Holiday Lights & Non-Xmas Activities, & the largest list of New Years “First Night” Celebrations in New England

For years I’ve been hunting down creative alternatives to Xmas. There are not many. You can see a movie, visit a Chinese restaurant, do folk dancing, or go skiing. But don’t forget that the post just before this one lists holiday lights! I track 21 different holiday light attractions in New England, the biggest list ever.

And because New Year’s is coming up, here are some off-beat ideas, including the largest list of City “First Night” celebrations, plus a bunch of other ideas. Don’t make me sad and just hang out in a bar or restaurant for New Years. You can do so much better than to basically have the same damn getting drunk experience these bars offer every night of the year.

Here are this week’s top items, and click to see the complete Johnny’s List of Weird Boston Events, and don’t forget there are TWO posts this week. The one previous is all about nighttime holiday lights in New England.

Holiday caroling – High Street Hill 12/24 Boston Metro
It’s not too late for Xmas caroling! This one is always Christmas Eve at 5:45pm on the Upland Road Green. It’s been happening for 30 years, no need to call to confirm that yes, it’s really happening again this year. But I did anyway.
Upland Road Green, Brookline, MA. see details on the complete Johnny’s List
Christmas Eve Caroling – Louisburg Square on Beacon Hill 12/24 Boston Metro
But I might suggest going to Louisburg Square instead, where the American tradition of caroling was started. I went last year and it was fun. They had bellringers and the crowd made no attempt to stay on tempo or in tune. 7:30pm.
20 Louisburg Square, Boston, MA.Beth Ketterson, 617-854-9019, or Mary Jane Sawyer, 781-444-5119.
All-Night Israeli Dance Marathon 12/24 Boston Metro
Want to avoid Xmas? It’s hard! I have searched for years trying to find alternative Xmas Day events and came up with not much. I’m guessing this event is a lot of fun and they’re inclusive of anyone interested in Israeli dance. 6pm-4am.
MIT, Walker Gym, 142 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA. see details on the complete Johnny’s List
Explore Jewish Boston by Foot on Christmas Day 12/25 Boston Metro
This event actually wasn’t going to repeat, but I called the guy and asked them to do it again. So viola, on Christmas Day, see a walking tour of Beacon Hill, focusing on Jewish history. It’s not on their calendar, but it wasn’t on the calendar when I called in. Hmm. Well, call to reserve in advance and see if it’s happening.
Meet at Milk St near Devonshire St, Boston, MA.866-939-2557. see details on the complete Johnny’s List
Xmas Day: Movies, Chinese Restaurants, and a few Bars 12/25 Boston Metro
On Christmas Day itself, movie theatres and video rental shops may be open. Restaurants are closed by law but a few bars will be open. Here’s one, for example, The Fireplace in Brookline. Or try your local Chinese restaurant. And see IMDB for a list of movie theatres.
Various Locations, Boston, MA. see details on the complete Johnny’s List
see details on the complete Johnny’s List
Living in the Dark @ Gore Place 12/30 Metro West
Also this week, learn how people lived before electric lighting at this historic home.
52 Gore Street, Waltham, MA.781-894-2798. see details on the complete Johnny’s List
Paperfest & World of Paper Crafts at Children’s Museum 12/23 – 1/3 Boston Metro
Learn origami, and help break the world’s record for longest paper chain. They’ll bring in professionals all week to talk about paper crafts from around the world. I called in, and the PR rep *swears* it will not be boring for adults! We’ll see! 11am-4pm.
Boston Childrens Museum, Boston, MA. see details on the complete Johnny’s List

And a lot more this week at the Complete Johnny’s List of Weird Boston Events, including:

Holiday Hijinks Scavenger Hunt, MFA Community Day (December), Ski Resorts open for Xmas Day, New Year’s Eve Labyrinth Walk, New Years’ Eve Contra Dances, New Year’s Eve Dance Party at Folk Arts Center of New England, Nudist resort New Years’, Nashoba Ski Area New Year’s Eve Celebration, New Years’s Jam @ Earthdance, First Night Boston, First Night Grand Procession & Fireworks, First Night Tours @ Otis House, Bright Night Providence, First Night Worcester, MA, First Night Northampton, MA, New Year’s Needham, MA, City Celebrates! New Year’s Eve, New Bedford, MA, New Years Rockport Eve, Beverly’s New Year, First Night Chatham, MA, Billerica Family First Night, First Night Portsmouth, NH, First Night Wolfeboro, NH, First Night Hartford, CT, First Night Danbury, CT, First Night Wesport, CT, First Night Burlington, VT, First Night Montpelier, VT, First Night St. Johnsbury, VT, and the largest list of Holiday Lights in New England.

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