Johnny’s List of Quirky Boston Events: 03/18/08


How could I forget Easter! There are plenty of fun events happening, it turns out.

First, a correction. I got the address wrong for the Burlesque Expo, it is really at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, 575 Memorial Drive, Cambridge MA.

Sick of Easter? Fend off the madness by going Jewish on Thursday March 20 at the Annual Purim Masquerade Extravaganza. I guess they thought it would be cute to throw an event and neglect to describe it. Apparently people play rock music, which is just like any other night at the Middle East, but they want you to wear costumes. Unfortunately, the whole point of wearing a costume is to mingle socially and be seen, and the whole point of a rock performance at the Middle East is to stand for 3 hours with no seating, ignoring everyone else and watching the band. So I’m not sure how well that’ll go. Or what it has to do with the Jewish holiday Purim.

Now, here’s the scoop on where to go Easter Egg hunting. Unfortunately, many of these choices are kids-only. Damn those kids. What makes them so special? I’m the one paying real taxes here.

— Cambridge. Sun Mar 23 @ 12pm. Old Burying Ground easter egg hunt. This is associated with the First Parish church and there’s nothing about it on their site. 3 Church St, Cambridge, MA. 617-876-7772. 12pm. The graveyard is actually behind the church to the north.

— Plymouth. Plimoth Plantation is having an animal parade on March 22 followed by egg painting and hunt “for all ages”.

— Worcester. Although Wachusett Mountain’s Easter Egg Hunt is for those lucky bastards ages 12 and under, there will be a parade, and you get to ski half price if you wear an easter bonnett or free if you wear a full bunny costume.

— Saugus. Breakheart Reservation, the state park, holds an Easter Egg Hunt March 22 at 12pm and the Easter Bunny is promised to make an appearance. They don’t state any age limits. I’m 6’4″ so I can usually see the eggs a lot better than the kids who are about 3 feet high.

— Charlestown. The USS Constitution will have an Easter service, and if you time it just right you can arrive to miss the service but go on the egg hunt. 8am on March 23.

— Wilmington, MA. There’s an egg hunt March 22 on the town common at 12pm. Do not forget to use your elbows. Don’t fall for the “crying kid” trap. Get those eggs. Stay focused.

— Norton, MA. The Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary is having an Easter Egg Hunt, March 22, from 12-3pm. If they try to make it kids only, tell them it’s false advertising, as their flyer says nothing about this.

— Lancaster, MA. March 23 at 9am, on the Town Green.

— Northampton, MA. The fascists at Look Memorial Park are limiting their Easter Egg Hunt to ages 10 and below, March 22. It’s free.

— Falmouth, MA. March 22, ages 9 and under. I feel certain that I could defeat these children, if only I adopted a clever disguise. Or a fake ID.

— West Springfield, MA. Mar 22, ages 7 and under. I am pretty sure I cannot pass for a 7-yr-old.

— Marblehead, MA. It gets worse. This one, March 22, is only for kids 5 and under. I guess when I turned 6, I was already an old-timer. My best years behind me.

— Brookline, MA. Daily egg hunts at Magic Beans, Mar 19-23.

— Clinton, MA. Mar 22.

— Duxbury, MA. Mar 22.

— Wellfleet, MA. Mar 22.

— Mashpee, MA. Mar 22. Ages 2-10.

Finally, I did find an Adult Easter Egg Hunt in Collinsville, CT. It was last week. Dang!