

Summer Street, 617-482-2139. more
Concerts in the Courtyard at Boston Public LibraryBoston, MA

Fridays 12:30-1:30pm.
Central Library in Copley Square, 617-536-5400. more more
Gardner Museum Nights / After HoursBoston, MA

5pm. Free admission.
280 The Fenway, (617) 566-1401. more
Readers Park Concert SeriesBoston, MA

School St at Washington St, 617-482-2139. more
Summer Street Concert SeriesBoston, MA

Downtown Crossing more
Shoppers Park Concert SeriesBoston, MA

387 Washington St, 617-482-2139. more
WODS Summer Concert SeriesBoston, MA

7pm. Free.
Hatch Shell, Esplanade more more
Special Live Concerts at Boston Harbor HotelBoston, MA

Beach Party Mondays, Soul on Tuesdays, Oldies on Wednesdays, Blues on Thursdays, 6-10pm.
Rowes Wharf, Boston Harbor Hotel more
Summer Music Series in Norman Leventhal ParkBoston, MA

Post Office Square, 617-482-2139. more
Sunday Jazz Brunch on the TerraceBoston, MA

11am-2pm. Might be for restaurant patrons only.
Titus Sparrow Park Summer Concert SeriesBoston, MA

Titus Sparrow Park, South End, 617-918-5289. more
Burlington Summer ConcertsBurlington, MA

Town Common more
Club Passim Summer Concert SeriesCambridge, MA

Wed 12-1pm, Thu 1-2pm.
47 Palmer St. more
Kendall Square Concert SeriesCambridge, MA

Tue 4:30pm, Thu 12-1:30pm.
300 Athenaeum Street, 617 577-7354. more
Longfellow Family Sundays Art in the ParkCambridge, MA

Mostly family and children-oriented. Bring a blanket or lawn chair. Most events 1-3:30 PM.
105 Brattle Street, 617-876-4491. more
Winthrop Summer ConcertsWinthrop, MA

Ingleside Park, 617-846-8243. more
Acton NARA Park Concerts & TheatreActon, MA

Various times & events.
Nara Park more
Music at the Manse Concert SeriesConcord, MA

Most Sundays 2-4pm. And Sep 26.
The Old Manse, 269 Monument Street, 978.369.3909. more
Dover Summer Concert SeriesDover, MA

Mostly 7-8pm. 6/22 magic 5:30pm, 7/31 BBQ 6pm.
Dover Town Common more
Concerts on the Common, FraminghamFramingham, MA

Fridays 6:30-8:30pm.
Village Green at Framingham Center, 508-532-5960 ask for “Building Services”.. more
Hopkinton Concerts on the CommonHopkinton, MA

Town Common more
Hudson Summer ConcertsHudson, MA

Wed 6:30pm, Wood Park, Thu 12pm, Cellucci Park.
Various more
Summer Concerts on the Common, NorwoodNorwood, MA

Sun 7pm.
Town Common, Washington St & Nahatan St more
Summer Concerts at WellesleyWellesley, MA

7-8:30pm. Hot dog, drinks & snacks available.
Town Hall Green, 781-235-2370. more
Concerts on the Common at BeverlyBeverly, MA

Various times. Lynch Park or Town Common.
Sundays in PattonParkHamilton, MA

5-8pm. Not on the website, but I confirmed this.
Patton Park, Rt 1A, 978-468-4818. more
Lowell Summer Music SeriesLowell, MA

Boarding House Park more
Summer Concert SeriesManchester, MA

Sundown Concerts at Fruitland MuseumsHarvard, MA

Picnicking 5:30pm, Concert 7:15pm.
102 Prospect Hill Road, 978-456-3924. more
Summer Concert Series at Sunset LakeBraintree, MA

Sunset Lake’s Beachfront Gazebo Bandstand more
Musician Union ConcertPlymouth, MA

Plymouth Waterfront, 781-585-6870. more
Summer Concert Series at DartmouthDartmouth, MA

6:30-8:30pm. $5.
Foxboro Jaycees ConcertsFoxboro, MA

Thursdays 7-9pm.
Musical Mondays at FeatherstoneMartha’s Vinyard, MA

Featherstone more
Westport Rivers Winery Concert SeriesWestport, MA

6-8 PM. $10 per car load.
417 Hixbridge Rd, 508-636-3423. more
Wrentham Concert on the CommonWrentham, MA

No times listed, but last year it was 6:30pm.
Town Common, 508-384-5427. more
Easthampton Arts in the ParkEasthampton, MA

Fridays 6:30-8pm.
Millside Park, 2 Ferry St more
Hopedale Summer Bandconcert SeriesHopedale, MA

Wednesdays 7-9pm. Rain date: one day later.
, 508-473-8439. more
Jazz at Sunset at EcoTariumWorcester, MA

Gates open 5:30, concerts 6:30-8:30.
222 Harrington Way, 508-929-2703. more
ARTS ROCK! Summer ConcertsWorcester, MA

7-10pm, except 8/4 from 1-10pm.
Goodale Park, Crescent St more
Family Concert Series at West SpringfieldWest Springfield, MA

7-8:30pm, except 7/4.
Various more
Musical Moments In Amelia’s GardenWestfield, MA

Tue 6:30pm. Rain or shine.
21 South Broad Street more
Sunday Night Concerts at WestfieldWestfield, MA

6-8pm except 7/8.
Stanley Park more
Coop Concerts & MoreGreenfield, MA

Various times.
Greenfield Energy Park, 413-774-9949. more
Summer Concerts at Concord, NHConcord, NH

7pm except 6/21 at 6:30pm.
Various more more
Summer Concert SeriesGorham, NH

Various times. BBQ on 8/14.
Gorham Common more
Sea Shell Stage at Hampton BeachHampton Beach, NH

Henniker Summer Concert SeriesHenniker, NH

Tue 7pm.
Bandstand, Community Park, Main St. more
Summer Concerts at Keene, NHKeene, NH

7-8:30pm. If rain, Rec Center, 312 Washington St.
Central Square Common more
Newport Town Common Concert SeriesNewport, NH

Sundays 6-8pm.
, 603-863-1510. more
Merrimack Concert AssociationMerrimack, NH

Wed 7-9pm.
Abbie Griffin Park Bandstand more
Summerfun Outdoor Concerts at NashuaNashua, NH

Various times. All day on 6/10. Fairy Tale Fest 7/21.
Greeley Park more
Haddad Bandstand Concerts on Sargent CommonNew London, NH

, 603-526-4821. more
Prescott Park Arts FestivalPortsmouth, NH

7pm. And 10/11.
Prescot Park, Marcy St at Mechanic St, 603-436-2848. more
Free Sunday Summer Concert SeriesCentral Falls, RI

Call for times.
Jenks Park, Broad St, 401-727-7490. more
Summer Concert at Rose Larisa ParkEast Providence, RI

Rose Larisa Park, Bullocks Point Avenue, 401-435-7511. more
North Kingstown Concert SeriesNorth Kingstown, RI

Tue 7pm at Water’s Edge, Kids shows Thu 6:30pm at Town Beach.
, (401) 294-3306. more
Friday Night Concert SeriesProvidence, RI

Waterplace Park more
Summer Concerts at South Kingstown, RISouth Kingstown, RI

6:30-7:30pm. Sun & Mon at Marina Park, Tue at Peace Dale Village Green.
Town Band ConcertsGlastonbury, CT

A Taste of Glastonbury, 6/23, 6-10pm. Else, 7pm.
Summer Concert Series at Greenwich, CTGreenwich, CT

Sun 7-8:30pm, except 6/24, 7/15, 8/12 at 4pm. Also Wed 7:15pm w/rain date Thu.
Roger Sherman Baldwin Park, 203-861-6100. more
Summer SoundWaves Concert SeriesGroton, CT

6-8pm. Aug 9 & 16 are rain dates.
Esker Point Beach more
Guilford Concerts on the GreenGuilford, CT

Summer Nights by Harbor Lights Concert SeriesMilford, CT

Rotary Pavilion at Fowler Field, 203-878-0681. more
Cocktails with the WhalesMystic, CT

6-9pm. $10. Indoors?
55 Coogan Blvd, 860.572.5955 ext. 520. more
Naugatuck Summer Music FestivalNaugatuck, CT

7pm. Rain dates & locations vary.
Town Green more
Ocean Beach Park Music SeriesNew London, CT

Variety of cruise nights, magic, live music.
Ocean Beach Park more
Music Under the StarsShelton, CT

No times on the website, whadya know.
Gazebo, Huntington Green, 203-331-4120. more
Music on the GreenSouthington, CT

Summer Concert Series at ThomastonThomaston, CT

Mostly 7pm. If rain, school at 185 Branch Rd.
Seth Thomas Park, South Main St more
Concerts in the ParkThompson, CT

Riverside Park more
Summer Concert Series at TorringtonTorrington, CT

7-9pm. Click the rec dep’t brochure photo.
Coe Memorial Park, Civic Center, 860-489-2274. more
Summer Concerts at TrumbullTrumbull, CT

Tuedsays, 7pm.
Town Hall Gazebo more
Summer Concert Series at Unionville, CTUnionville, CT

7pm. If rain, Commuinity Center, 321 New Britain Ave.
Alice Clover Pinney Park, School St more
Outdoor Market and ConcertBangor, ME

Pickering Square more
Weekly Concerts in the ParkKennebunk, ME

Wed 6:30-7:30pm.
Lafayette Park, Storer St. more
Poland Spring Annual Summer Concert SeriesPoland Spring, ME