Johnny’s List of Quirky Boston Events: 11/24/05

Thanksgiving weekend is a family time of year, so here are some family-oriented activities.
America’s Stonehenge is a stone circle in New Hampshire of unknown origins. Prank or cult symbol? Anyway, it’s beautiful and worth a trip if you are in the area. North Salem, NH. 603-893-8300.
While you’re in New Hampshire, check out the
Canterbury Shaker Village, which is in Canterbury, NH, which is central New Hampshire. The Shakers never had a huge village but it is well-preserved and worth a trip. This is closing weekend, they are doing a gingerbread showcase. You’ll see people throughout the place re-enacting the old timey days. The place re-opens in May. It’s of moderate interest.
While we’re talking about re-enactment villages, I musn’t leave out
Strawberry Banke Museum, which is in Portsmouth, NH, which is southern NH. They have live actors to greet you and introduce you to the ways of this settlement. It’s the closest thing to Plymouth Plantation they have in NH, and well worth seeing. Hancock Street. 603-433-1126.
If you really want a family event that puts both young and old on an even level, try
Bowling at Milky Way Lounge & Lanes, in Jamaica Plain, or Lanes n Games, in Cambridge. You need to call first though because sometimes bowling leagues hog the whole place. Lanes n Games, right off Rt 2 near Alewife. (617) 876-5533. Or Sacco’s Bowl-Haven, Somerville, (617) 776-0552. Milky Way in Jamaica Plain has a restaurant, and they even have karaoke. 403 Centre St. 617-524-3740
The bonus event this week is
Kite Flying!. You can do it anywhere there is wind, such as a beach or a tall hilltop with no trees around. In the Boston area, the best place to go is either Danehy Park in Cambridge or Millenium Park, West Roxbury, field “C”. Or try Larz Anderson Park on Newton St. in Brookline. One trick about kite flying… the cheap kites you find at Toys R Us aren’t very easy to fly. Go to a hobby shop and get their advice, you can even pick up a kite with two strings that you can steer.
Everyone else, go shopping. 🙂