July 23, 2010: End of the week update: Nerdnite, Blind Baseball, Group Trip to Pirate Fest Japanese Tea, Free movies


When I get something late in the week, generally I just post it to the Facebook page. However, I have enough this week for a last-minute update. So here it is!

Nerdnite at Middlesex Lounge, Monday at 8pm at Middlesex Lounge, 315 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA. It’s some kind of nerdy-themed comedy night full of performances like reading Dr. Seuss to adults and explaining black holes and comparing them to the holes on people.

Beast Of The East Beep Baseball Championships. Saturday, July 24, in Sudbury, MA, from 9:45am to 5pm. People play baseball while blind? How does that work exactly?

Outdoor BBQ & Music in Allston. Pay just $5 and get barbecue ribs and listen to the band RIBS play! Sounds like a great deal. Sunday, 2-7pm, Wadzilla Mansion, 12 Wadsworth St, Allston, MA.

And finally, I have free movie preview tickets for Cats & Dogs on both Saturday at 11am and Monday at 7pm, and I have Dinner for Schmucks tickets for Wednesday at 7pm. Email me through EVENTSinsider.com!

Finally finally, I want to go up to Salem this weekend to check out the pirate festival and the only re-enactment village in New England that I’ve never been to! See the listing on the site and click contact and email me to come along.

And have I mentioned lately that you should be calling everyone from your hometown, your workplace, or just go shout it from the street that people should visit Boston Event Insider? Yea, I think I have. 🙂


p.s. Don’t actually shout it on the street.