Johnny’s List of Quirky Boston Events: 10/08/05

I went to Hallowscream last night (see below) and it was worth the $12 parking and $25 each admission — just barely. The event is a huge couple of warehouse spaces with 3,500 pumpkins. We met one of the staff who explained that the pumpkins are created professionally by an art/farmer firm, and the detailed ones (there are 250) take 2-4 hours each to make. Mildly interesting, the real fun are the haunted houses… one was cheesy but the other three were fairly professional and fun. Strangely, because last night was opening night, the entire event was basically empty. There were maybe 100 people there total. Hopefully they’ll get much higher admission in the future, it would be a lot more fun with a big crowd.

Also I saw Serenity, the movie, which is awesome and you should check it out