Johnny’s List of Quirky Boston Events: 12/06/06


Woops, Chez Vous, the rollerskating event is TONIGHT, Wed Dec 6th.

And the link for Silent Night of the Lambs is

I got a little carried away there.

While I have your attention, breaking news… Gyrohazard is a modern dance performance at MIT, I know nothing about it but like the name. Little Kresge Theater at MIT, Thu 8pm, Fri 8pm, Sat 4pm & 8pm, Sun 2pm.

Also, Children of Eden continues. I saw it last week, it is a good effort and worth seeing. Is it a fully fledged bible story that will convert you to Christianity? No, it is sort of a remake, a “Batman Begins” for Adam & Eve & Noah & his Ark. So it’s suitable for those with heavy religion and suitable for those who don’t. Ultimately it manages to reconcile maybe tasting the tree of knowledge ain’t so bad after all, while being respectful of religion but acknowledging that the Old Testament God was kind of a spoiled brat. See it.