Johnny’s List of Quirky Boston Events: 03/31/06

I couldn’t believe it at first. New England’s strangest event this week has got to be the Fiddler on the Roof Sing-Along, Sunday April 2 at 3pm in Somerville, at the Somerville Theatre in Davis Square. It’s a charity event benefiting the Mystic Chorale, a local chorus. Show up and sing along with the audience, secure in the knowledge that there have got to be worse singers all around you. The Chorale helpfully puts the lyrics up on the screen. And they’re having a costume contest and may even dance in the aisles. Just like The Rocky Horror Picture Show! Except not.

Speaking of Rocky Horror, it’s the oldest and (before Fiddler butted in), the only participatory film around. The film can best be summarized as a bad musical, and involving a transvestite alien. That’s why college groups like to make fun of the film, dressing up in black and doing a parody show in front of the screen. Wellesley and Brandeis do shows occasionally, and a group called the Full Body Cast does a Rocky Horror Picture Show, Saturdays at midnight, in Cambridge at the Loews Theater on Church Street. It’s seriously too weird to live life without seeing. But if you are easily weirded out, there’s always Fiddler.

Returning to normalcy, for you knitters out there, check out CraftBoston, at the World Trade Center in Boston, March 31 to April 2. It’s essentially a huge crafts market, but given the chilly weather, what else have you got to do than walk around indoors, ogle fine art, and spend money.

Unless you’d like to learn to juggle. Trying Juggling on Sunday afternoons in Cambridge. Sundays 2-3:30pm at Harvard, and Fridays 4-6pm and Sundays 3:30-6:30pm at MIT. Both groups encourage outsiders to just show up. Even if you always miss the wastebasket with a wadded up ball of paper, they can teach you to juggle. Or sit there and let them entertain you. If you are lucky, someone will tie balloon animals. While you are at MIT, make sure to check out the results of the recent Origami Competition on the second floor of the Student Center.,, and