Johnny’s List of Quirky Boston Events: 10/13/05 Part 2

Late breaking news, also check out
Witch’s Woods, in Westford, MA, yet another haunted house that looks worthwhile checking out. This one is at the Nashoba Valley Ski Area and has 4 different attractions. Rt 2W to Rt. 2A/119, 6mi to Powers Rd. Thu-Sun in Oct + 31. 6:30-11pm. 978-692-3033. This looks like one of the larger ones; I have chatted with someone who went there.
And here’s another smaller one that’s only worth visiting if you are in the area, the
Livingston Street Terror. Tewksbury. Livingston St. Fri-Sun thru Oct, 7-10. Rt 93N to exit 42, into Tewksbury. One of the smaller ones. See website for coupon.