Johnny’s List of Quirky Boston Events: 10/17/05

Hi everyone,

Halloween report. I went to Witch’s Woods at Nashoba Ski Valley and it wasn’t really worth seeing. They put some effort into the mechanical effects, but the actors (the kids who jump out at you) had no real theater. And there was no metaphor or backstory for the attractions, except the hayride. But the hayride tour guide was a comic which destroyed the horror genre. Felt commercial.

However!! The Livingston Street Terror which earlier I said was minor, was an incredible hit. All the monster kids obviously had theater training. The house was creative and deeply interesting. They didn’t send huge groups through. Best of all they had dance acts. No, I’m not kidding. Kids age 6-15 dancing in front of the house to keep people waiting in line entertained, wearing scary costumes. The younger ones were exceptionally cute. A real community production with some warmth. We went through right in front of some teenagers who shrieked and giggled and it was the greatest experience, better than Hallowscream.

See my last posts for visitor information. Everyone get to Livingston Terror. What, you’d rather watch TV? Personally I hope to visit the other 7 haunted houses on my list before the month’s out!