Johnny’s List of Quirky Boston Events: 11/04/05

Now that it’s cold out, art festivals are sort of on-hold until April. However, you can check out the
Paradise City Arts Festival, Nov 4-6 in Marlborough. You can pretend it’s a museum instead of an arts bazaar. Mainly it’s a way for the artists to make some money and for you to have a nice time strolling through the fairgrounds. There’s one in the Spring as well.
Although theater is year-round I’m giving it more of my attention now because of the weather. I’m curious to see
One-Man Star Wars, Nov 8-13 at the Wilbur Theater in Boston. It’s supposed to be good, although it’s not like I haven’t already heard the story.
Maybe it’s time for a trip out to western Massachusetts. You might catch a few fall colors. And see the
Mass MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art), in North Adams. Like the DeCordova, you can rely on Mass MOCA to be consisently surprising and inspiring, as well as accessible (not too arty and abstract!). Exhibits on now include a sound exhibit, “Becoming an Animal”, and an exhibit which can only be described as cars caught as if tumbling through the air with sparks (see pic). 87 Marshall St. 413-662-2111.
While you are out west, check out the
New England Air Museum, at Bradley International Airport. It just across the border with Connecticut. 860-623-3305. Rt 90W to Rt 91S to exit 40 (Rt 20W). 2nd right onto Rt 75.
And of course, since I have no interest in the Basketball Hall of Fame out in Springfield, and Six Flags is closed, see
The Norman Rockwell Museum, in Stockbridge, MA
. All the cutesy americana you could ever want to see. 9 Glendale Rd. (413) 298-4100.
I’ve mentioned it tangentially, but now that it’s Thanksgiving season, it’s time for you to visit
Plimoth Plantation, in Plymouth, MA. It’s a live history recreation and really amazing definitely worth checking out. You walk around speaking with actors who are living like the original pilgrims did in the 1620s. There is a native american indian village, too. There’s a “harvest luncheon” Nov 11-13 but basically just go anytime. This is a must see! (508) 746-1622
This week’s bonus, did you know that there are two museums at MIT?
There’s the technology-based MIT Museum, and the more artistic MIT List Visual Arts Center, which I’ve never been to despite having been an MIT student for 6 years. There are a bunch of video installations at List that are worth checking out. Also, behind the MIT Museum (if it’s still there) is a house that you could construct using only a rubber mallet. It’s meant for emergency relief activities and is worth stopping by to see. It’s behind the MIT museum in that alleyway off of Mass Ave, and it’s not locked up or anything so if you’re a midnight owl like me, check it out.