Johnny’s List of Quirky Boston Events: 09/08/05

A lot of smaller stuff is happening this weekend, but I always try to include at least one highly recommend event each week. This week I recommend Canoeing & Kayaking, which you can do on the Charles River from convenience spot in Newton. Hey, you think the warm weather is going to last forever? Various state parks also let you rent canoes, in fact I recommend the Boston Harbor Islands as a great getaway. You can take the ferry out there or kayak. Highly recommended.
So, on to the smaller stuff. This week is the Brimfield Antiques Fair, Sep 6-11, in Brimfield, MA, which is the largest antiques festival in the area. Don’t fret if you miss it, because they hold it three times a year. If you’re really going to drive way out to Western Massachusetts, stop by Mass MOCA or Six Flags New England.
Also coming up is the
Boston Arts Festival, Sep 10-11. I’ve never been but expect a number of performances including a lot of classical and jazz, but also dance and theater and possibly some younger generation pop, and some wacky stuff like martial arts demonstrations. It’s one of those things where you just have to read the calendar of events beforehand and decide for yourself what’s worth seeing. A little like First Night Boston.
This Sunday is the
Jamaica Plain World’s Fair, Sep 11. They’ll be opening up a street to arts vendors and have kids events and live music. A nice place to go for a stroll, I love it when they do this stuff in Cambridge, where I live.
Also this weekend is the
Boston Gift Show, Sep 10-13, which happens twice a year. I’ve also never been to this one but it sounds it’s like to shoppers what a nudist beach is to nudists. Heaven. Someday I’ll go just to see if it’s cheesy or not. Seriously, people, taking up valuable convention space with what’s basically a mall?
Then next week is
The Boston International Comedy & Movie Festival, Sep 12-17, which I’ve wanted to go to for some time. There isn’t a centralized festival grounds, it’s more like a week of comedy competitions and some big names like Lewis Black at various comedy clubs throughout the city.
If anyone is reading this, it would be nice to know. And please put something in your livejournal and spread the news to others. 🙂