Interview: Infinity Ballooning and A&A Balloon Rides

At a recent review of the Northeast Balloon Festival (4 stars), we were pleased to speak with Jason of Infinity Ballooning, and his father Andre from A&A Balloon Rides. They meet riders in Southern New Hampshire just an hour’s drive up from Boston. Weirdly, A&A Ballooning has a balloon basket that was the official Playboy Magazine Balloon Basket from 1979! It’s made of wicker and has a leather interior and propane tanks.

Events INSIDER: Why do people choose your service for balloon flights?

Jason Boucher: Infinity is the best because we have the best pilot and the best crew. I’ve never had a complaint. We have a great time. When it’s time to be serious, I’ll be serious, but I like to joke around… Typically, it’s the only time you’ll ever be in a balloon… We have a blast.

Events INSIDER: Your dad is a balloonist! So you grew up with this?

Jason Boucher: Yes, I love chasing balloons. I would chase my dad 100 times a year. Then my dad and I became partners in our drywall company… My now ex-stepmom said, “Over my dead body will you ever be involved in ballooning.”… Six months later I had my license.

Events INSIDER: You must have landed in strange places. Do people mind?

Jason Boucher: I’ve taken off 800 times and landed with goats, landed with cows, landed who knows where. 99% of the people [where I land] love it.

Events INSIDER: Andre, how did you get your start in this unusual business?

Andre Boucher: I started in 1986, when I was on my way to work one morning, I saw my first hot air balloon. When he landed, I bought a ride from him!

Events INSIDER: What’s it like up there?

Andre Boucher: Most people are afraid of the unknown, but nobody’s afraid of height in the balloon, because you’re not attached to the ground.

Events INSIDER: Thanks so much?

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