Johnny’s List of Quirky Boston Events: 11/15/06

Here’s what’s happening in New England this week.

The weird event of the week is tonight! Tonight Wed Nov 15 is opening night for the Frog Pond Ice Skating Rink in Boston Common. It’s a refigerated rink so even if it’s warmish, the ice will be fine. Come at 6pm and there will be an opening celebration with performing ice skaters and possibly a speech from the Mayor and then free skate night! I’ve been two years running and it’s a fantastic experience. The pond is open through March 15.

Not weird enough? How about the Improv Asylum No Rest for the Wicked Funny, Nov 18th, which is a 24-hour comedy marathon for charity. That’s in Boston. Oddly it starts at midnight and goes to midnight. Noon to noon would make more sense to me. Why peak with your energy at 5am when nobody’s around and then be deflated all day? Well presumably they’ll switch out the actors.

If that’s not good enough, check out the America’s Hometown USA Thanksgiving Parade, in Plymouth, MA. There’s a parade and a huge food festival 11am-3pm and then a Drum Corps concert at 6pm.

Nov 18th is also the Intercollegiate Dance Competition at MIT. MIT Student Center, Lobdell Dining Hall, 9pm-1am. Buy tix in advance, may sell out. $3. Then dance party. Cambridge, MA.

Also, I just learned that Artesani Park is open after dark. That is the park next to the Publick Theatre on Storrow Drive. They have a kids playground and a nice stroll by the Charles River which is all open. The first three parking lots are “no parking after dark” but the 4th one is fine. I was just there and it was fun.

The Snappy Dance Theatre is performing Nov 17th, see, at the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center, in, you guessed it, Cambridge. 617-577-1400. Buy tix ahead. I’ve never been but they are a modern dance group and it sounds like fun.

This week Arlo Guthrie, the Alice’s Restaurant guy, is playing Nov 17th, at the Somerville Theatre in, you guessed it, Somerville.

Also it’s the Paradise City Arts Festival. They have several a year and like most art shows, it’s a little commercial but still fun to see what they have. This one is Nov 17-19 at the Royal Plaza Trade Center in Marlborough, MA. 800.511.9725. Rt 495 to exit 24B (Rt 20W). F 10-6, S 10-6, S 11-5.

Recurring events, Twelve Angry Men is still playing, to Nov 19th, at The Colonial Theatre. And it’s still Novel Writing Month, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee is still playing at the Wilbur Theatre.

This week in museums, check out the Concord Museum and the National Heritage Museum, both in Concord/Lexington. and I’ve been to both and they are excellent.

Also I’ve just been to the telescope night at the Boston Museum of Science. It occurs every Friday that is not cloudy, and it’s free, 8:30-10pm or later, but catch an Omnimax show while you are there. Make sure to call ahead because closed if cloudy, 617-589-0267. Also did you know that the Boston Museum of Science has a fantastic brunch that overlooks the Charles River? It’s called “Brunch at the Skyline Room” at 11am or 1pm and you’ll need to call to reserve tix. I’ve never been but I bet it’s sweet.

Totally random weirdness of the week, the National Plastics Center. Never been there, but if you’re in the area, stop by. 210 Lancaster Street, Leominster, MA. (978) 537-9529. Rt 117. An entire museum run by people who seem frantic to oppose plastics-haters. Are there any people who hate plastics?

Finally, the Museum of Bad Art is in Dedham. 580 High Street, Dedham, MA. 781-326-0409. Free. Part of the Dedham Community Theater. Somehow I don’t think this is bad as in “good bad”. Just bad bad.

Next week I am going to start tracking what I’ve told you about and what I haven’t, so I don’t repeat recurring stuff by accident.