Johnny’s List of Quirky Boston Events: 10/28/05

Bonus event of the week, as I mentioned earlier, Billy Crystal is still playing at the Opera House in Boston and I’m going on Sunday. Yay! Check it out,

I forgot to mention that I’ve recently been to the
Fruitlands Museums (& nature trails). Upon arriving, my friend and I were assaulted by middle-aged women who love, love, love the museum and its founder, a strong-willed woman from the 1920s. Seeing their enthusiasm was half the fun, the other half was extricating ourselves politely. They have museums about American Indians and Shakers, and its small, it is sort of interesting but also sort of not. So you may want to skip this until the Spring when it’s warm enough to enjoy the trails as well. They close Oct 31st but re-open in May.
I also checked out the
DeCordova Sculpture Museum (& park), which is the best museum around Boston, in my opinion. There is always something kick-ass there, interesting, surprising, sensational, and accessible — not too esoteric. The museum is surrounded by a park which is dotted with sculptures, great for a picnic lunch and stroll. Inside, there is a photographic exhibition of Arno Minkkinen (see pic), who puts himself in scenic photographs to show that humans really are part of nature. It’s fascinating, you must go. One secret: the park itself is open for free anytime the museum is closed, such as Monday or at dusk. A great date location, wink wink.
I’m really excited about the
Day of the Dead Festival @ Forest Hills Cemetery, Nov 2nd, 4:30-6:30pm. This is a Central & South American tradition and a neat twist on the Halloween concept, subtracting some commercialism and adding some religion. A lot cheaper than traveling to Mexico, too.