Events INSIDER Previews ‘Chick Singer Night’ at Arlington Regent

‘Chick Singer’s Night – A Celebration of Women in Music’ at the Arlington Regent, 7 Medford St, Arlington, Saturday, June 7th. 


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This weekend, the Arlington Regent will host the 10th Annual ‘Chick Singer’s Night – A Celebration of Women in Music’, which will feature some of Greater Boston’s top female vocalists and bands. The lineup includes Michelle Willson, the Porch Party Mamas, the Vykki Vox Band, Jennifer Truesdale, Marcia Macres, Nichelle Mungo, Danielle Miraglia and Valerie Giglio plus the CSN Boston Band with guests Aaron Robertson (drums), Hiro Tokushige (trumpet), Ririka Tokushige (sax), Jason Macres (sax) and more. Formed in 1988 by jazz vocalist Lori Maier, CSN is a national phenomenon that has chapters throughout the U.S. and now, Stockholm, Sweden. Events INSIDER caught up with co-director Jennifer Truesdale as she was preparing for the show. 

Events INSIDER: It sounds like you’ve got a really diverse lineup for Chick Singer’s Night.

JT: It’s true. There are a lot of styles but if you listen to them side by side… I just think it’s going to flow so beautifully. We’ve got Blues, we’ve got R & B, we’ve got Singer/Songwriter, we’ve got Soul…and we’ve got a house band that’s performing with some of the artists and a few of (the artists) are performing with their own bands.

Events INSIDER: What’s your take on the name, “Chick Singer Night”? It sounds like it might offend some sensibilities.

JT: It’s very tongue in cheek. I feel that it takes the whole negative connotation of the ‘chick singer’, and it just turns it on its head. We’re women and we’re singing (laughs). When they originated the name years ago it was meant to be fun. And for me it’s like wearing a badge of honor. And realistically, most of the women who are performing are multi-instrumentalists as well, so they’re certainly musicians.

Events INSIDER: How long have you been involved with ‘Chick Singer Night’?

JT: I’ve been involved with CSN since it began in Boston. Vykki Vox and I started it here 10 years ago. Vicki was the director when we started and stepped down in 2009, and I’ve been running it ever since. I’m working with Marcia Macres as co-director and Vicki is coming back to perform in the show.

Events INSIDER: Are there any performers or moments that have really stood out in the last ten years?

JT: Well we’ve had some amazing people. We’ve had (blues legend) Toni Lynn Washington, Nicole Nelson (from NBC’s The Voice), (Pop-country artist) Krista Angelucci, a teen band called The Cranks, a number of singer-songwriters…I think the thing that stands out the most to me has been the quality of the performers. Some are much more well-established than others, and some of them are completely under the radar kind of artists, but they’re all just really good.

Events INSIDER: What’s the format going to be like?

JT: What we’re going to do this show is that some of the performers are going to do three songs in a 15 minute set, but Michelle, the Porch Party Mamas and the Vykki Vox Band are going to get feature spots and do thirty minutes each.

Events INSIDER: See you there!

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