Getting Out of the House Thanksgiving Week

Thanksgiving is a time when you’re either crammed indoors with your whole family, or are on your own because family is miles away. Here are some ideas to get you out that don’t involve shopping.

Dance Thanksgiving Eve

Find a new community through English Country Dancing in Arlington, Wednesday November 21. Unlike ballroom dance, folk dance is informal and requires no lessons. You just pick it up if you step out of place, everybody laughs and you go right back to it.

Meet People from the Past on Thanksgiving Day

The site of the original Pilgrim Thanksgiving will be open! When you visit Plimoth Plantation, you’ll meet dozens of re-enactors portraying the roles of 1620s colonists and Native Americans. The re-enactment museum near Worcester, Old Sturbridge Village, will also be open. These indoor/outdoor venues are perfect for a cold weather stroll and to reflect on history.

Thanksgiving Road Races

Want to build a strong appetite? Race for charity (or just watch) on Thanksgiving morning, in Boston, Somerville, Dedham, Concord, Lowell, and all over Massachusetts.

Getting Creative the Day After

The must-see event of the week is the The MIT Museum’s Friday After Thanksgiving Chain Reaction, in Cambridge, where you’ll see (or can build!) crazy Rube Goldberg machines and watch them zoom. Or visit the Franklin Park Zoo, which is open and half price the day after Thankgiving. Plenty of museums and parks will be open on that Friday, too. So don’t just sit around. Get out and have some fun!