Johnny’s List of Quirky Boston Events: 05/05/06


Saturday 5/6 is free comic book day. It seems like pretty much every comic book store is giving something away. Check locations at

Also, Bank of America is sponsoring a free museum month throughout May. See Features Childrens Museum, Museum of Science, Museum of Fine Arts, and the Decordova Sculpture Museum, all my favs. By the way, I would skip the Normal Rockwell museum it was too, well “normal”. 🙂

The “Cow Cook” I mentioned earlier has announced itself open to the community. Actually they have created a guestlist so get an MIT person to ‘guest’ you in Friday, but Saturday I guess it’s open. So I am free to announce the real name. It’s MIT’s Steer Roast at Senior House, probably the biggest annual bash on campus. At least, the biggest annual CRAZY PERSON bash. You know where to find the website.