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2-Star Cafe(our ratings)
Not your typical neighborhood pizzeria. Well, okay, it is. But it’s Turkish.

Review by Johnny Monsarrat

When you think pizzeria, you think the Mediterranean, and it’s usually Italian or Greek. There’s some Italian in Inbound Pizza , but a lot of Turkish as well, right next to where UNO Pizzeria used to be in Allston.

Since 1975 it’s been a family business, and you get what you expect. There’s no table service but they feature an enormous menu of subs, sandwiches, pizzas, roll-ups, and salads, all with coupon discounted in their menu. You can even get exotic toppings like shrimp, garlic, and jalapeno peppers on your pizza. Often in the summer I choose a restaurant solely based on whether they have frozen yogurt. Inbound Pizza does. Plus they offer breakfast, mainly omelets and rollups, and specialty foods, like Turkish baklavas and shawermas. I sampled a “Doner”, an imported yogurt drink that’s clearly an acquired taste, because it tastes like sour milk to my Yankee sensibility.

Despite the unusual food, I regret to say that the atmosphere and the food were ordinary. They have a vertical broiler for meat but the pizza I sampled was greasy. I tried a turkish panini that was heavy with too much cheese, and the sausage, sliced thin like pepperoni, got lost.

The decor is ordinary, with seating for 30, and although it was recently painted, there are cracks in the floor and no style to the interior design. In all, despite the Turkish theme, it’s a typical neighborhood pizzeria that does not stand out.


Inbound Pizza & Restaurant

1232 Commonwealth Ave, Allston MA 02134



Sun-Wed 10am-12am

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