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Also, I’m building out the website in an attempt to (a) continue with the hand-picked feature events, but add a real, searchable calendar with thousands of regular events and (b) somehow monetize the website, but in a non-annoying fashion, I promise. Anybody want to help me with the new website, with SQL, coding, or Web design?

Finally, come say hello this Thu-Sat at Boston Greenfest on Boston City Hall Plaza. I’ll be there maintaining my art project, Wheel Questions.

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The Week in Weird
Boston Greenfest 8/20 – 8/22 Boston Metro
Tonight thru Saturday! The event of the week is Boston Greenfest, because I’ll be there with the Wheel Questions project. Come say hello! They have tons of information booths and presentations on saving the environment, too, plus live music and a “time tunnel”.
City Hall Plaza, Boston, MA. more
Elvis Alive and Well and Oldies Show 8/20 Metro West
Tonight! Not only is this an Elvis impersonator, it’s an outdoor concert! I called to confirm it. Thanks, Acton!
NARA Park, Acton, MA. more
Beach Party Blast at NARA Park, Acton 8/21 Metro West
Also in Acton, this may be their biggest event of the year, with a sandcastle contest, a huge slip & slide, and a watermelon eating contest!
NARA Park, Acton, MA. more
The Best Fossils Darwin Never Saw 8/20 Boston Metro
Also tonight! Harvard’s museum of animals and plants and rocks is having a half-price evening from 5-8pm, including a lecture.
Harvard Museum of Natural History, Cambridge, MA. more
Banditos Misteriosos 2nd Annual Revolutionary Water Gun Battle 8/22 Boston Metro
The real event of the weak is: super soaker time! Sat 1:30pm.
RSVP for location, Boston, MA. more
New England Boogie – Skydiving Festival 8/19 – 8/23 Northern Mass
It’s the largest skydiving event in New England. And up to 300 attend.
165 Nashua Road, Pepperell, MA.978 433-9222. more
Carnival (Provincetown) 8/16 – 8/21 Cape Cod
New England’s gay carnival continues.
Provincetown, MA.800.637.8696. more
Caribbean Carnival Parade (Boston Carnival) 8/23 – 8/29 Boston Metro
But you don’t have to go to Cape Cod for Carnival! The Boston Carnival parade is just the kind of “local” event where the enthusiasm of the performers is infectious.
Various, Boston, MA. more
Race of the Century 8/22 – 8/23 Metro West
How awesome is this! This festival highlights the advancements of transportation with races between horse & buggy, a 1904 car, 1930s cars, and 1900-1930s planes!
Collings Foundation, Stow, MA.978-562-9182. more
Fireworks at Ocean Park 8/21 Southern Mass
Fireworks and concert on Martha’s Vinyard, a good excuse to visit. I went last year, and it was fantastic — *really* impressive.
Ocean Park, Oak Bluffs, MA.508-693-5380. more
Jaffrey Festival of Fireworks 8/21 New Hampshire
They’ll have live music, games for kids (what about us adults?), a skydiving performance and then fireworks “after dusk”.
Jaffrey Airport Rte. 124, 190 Turnpike Road, Jaffrey, NH. more
End of Summer Bash & Fireworks 8/22 – 9/4 New Hampshire
And two more fireworks events 8/22 and 9/4 if you are up in the White Mountains for hiking and touring.
Waterville Valley, NH.603-236-8175. more
Pi-Con Science Fiction Convention 8/21 – 8/23 Western Mass
A smallish science fiction convention with the usual panels, workshops, guests, and costuming.
Best Western Sovereign Hotel, West Springfield, MA. more
Great Falls Balloon Festival 8/21 – 8/23 Maine
About 2.5 hours’ drive from Boston, featuring 30 balloons. Reserve ahead for your ride.
Lewiston, ME.800-639-6331. more
Plays in the Park: “Twelfth Night” 8/21 – 8/28 Boston Metro
8/21 and 8/28 at 12:15 pm. & 1:30 pm: More Free Outdoor Shakespeare. See “Outdoor Events” for more outdoor theatre.
Georges Island, Boston, MA.617-223-8666. more
Storytelling Campfire 8/22 Cape Cod
I haven’t been to a campfire since I was a kid. I really want to go!! 7:30-9pm.
Scusset Beach State Reservation, Scusset Beach Rd., Sandwich, MA.508 888-0859. more
Kites on the River 8/22 Boston Metro
There’s no Boston Kite Festival this year, so attend this Dork-chester event instead. See and learn to fly “stunt kites” with two strings.
Various in Dorchester, Milton, Hyde Park, Boston, MA. more
Quincy August Moon Festival 8/23 South Shore
Did you miss the Chinese August Moon Festival in Boston? It’s not too late! Come catch it in Quincy, with dragon dancing and lots of cute kids performing.
Downtown Quincy, 1400-1600 Hancock St., Quincy, MA.617-472-2200. more
The Grape Island Tryst and Family Picnic 8/22 South Shore
Former US President John Adams and his future wife Abigail were in love. Venture out to Grape Island where they had their “tryst”, which is obviously a great place for a family picnic. Family?? Do they know what tryst means? Do I??
Begins at the Adams National Historic Park Visitor Center, 1250 Hancock Street, Quincy, MA.(617) 770-1175. more
Seaside Pow Wow and Festival 8/22 – 8/23 North Shore
Intertribal American Indian event featuring dancing, story telling and arts and crafts. Free.
Stage Fort Park, Gloucester, MA.978-281-2978. more
Ford / Lincoln Day @ Larz Anderson Museum 8/23 Boston Metro
Perhaps you’d prefer cars to trysting on an island off Quincy.
15 Newton Street, Brookline, MA.(617) 522-6547. more
The Big Lebowski Annual Bowling Party 8/24 Boston Metro
Every year the Coolidge theatre has an actual bowling party before viewing the Big Lebowski.
Coolidge Corner Theatre, Brookline, MA. more
Armenian Food and Music Festival 8/23 North Shore
Boy, I can’t recall an Armenian Festival in New England before (Although there’s an Armenian Museum in Watertown!). 12-5pm.
American Legion Farm, 1314 Main St., Haverhill, MA.(978) 372-9227.

Also Fun
Anniversary of Johnny’s List (2005) 8/21 Boston Metro
Johnny’s List is now 4 years old! To celebrate, I’m finally going to get around to (a) adding a real calendar that can be searched by date (b) putting up some non-annoying ads and trying to monetize this thing. Anybody want to help with the website?
Everywhere, New England. more
The Ego & The Oracle 8/6 – 8/27 Boston Metro
This is the last week for this interactive highly weird and enjoyable event, where you get to ask a question and they respond with a huge oracular wheel and by playing a song to match. Every Thursday in August! 6:30pm.
The Burren, Davis Square, Somerville, MA. more
Hardwick County Fair 8/21 – 8/22 Worcester
Beyond the usual sheep and cattle, they’ll have a lumberjack contest, hay rides, and frog jumping. Fri 5:30-10 pm, Sat 7am-5 pm. Free.
Town Common, Rt 32A, Hardwick, MA. more
Annual Peach Festival 8/21 – 8/23 Springfield
While the peach sundaes, peach bread, and peach shakes will be special, the real draw of this event is Mr. Peach, a sad sad man in a huge peach costume.
Fountain Park, Wilbraham, MA.413-599-0010. more
Marshfield County Fair 8/21 – 8/30 South Shore
As well as the usual fair contests, they’ll have a demolition derby and a “battle of the bands”.
Route 3A at South River St., Marshfield, MA.(781) 834-6629. more
Eastern Massachusetts Rhythym Festival 8/22 Worcester
Hand drumming, percussion, and dance.
River Bend Visitors Center, 287 Oak St., Uxbridge, MA.508-278-3391. more
Great Waters Folk Festival 8/22 New Hampshire
Yet another music festival.
Wolfeboro, NH. more
Move the Muse Fest 8/22 South Shore
Yet another music festival.
Brockton, MA. more
Antique and Classic Boat Festival 8/22 – 8/23 North Shore
Classic sailboats, powerboats, and hand-powered craft. Sat 11am-5pm, Sun 11am-3pm. Admission $5, free for children 12 and under.
Hawthorne Cove Marina, 10 White St, Salem, MA. more
South Coast Rhode Island Open Studios 8/22 – 8/23 Rhode Island
Rhode Island is getting into the “Open Studios” craze. Artists open their private homes and work studios to the public.
Tiverton, RI.401-816-0000. more
Annual Children’s Festival 8/17 – 8/21 New Hampshire
This childrens festival is conveniently right when most of us are working.
Hampton Beach, Hampton Beach, NH. more
Skowhegan State Fair 8/13 – 8/22 Maine
Or travel WAY up to Maine where Fiesta Shows will have their traveling carnival, again.
Skowhegan, ME. more
Dutch Beer Tasting & Cultural Night 8/20 North Shore
To celebrate the opening of their new exhibition on Dutch seascape paintings, the Peabody Essex Museum will charge you $60 to drink Dutch beer. Because there’s nothing better in the summer than to stay indoors, drinking beer, looking at Dutch paintings.
Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA. more


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