Johnny’s List of Quirky Boston Events: 10/07/05

I forgot to mention that I’ve just visited
The Ansel Adams Exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Now to Dec 31st, which could have been titled “I Really Like Mountains”. I started off being somewhat jaded. Is it really that hard to get good photos when you’re in an incredibly scenic vista? But then I learned a lot about how Ansel Adams would modify the photos using darkroom techniques and camera gadgets. Apparently he was the master at making just a picture give the emotional impact of actually being there. That’s certainly true. So I left very impressed and highly recommend the exhibit. The Ansel Adams exhibit is $22. Wednesdays the MFA is free after 4pm and open late to 9:45, although the Ansel Adams $22 admission includes admission to the MFA so that’s kinda moot. Make sure to check out the non-permanent exhibits while you are there.
Also this weekend is closing weekend for
Camelot, to Oct 9th, at the Shubert Theater. I really wanted to go to this but wasn’t able to get around to it.
OK, here’s the bonus activity for the week, since I was too lazy to do it yesterday. It’s
Contra Dancing, which is a kind of folk dancing. It’s a “called” dance, which means that someone in the folk band is calling out the steps for the dance, based on maybe 20 individual movements. It’s surprisingly easy to pick up and anyone can just jump right in and do it. I like it because, unlike ballroom dancing, if you screw up you’re not offending the old masters. You just laugh and try again. You can go contra dancing every Thursday at 8pm at the VFW Hall in Cambridge, at 688 Huron Ave. Also every Monday in Concord, see the website, which I have not gone to. Also MIT has contra dances, usually the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month.
Admittedly it takes some courage to try contra dancing, but for the brave of heart, how about
Breakdancing at MIT, Tuesdays 7-9:30pm in Lobby 13. Oh come on, like you’ve never wanted to check out breakdancing. Even if you go just to watch it’s worth the trip. I tried it last week and discovered that breakdancing is incredibly exhausting. Even the best can only go for a minute or two before they need a breather. This appears to be an informal club with no website.
Finally, it’s time for everyone to drive out and go for a
Fall Foliage Walk. The peak of the season is mid-October so you might wait a week or two. The Mohawk Trail, The Blue Hills, or The Berkshires are popular destinations. One favorite would be Mt. Wachusett, since you can drive to the top if you’re lazy.