Events INSIDER: Nov 26 – Dec 3, 2013

Giveaways & Features
Win/Review: Arabian Nights
Based on One Thousand and One Nights, a collection of folk tales from the Middle East and Asia, Arabian Nights is rich with suspense, romance and hilarity @ stories irresistible for all ages, At its heart is the power of the imagination to heal, inspire, and transform. Win: Arabian NightsCentral Square Theater Cambridge, MA, .
Win/Review: Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’
Well I think everyone and their mother has seen, read, or starred in The Importance of Being Earnest but that doesn’t mean you can’t see it again! I’ve got 5 pairs of tickets to give away for the 11/29 show! Email to win. Win/Review: Oscar Wilde's 'The Importance of Being Earnest'Boston Center For the Arts Boston, MA, .
Win/Review: The Little Princess
Sara Crewe, her father, The Captain, his right hand man, Pasko, Aljana, the African nanny and a multicultural cast of characters, are on an uplifting magical, musical adventure, set in Victorian London. I have two pairs of tickets to give away. Email to win. Win/Review: The Little Princess Boston, MA, .
Win: Stella and Lou by Bruce Graham
Win two tickets to this play about world-weary bargoers. There are 2 pairs of tickets available to win for the 12/8 performance at 7PM! Email to win. Just don’t shot shout out ‘Shots! Shots!’ inbetween acts. 7:30pm. Win: Stella and Lou by Bruce Graham Lowell, MA, .
Win: Eddie Money Performs at The VERVE
‘You can take *them* home tonight!’ Them being 2 pairs of tickets to see Eddie Money! Email to win two tickets to paradise. Again, paradise being the Eddie Money concert. 7pm. Win: Eddie Money Performs at The VERVEThe VERVE @ Crowne Plaza Natick, MA, .
Review: Edaville’s Christmas Festival of Lights
All Holiday season long you can head to Edaville USA to see their light display. This might be a great thing to check out after you visit their Polar Express adventure. Plus, you get to see beautiful lights from a warm, dry train now that is ideal! Review: Edaville's Christmas Festival of LightsEdaville USA Carver, MA, .
Review: John Singer Sargent Watercolors
Watercolors: we all learned them in kindergarten. Maybe that’s where John Singer Sargent mastered them? Click for our review of this display at the MFA (to come Friday). Review: John Singer Sargent WatercolorsMuseum of Fine Arts Boston, MA, .
Review: Bright Nights in Springfield
Bright Nights appears to be a drive-through safari, but instead of wild animals, you’re checking out thousands of Holiday lights. And if the website is to be believed, there’s a ‘Dr. Seuss’ land. 11/27 is opening night, and offers over half off admission. Review: Bright Nights in SpringfieldForest Park Springfield, MA, .
Johnny’s Picks
Sing-a-Long Mary Poppins
I love events that are participatory. Here’s another. Mary Poppins, the classic musical, is being shown in Arlington along with printed lyrics so you can sing along. There’s also a ‘march along’ and ‘play along’ ensure the most interactive moviegoing expierence since that time you threw popcorn at the ending of The Dark Knight Rises . Pick your day. Sing-a-Long Mary PoppinsRegent Theatre, 7 Medford St., Arlington, MA, .
Friday After Thanksgiving Chain Reaction
I’ve seen this and it was surprisingly good for an amateur competition! Hobbyists build elaborately complicated machines called Rube Goldberg devices. That’s when the candle heats the air going into the balloon, which bursts, surprising the bird who tips over a bucket, sending water onto a cat, who yowls and pulls a string, releasing a bowling ball to roll… you get the idea. Register to join in, or show up close to the end to watch. 1-4pm. Friday After Thanksgiving Chain ReactionBuilding N51 265 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, MA, .
Handel’s Messiah
This Messiah sing (yup, another one) focuses just on the ‘Christmas’ part and invites the audience to sing along with the Hallelujah bit. Handel's MessiahBoston Symphony Hall Boston, MA, .
LEGO Extravaganza at Acton
Can we back up just a second? It’s not ALL about Christmas and as a favor to non-believers, I will separate out the Xmas and non-Xmas events all month. For example, there’s a festival of building giant sculptures in Acton, with LEGOs. Make sure to bring hand sanitizer! They say it’s for all ages even though it’s at a children’s museum. I want to go!! LEGO Extravaganza at Acton Acton, MA, .
Flyby of Comet ISON
On Thanksgiving, if you can, find a local observatory, glance up to the stars, and marvel at ISON and the endless majesty of a universe that gave us earth and cool junk to look at through a telescope. Talking to your cell phone outloud to feel like Captain Kirk not required, but encouraged. Flyby of Comet ISONAll Over All Over, , .
Nantucket Cold Turkey Plunge
And here’s the worst exercise possible. There’s nothing like exposing your body to extremes to break down your health. Insane people will be dipping into the ocean at Nantucket Island and running right back out! Apparently it benefits charity. Vice President Biden usually comes to Nantucket for Thanksgiving and usually attends! Nantucket Cold Turkey PlungeChildren’s Beach, Harborview Way Nantucket, MA, .
Lowell City of Lights Parade and Holiday Art Stroll
And Lowell has a parade too! Various merchants and museums will be open — these events are typically driven by the chamber of commerce — and you’ll find trolley rides, a parade, Santa Claus, a hot chocolate competition, street performers, theatre, and more. Plenty of free parking! 11am-8pm. Lowell City of Lights Parade and Holiday Art StrollDowntown Lowell Lowell, MA, .
America’s Thanksgiving Dinner at Plimoth Plantation
Plimouth Plantation (with an ‘i’ fancy!) presents its delicious Thanksgiving event. The full course meal features delectable delights like creamed onions, wood pressed apple cider, harvard beets (none of those ninny Yale beets for us, thank you!), and Turkey. Register early! 11am. America's Thanksgiving Dinner at Plimoth PlantationPlimoth Plantation Plymouth, MA, .
America’s Hometown USA Thanksgiving Celebration
Christmas can wait. Is it okay if we celebrate Thanksgiving first? I’ve been to this festival in Plymouth that attracts 125,000. There’s a concert Friday night, a parade, festival, scavenger hunt, and Air Force flyover on Saturday, and a smaller harvest fest Sunday. They’ll also have an encampment of historical re-enactors, the Mayflower II ship, and a ton more. America's Hometown USA Thanksgiving Celebration Plymouth, MA, .
The Greater Brockton Holiday Parade
At 1pm on 11/30, Brockton represents the South Shore better with a parade with floats! Activities and Santa photos all day. 9:30am-4pm. The Greater Brockton Holiday Parade Brockton, MA, .
Springfield’s Parade of the Big Balloons
The city that brought you the world’s largest pancake brings you some really big balloons the day after Thanksgiving, in parade form! Eat that, Macy’s. 8am. Springfield's Parade of the Big BalloonsMain Street, from Lyman Street to Locust Street Springfield, MA, .
The Beehive
What does a beheaded goat have to do with a beehive? It’s a social party with giant bees and dancing for ‘weirdos and radicals’. Oh stop. You had me at weirdos. The BeehiveThe Center for Arts at the Armory, 191 Highland Ave #1A, Somerville, MA, .
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Mention my website to friends and get my 2013 New England Guide, with 1,200 off-beat destinations including dinosaur footprints, zoos, ziplines, where to go stargazing, and where to find an indoor water park in December! Get the 2013 New England Guide All Over, , .
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Also Fun
Traditional Shaker Supper at Hancock Shaker Village
Gastronomical time travel takes place at this Shaker musuem, with a tour by re-enactors, an authentic dinner, and acappella Shaker music from the 1830s. Tour at 4pm. $65. Traditional Shaker Supper at Hancock Shaker Village Hancock, MA, .
Wonderland: 2013 Artists’ Market
These artists don’t just want to show off their crafts, they want you to buy some of their work that is probably winter or christmas themed! They promise unique finds that will dazzle and amaze so check it out for yourself and see if they’re right. I’m pretty sure this will be outdoors in the sculpture park. 10am-5:30pm. Wonderland: 2013 Artists' MarketDeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum Lincoln, MA, .
Gobble Gobble Gobble Road Race
This one’s a 4-mile road race for charity, which begins and ends at The Burren. If you want to join in, you must sign up in advance. Like I’m really going to feel like a road race the day I should be stuffing my face… 9am. Gobble Gobble Gobble Road RaceThe Burren Somerville, MA, .
Wanderu’s ‘Orphan’ Thanksgiving
A Thanksgiving dinner for stranded college students with feasting, billiards, foosball, cornhole, and football. So like a frat party. But on Thursday. With Turkey. Mmmmm Turkey. 2pm. Wanderu's 'Orphan' ThanksgivingHostelling International Boston, 19 Stuart Street, Boston, MA, .
Boston Volvo Village 5k Road Race
This road race raises money for MS. Think of it as pregame for your Turkey Day nap! 7am. Boston Volvo Village 5k Road RaceBoston Volvo Village Brighton, MA, .
Cultural Survival Bazaar
Learn about various indigenous cultures from around the world through music, performances, crafts, and food. This organization is AWESOME. They have been helping to protect the rights of indigenous peoples since the ’60s. Cultural Survival BazaarCambridge College Cambridge, MA, .
KidsJam’ promises intergenerational dance battles. Foxtrot versus the pop, lock, and drop? ‘The Electric Slide’ versus ‘The Macarina’? Who wins the battle of the Chicken Dance and Bunny Hop? You! 6:30 – 8:30pm. KidsJamBoston Children’s Museum Boston, MA, .
Half-Price Day at Franklin Park Zoo and Stone Zoo
The day after Thanksgiving is half-price at these two zoos. The Franklin Park Zoo especially is nice in the winter, open all year ’round, with both indoor and outdoor locations. Half-Price Day at Franklin Park Zoo and Stone Zoo Stoneham, MA, .
Art Superstars Event
12 great artists all in one place on 12/1, eager to answer questions like ‘How do you do it?’ and ‘Where do you get your ideas?’ and ‘Will you paint my house?’. Come celebrate the culmination of Somerville’s Art Superstars, and hopefully come up with better questions than I did! 7pm. Art Superstars EventArts at the Armory, 191 Highland Ave, Suite 1-A, Somerville, MA, .
Boston Cookie Takedown
Bow to your master! Bow to the Cookie Monster! You’ll find more than 20 chefs bringing treats to the Middle East. Yes, it’s random. Yes, it’s delightful. 2-4pm. Boston Cookie TakedownMiddle East Restaurant Cambridge, MA, .
Raiders of the Lost Ark at the Brattle
No speaker, no event, but hey — Raiders of the Lost Ark on the big screen. Raiders of the Lost Ark at the BrattleThe Brattle Theatre Cambridge, MA, .
Science and Cooking 2013 Lecture Series
If they’re going to talk about foams and molecular gastronomy, I am so in.This week’s lesson taught by Ferran Adri. Tickets required. Science and Cooking 2013 Lecture SeriesHarvard Science Center Cambridge, MA, .
Lighting of the Pilgrim Monument
Are you a fan of tall things and shiny Christmas lights? Who isn’t? Nov 27th at 5pm come see the giant 252 foot Pilgrim monument lit up with shiny lights! Also, boats, and a museum about older boats! 5pm. Lighting of the Pilgrim Monument Provincetown, MA, .
Dreamcatcher Classic Road Race
Here’s one of the few turkey trots on the South Shore. 8am. Dreamcatcher Classic Road RaceWeymouth Elks Club 1197 Washington Street Weymouth, MA, .
Lighting of the Lobster Pot Tree at Lopes Square
I don’t know what a lobster pot tree is but it’s getting lit up. This website is blocked on my work computer, so that should be an indication of what an awesome / ribald time this will be. Fun for the whole family? Maybe? Dusk. Lighting of the Lobster Pot Tree at Lopes SquareLopes Square Provincetown, MA, .
Thanksgiving Weekend
This event was blocked on my work computer. If that’s not an indication of what a great time this would be, I don’t know what is! Thanksgiving WeekendProvincetown Provincetown, MA, .
Manchester Road Race
Runners dressed up as Teletubbies and reindeer? Sounds like my kind of race going down in Manchester. 8am. Manchester Road RaceMain Street, Manchester, CT, .
Artists’ Open Studios
Meeting over 70 artists, sculpters, painters, metal smiths, and woodworkers is intimidating! They’re so talented and I’m over here clacking away at a keyboard, seething with jealousy. However, if you’re a normal person you’d probably thoroughly enjoy this Woodstock, CT event which allows you to lackadasicially wander through the community sampling the best of what human creativity has to offer. 10am-5pm. Artists' Open StudiosVarious locations in Northeastern CT Woodstock, CT, .
New England Air Museum Behind the Scenes Tour & Santa’s Visit
Full blown flight simulators are awesome. Behind the scenes tours of the places with those simulators are awesomer! Throw in Santa Claus and you’re approaching ‘awesomest’ territory! Check out the new tours, expanded hanger, and more. 11am-3pm. New England Air Museum Behind the Scenes Tour & Santa's Visit Windsor Locks, CT, .
Thanksgiving at the Homestead
Hey it’s another ‘Live like the pilgrims did…for a little bit’ event. Churn, rotate, harvest, and more. Think of it as hard times fantasy camp. 12pm. Thanksgiving at the HomesteadNathan Hale Homestead Coventry, CT, .
Thanksgiving with the Hempsteds
Make a holiday meal like they did in the old days. No microwave, no electric power, and no cell phone to distract from how long water takes to boil. Christmas with the Hempsteds endeavors to educate and entertain participants interested in how meals used to be prepared during a time where almost every ingredient was grown in your back yard. Thanksgiving with the HempstedsThe Hempsted Houses New London, CT, .
Alternative House’s 5k Run/Walk
This Thanksgiving day run in Lowell is giving away pie to all finishers. No word if this pie will be appeled, blueberried, or boston cremed. Top men are on it. Top Men. 8am. Alternative House's 5k Run/WalkThe Lowell Elks Lowell, MA, .
Thanksgiving Arts & Crafts Show
with over two dozen artisans, this festival is heaven to anyone who likes homemade, handcrafted…anything. between ‘My Sock Monkey Closet’, ‘Mitchy’s Mittens’, ‘Sew Fun’ (puns, I love them), and more, if it’s crafty, you can probably find it in Brewer, ME, on 11/29. 10am. Thanksgiving Arts & Crafts ShowBrewer Auditorium, 203 State St., Brewer, ME, .
Nocturnal Night at Animal Adventures
My first thought when finding this was, Where the hell is Bolton? It’s off 495, north of Framingham. There’s a zoo there and they’re doing a night program that includes the feeding of alligators and a large snake! Reserve in advance. 7-8:30pm. Nocturnal Night at Animal Adventures Bolton, MA, .
Family Trees: A Celebration of Children’s Literature
Picture book themed Christmas trees highlight this Children’s literary wonderland that starts Nov. 27th in Concord, Ma. Family Trees: A Celebration of Children's LiteratureConcord Museum Concord, MA, .
Gobble Wobble Road Race
A Thanksgiving morning Gobble Wobble Certified Road Race in South Borough doles out cash to the top gobbler wobblers winners. 8:30am. Gobble Wobble Road RaceTrottier Middle School 49 Parkerville Rd, Southborough, MA, .
Concord Turkey Trot
This Thanksgiving day 5K race finishes at the Alcott Elementary School and benefits theOpen Table Food Bank. 9am. Concord Turkey Trot Concord, MA, .
Thanksgiving Night Contra Dance
Alone for the holiday? Folk dancing attracts good people and it’s easy to pick up, a judgment free zone where if you misstep you just laugh and get back into place. Give it a try. 7-10pm. Thanksgiving Night Contra DanceSmith School, Ballfield Road Lincoln, MA, .
Medway Turkey Trot
Yet another Thanksgiving road race. Don a turkey costume if you wish and get ready to run at 7:30 AM. Medway Turkey Trot Medway, MA, .
Holiday Parade of Lights in Berlin NH
A great parade with floats from the community, and this year the fireworks are back! Fireworks make everything better. This is the one I want to see. 7pm. Holiday Parade of Lights in Berlin NHMain Street Berlin, NH, .
Thanksgiving Eve Work Up an Appetite Dance
Contra dancing, according (again) to my sister, is a blast – and a great way to work off that turkey, stuffing, cannoli, pie, rolls, other pie, and ice cream. It’s fun, upbeat, low-key, and non-judgey. if you like moving your feet, but hate the abstract nature of a club, this could right up your alley. 8pm-11:30pm. Thanksgiving Eve Work Up an Appetite Dance Peterborough, NH, .
Dance Off the Turkey!
My sister is a gold medal winning dancer (not to brag) and she constantly tells me how fun dance events are, even for the awkward, nervous, or two-left-footed. Everyone is cheerful, upbeat, and eager to spin or be spun. This one offers lessons featuring songs that will play during the actual dance, so you can even study for it. Dance Off the Turkey!Queen City Ballroom21 Dow Street * Above Sanel Co Manchester, NH, .
Cannon Homecoming Party!
Holiday photo-booths, free smores and cocoa (yes!), and something called an ‘AMP Teen Zone’ with games, makes this 11/30 ‘homecoming’ kick-off at Cannon Mountain stand out from others. Plus everyone in New England hopefully takes every chance they get to ride their famous tramway, and here’s a great one! 1:30pm. Cannon Homecoming Party!Franconia Notch Franconia, NH, .
Maudslay Turkey Trot
Joppa Flatts running club is putting on this 1100 hundred strong Thanksgiving day race! Joppa Flatts is also a legendary blues-man of the future. 8:20am. Maudslay Turkey TrotMaudslay State Park Newburyport, MA, .
Dedham Turkey Trot 5K
cool sounding charity ‘Ripples of Hope’ puts on this local run that benefits the Dedham Food Pantry and is sponsored. 8am. Dedham Turkey Trot 5KThe Endicott Estate Dedham, MA, .
Winner’s Circle Running Club Wild Turkey Trot
Run The Circle’ at Pipestave Hill / Mill Pond Recreation Center! 8:30am. Winner's Circle Running Club Wild Turkey TrotEasy access off Rte. 95 on Rte. 113 West Newbury, MA, .
Wild Turkey 5 Mile Run
This 5-mile ‘Wild Turkey’ run promises to be a haunting good time in Salem, Ma. with some of the proceeds benefiting the Boys &Girls Club of America. Also it’s something to do in Salem that doesn’t involve Halloween, so there’s that. Wild Turkey 5 Mile RunFairly flat course along scenic waterfront route Salem, MA, .
Winter Waterfowl & Seabird Caravan
A team of naturalists leads this birding ‘caravan’ with an eye toward spotting waterfowls and seabirds. Birders are good folks. Very observant. 10:00am-1:00pm. Winter Waterfowl & Seabird CaravanSalty Brine State Beach, 254 Great Island Road, Narragansett, RI, .
National Day of Mourning
Since the American Indian Movement of the 1970s, Native American Rights activists gather in Plymouth to protest the Thanksgiving holiday and raise awareness about the continued plight of the Native population in this country. Regardless of how you choose to observe this holiday (or not), it’s good to be aware that this is happening! National Day of MourningColes Hill Plymouth, MA, .
Fall Festival at Felix Neck
Birding’ is the official term for people who take bird watching seriously. It’s also the noise I hear in my head when I have a good idea (Birr-ding!). This Portland event features an expert birder (birdinger?), a 9am nature walk, facepainting, live music by ‘The Flying Elbows’ and birds of prey demonstrations, and in a show of holiday kindness, free-of-charge binocular borrows with admission. 11am-3pm. Fall Festival at Felix NeckFelix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary, 100 Felix Neck Drive, Edgartown, MA, .
Fall Festival
Hayrides, birdwatching tours, wreath making, face painting, food, crafts, and a musical act named after a pro-wrestling move ensure that Marshfield’s fall festival is at the top of anyone’s post-Thanksgiving to-do list. 11am-3pm. Fall FestivalDaniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary Marshfield, MA, .
New England Celebrities Tackle Cancer Gala
Got 200 dollars kicking around for a good cause? The Joe Andruzzi Foundation could be that cause. This ‘gala’ (I love that word) features a silent auction, three course meal, various Patriots players hobnobbing about, and more! New England Celebrities Tackle Cancer GalaGillette Stadium Foxboro, MA, .
Bright Nights 5K Road Race
Bright Nights is my 2nd favorite holiday lights attraction, and they’re holding a race, which quite appropriately is held at night when all the lights will be on! They’ve reached their capacity for runners this year, but it’s still fun to watch. 6:30pm. Bright Nights 5K Road RaceMain Street, Downtown Springfield Springfield, MA, .
Putney Craft Tour Open Studios
Grab the map and hit the road, as adventure and crafting combine to bring you 26 awesome artisans. The less you know about each one the better. One minute you’ll be watching someone glass blow awesome sculptures, and the next you’ll have more gourmet cheese than you can handle. Whip & Indiana Jones hat not included. 10am – 5pm. Putney Craft Tour Open Studiosall Over SE Vermont Putney, VT, .
Thanksgiving Weekend at Billings Farm & Museum
Really, Billing’s Farm? ‘hands-on harvest and food preservation activities’? I’m onto you, trying to rook folks into doing your work for you. For shame. Oh wait, there’s also pressed cider, wagon rides, traditional cooking demonstrations, and a class on what to do with excess pie crust (eat it? I assume the answer to that is eat it). 10am – 3pm. Thanksgiving Weekend at Billings Farm & MuseumThe Billings Farm & Museum, gateway to Vermont’s rural heritage Woodstock, VT, .
Thanksgiving Weekends at OSV
You should never need an excuse to visit my favorite re-enactment museum, Old Sturbridge Village, which is holding some authentic 1830s style Thanksgiving dinners. There’s also a shooting match and an 1830s wedding. Thanksgiving Weekends at OSV Sturbridge, MA, .
Higgins Armory is Closing
The Higgins Armory is closing at the end of 2013! Come explore the weapons, suits of armor, and learn old-timey combat from re-enactors. Higgins Armory is Closing Worcester, MA, .
Ho Ho Holidays
Handel’s Messiah Sing-In
If you can’t get enough Handel during the holidays, The Berkshire Bach Society invites you to sing along. 4pm. Handel's Messiah Sing-InFirst Congregational Church 251 Main Street Great Barrington, MA, .
BLINK! At Faneuil Hall Marketplace
Talk about Xmas bombardment! The lights will be on through January 5th but the fun gets going on November 23rd with all day fun with various musical and dance performances. 12pm for 11/23 day long event, lights will be on every night after through 1/5. BLINK! At Faneuil Hall MarketplaceFaneuil Hall Boston, MA, .
Macy’s Holiday Tree Lighting
Macy’s annual post-Thanksgiving tree lighting in Boston continues, as the store places this year’s holiday tree atop the marquee at the Downtown Crossing Macy’s location. 4pm. Macy's Holiday Tree LightingMacy’s Boston, MA, .
At Home With the Gores: the Thanksgiving Holiday Tour
Gore Place’ is…former Massachusetts’ Governor Christopher Gore’s…place. The mansion has animals, sprawling green lawns, and… it sounds like I’m talking about a golf course. The special post-Thanksgiving tour offers insight into 19th century cooking, entertaining, celebration, and if you hurry you can be the first tour goer to say ‘did Chrisotpher Gore invent the Internet?’ because no one has ever heard that one, before. 7:30pm. At Home With the Gores: the Thanksgiving Holiday TourGore Place , 52 Gore Street, Waltham, MA, .
Winthrop Holiday Lighting Festival
Winthrop is hosting some horse-drawn sleigh rides and Santa will arrive on a fire engine. Santa knows how to make an entrance! Plenty of costumed friends will be there, too. Clowns, pony rides, a juggler, and cute performances like kids doing martial arts. Plus costumed characters like Rudolph the Reindeer, Frosty, The Grinch, and Cookie Monster for some reason. This outdoor event will be cancelled if raining. 3-6pm. Winthrop Holiday Lighting FestivalFrench Square Winthrop, MA, .
TubaChristmas Concert at Fanueil Hall
There are a lot of Boston tree lightings, but here’s my favorite: a concert with over 200 tubas! This year Joe Wright to guest conduct! 2pm. TubaChristmas Concert at Fanueil HallFaneuil Hall Marketplace 1 Faneuil Hall Square Boston, MA, .
Roslindale Tree Lighting
Tree lighting, caroling, Santa, etc. I’m mainly listing these because they’re in metro Boston. Believe me, I have excluded dozens of these out in West Nowheresland. 3-5pm. Roslindale Tree LightingAdams Park, Cummins Hwy And Washington St Roslindale, MA, .
Chanukah Experience at Faneuil Hall
Faneuil Hall’s Chanukah Celebration may just get me back in the game. With games, activities, hot latkes, and gelt (don’t be scared, they’re chocolate), this is a great event for those looking to get in the Chanukah spirit, or those interested in expierencing the culture for the first time. Chanukah Experience at Faneuil HallFaneuil Hall, 1 Faneuil Hall Square, Boston, MA, .
Copley Square Tree Lighting
Santa, Rudolph and Mayor Menino highlight this 12/2 tree lighting in Copley square. You know, I never *have* seen Mr. Menino and Santa in the same place before. I wonder if…Nahhhh. Impossible, right? 5pm. Copley Square Tree LightingCopley Square Boston, MA, .
Chanukah Menorah Lighting At Massachusetts State House
Thanksgivukkah’ is the buzzword being tossed around to describe the once-in-a-lifetime cross over of Thanksgiving and Chanukah. Governor Deval Patrick is expected to be at this event, along with a variety of other officials and religious leaders. Nourish your tummy, then nourish your spirit! Chanukah Menorah Lighting At Massachusetts State HouseMassachusetts State House, Beacon and Park St Boston, MA, .
Tree Lightings around Boston
I don’t really get tree lightings. Someone flicks a switch and a tree lights up. I guess that’s good? The best tree lightings include a visit from Santa, refreshments, singing, and more, but Boston’s tree lightings aren’t very well described. Here’s the complete list and I’ve highlighted several below. Tree Lightings around Boston Boston, MA, .
Christmas Eve Caroling – Louisburg Square on Beacon Hill
In Beacon Hill’s Louisburg Square, the US tradition of Xmas Eve bellringing began in 1924. It’s not a widely publicized event, but a fun one. Christmas Eve Caroling - Louisburg Square on Beacon Hill Boston, MA, .
MassArt Annual Holiday Sale
Student art sales are a great way to find a creative holiday bargain. This one’s at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. At least there’s no merchant mark-up and you’re benefiting the students directly. Who knows?— You might land a piece by the next Kiki Smith or Damien Hirst! MassArt Annual Holiday SaleTower Building Lobby Boston, MA, .
Charles Hotel Tree Lighting
This one was postponed to Dec 18 because it was too warm last week. Ha! A warm weather postponement in Boston! Tree decorating 4pm, live music 4:30pm, hot chocolate, snacks, and Santa. 5:30pm. Charles Hotel Tree LightingThe Charles Hotel, One Bennett Street Cambridge, MA, .
Yulefest 5k
Remember all those charity road races last week? There are plenty coming up for the holidays, too. Here’s one in Harvard. I’m not sure what pre-Christmas celebrations they’re alluding to in the description, though. I don’t see any pictures of well-meaning neo-pagans in capes? Yulefest 5kHarvard Square Cambridge, MA, .
Anderson Tree Lighting in Logan Square
This one has a carousel, stage shows, kids games, horse-drawn sleigh rides, and of course pictures with Santa! 1-5:30pm. Tree lighting at 4:30 with Mayor Menino. Anderson Tree Lighting in Logan SquareHyde Park’s Logan Square Hyde Park, MA, .
Glassblowers Christmas
See the beauty of hundreds of glass ornaments all the way through christmas. Ornaments are a great way to honor memories and this event could be a great way to make some new ones! Glassblowers ChristmasSandwich Glass Museum Sandwich, MA, .
Gardens Aglow Celebration of Lights
Santa on a train, Santa on a boat, Santa in a sleigh, and now, Santa in a Ford Model T at the Heritage Museums and Gardens. A vintage carousel adds entertainment value, as does live music and dance performances. Also the crafts and decorating you’d come to expect from such events are present and accounted for. 5-9pm. Gardens Aglow Celebration of LightsHeritage Museums and Gardens Sandwich, MA, .
Lighting and Reading of the Littlest Christmas Tree
Take that Charlie Brown and Linus! Sandwich, MA has the real littliest Christmas tree. How little is it? I don’t know, but I heard a rumor they used one of Lucky Charms’ marshmallow stars as the topper (that’s a lie). Come see (or maybe not see) how little the tree is for yourself 12/1. 5pm. Lighting and Reading of the Littlest Christmas TreeShawme Pond Sandwich, MA, .
Christmas at the Museums on the Green
This has a similar premise to the Storrowton event, but this is more like a museum tour than a festival. Take your pick. Christmas at the Museums on the Green Falmouth, MA, .
Holiday Lights
Music is great. Light is great. Music in tune with blinking Christmas Lights is sublime. Lake Compounce puts on such a show every half hour this holiday season, along with covering the whole park with lights and holiday displays. Some rides will be open too. 5-9pm. Holiday LightsLake Compounce Family Theme Park Bristol, CT, .
Santa and Mrs. Claus in Olde Mistick Village
The website says that Santa and Mrs. Claus will be children in Old Mistick Village. Either Santa has discovered the fountain of youth, or it’s a typo. It happens to everyone, just gotta be sure to avoid the really bag ones. Then again, with a town name like Mystic, anything is possible. Could be worth checking out just see what’s really going down. 12-3pm. Santa and Mrs. Claus in Olde Mistick VillageOlde Mistick Village Mystic, CT, .
Santa’s Trolley
Santa on a trolley! I mean, Santa’s always been a ‘green’ cat anyway. His sleigh uses no fossil fuel for example. Hopefully someone informs Mr. Claus that the Shore Line Trolley is actually a musuem, and not a valid form of transportation. The good news: With him stationary, you can visit, get a photo with Santa and your kids, AND your gets get a toy out of it, too. 10:30am – 7pm. Santa's TrolleyThe Shore Line Trolley Museum East Haven, CT, .
Norwich Winterfest Parade
The Norwich Winterfest Parade doubles as a contest for float bragging rights. You better bet these floats are going to bring their A game. July 4th? Labor day? Columbus day? Small potatoes. This one’s for all the marbles. Expect free candy. 1am. Norwich Winterfest Parade Norwich, CT, .
Ivoryton Illuminations
Ivoryton Illuminations has 200,000 thousand lights. Have you seen 200,000 anything, ever? Nope, me neither. Have you ever seen 200,000 lights blink in time to a local radio station’s Christmas music? It’s like a laser light show without hippies! Check it out 11/30. 5-8pm. Ivoryton IlluminationsIvoryton Village, Summit St Ivoryton, CT, .
Santa Arrives by Tugboat, Boat Parade
Ho ho ho, I’m getting a tow! Santa arrives spectacularly by tugboat, and then watch a boat parade. This is when lighted boats cruise past, verrrrry sloooowly. 2pm and 6pm. Santa Arrives by Tugboat, Boat ParadeMystic River Park & Mystic River Mystic, CT, .
Winterfest Hartford
Hartford features free skating and free skate rentals for a month, plus professional skating shows every Friday and Saturday, 6-7pm. (Until recently, this event was known as the Hartford Festival of Light.). Winterfest HartfordBushnell Park Hartford, CT, .
Holiday Lighting & Egg Nog Contest
This holiday fest has an egg nog contest! Don’t worry, it’s a contest for the best recipe, not to see who can drink the most. That would be gross. Holiday Lighting & Egg Nog Contest Rowayton, CT, .
Tree Lighting Festival at Smolak Farms
This farm open to the public has a train ride, carolers, the ubiquitous face painting, free hot chocolate, kids crafts, apple cider donuts (or apple cider AND donuts, the jury’s out) and Santa lights the tree. 2-4:30pm. Tree Lighting Festival at Smolak Farms North Andover, MA, .
Polar Express
Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, take your kids on Maine’s Polar Express. Hot Chocolate, Santa Claus, a good cause (see what I did there?), and a reading of the caldecott winning ‘The Polar Express’ ensure an adventure to remember. Multiple times available 4pm. Polar ExpressMaine Narrow Gauge Railroad Company & Museum Portland, ME, .
Light up the Holidays
Rick Charette and the Bubblegum band performs at this holiday tree lighting. Is his band made of bubblegum? Probably not, but don’t you want to see for yourself? 5:30 pm. Light up the HolidaysPortland’s Downtown District. 549 Congress Street Portland, ME, .
Tree Lighting in Monument Square
This tree lighting in Portland, Me, takes place in Monument Square, which is most likely not a square at all. More like some sort of rombus or oblong shape. Somehow the ‘Monument four sided polygon’ tree lighting doesn’t seem as majestic. Also featured is Rich Charette and the Bubblegum Band…who are probably not made of bubble gum. So many lies! 5:30 – 6:30pm. Tree Lighting in Monument SquareMonument Square Portland, ME, .
Festival of Trees at the Dyer Library and Saco Museum
I assure you Maine’s ‘Festival of Trees’ has very little (probably nothing) to do with that annual Phish concert they have there. Instead it’s dozens of professionally decorated trees, a month-long drawing contest, music, and free hot cocoa. 5pm. Festival of Trees at the Dyer Library and Saco MuseumSaco Museum, 371 Main St., Saco, ME, .
Brunswick Tree Lighting Ceremony
Cookies. Hot Chocolate. Santa. Frosty The Snowman. A tree lighting. A community sing along. Lets be honest, this sounds like something the whos from Whoville would do. Dawwww. 5-7pm. Brunswick Tree Lighting CeremonyThe Town Mall, Maine St., Brunswick, ME, .
Country Christmas in Bethel
County Christmas in Bethel, ME has a living nativity. How does that work? Is there a script? Do they live the fifteen minutes before Christmas over and over again? An endless loop of receiving Gold, Frankensense, and Mir? If that ponderment doesn’t saw you, how does live music, horse-drawn wagon rides, and a Christmas tree lighting, suit you? Country Christmas in BethelBethel Inn Conference Center Bethel, ME, .
Waterville Parade of Lights
Hey another parade of lights with over a thousand expected attendees! Well, the lights themselves aren’t parding, they’re attached to things that are parading, like cars, people, floats, and maybe even a totally embarrased family pet or two. 6pm. Waterville Parade of LightsMain Street Waterville, ME, .
Portland Tree Lighting
Nothing very different going on here, but Portland is one of the coolest cities in New England. 5:30pm-6:30pm. Portland Tree LightingMonument Square Portland, ME, .
Fort Kent Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony
This event says Santa’s ‘Elves’ will be giving out free cocoa. Why the quotes? If my 40k for writing school is to be believed, that means those elves aren’t really elves at all. What are they? Humans in funny outfits? Puppies standing on their hind legs? Robots? Velociraptors? Hopefully when Santa shows up, he can clear it up for all of us. 6:30pm. Fort Kent Christmas Tree Lighting CeremonyFort Kent Public Library, Monument Square Fort Kent, ME, .
An Old Fashioned Christmas in Bath
Bathe in Bath’s tree lighting festivities at 11am. Get sudsy with ornament making, and partake in the free, rubber-ducky esque Jingle Bells that will be handed out for caroling. Just don’t forget to wash behind your ears. 11am. An Old Fashioned Christmas in BathPatten Free Library & Park Bath, ME, .
Oxford Hills, Chamber Christmas Parade
‘A North Pole Christmas’ is the theme of thing year’s Oxford Hills Holiday parade. One day I’ll get my ‘Suburban Wisconsin Christmas’ and revel in all manner of cheeses and mustards. Floats featuring polar bears, reindeer, penguins, elves, and toy workshops are expected. 11am. Oxford Hills, Chamber Christmas ParadeOxford Hills Chamber of Commerce Norway, ME, .
Lighting Of The Nubble
Head to York Beach for the ‘Lighting of the Nubble’ on 11/30. What’s a Nubble? If you have to ask you can’t afford it. 5-7pm. Lighting Of The NubbleCape Neddick Lighthouse, Sohier Park York, ME, .
Santa Paws & Grinch Photos
Do police dogs need a bulletproof vest? I suppose that depends on how likely a police dog is to be shot. What do I google to learn that? Well, this Santa Claus fundraiser helps dogs that (maybe) need it. Santa Paws & Grinch PhotosCanton, Lakeville, Medway Canton, MA, .
Gingerbread House Classes
This has a chef, A CHEF – who went to school for years, teaching you to make Gingerbread houses. That’s like Tom Brady teaching 4th grade gym class, folks. If you (or your kid) have a fastidious eye for art, cooking, confections, and architecture *and* won’t eat the dang thing the moment you get home, this may be the one of the coolest craft events in town. 9am. Gingerbread House ClassesZebra’s Bistro Medfield, MA, .
Concord Holiday Parade and Tree Lighting
Don’t be fooled by markets pretending to be festivals. There are plenty of genuine Xmas events like this parade where Santa will arrive by fire engine, and they’ll have carolers, hot chocolate, an elephant, and historical re-enactors. The parade starts at Sudbury Road at Thoreau St and ends at the town common. Concord Holiday Parade and Tree LightingVisitors Center Concord, MA, .
Maynard’s Annual Christmas Parade
I love parades! They are generally less commercial and have more community. 2pm, from the Clocktower Place parking lot, down Main St loop through the downtown streets. Maynard's Annual Christmas Parade Maynard, MA, .
The Gift of Lights
I’m not a Christian, but I do love these Xmas nighttime attractions of lights. This is one of the largest displays of holiday lights in New England. The Gift of Lights Loudon, NH, .
Bektash Feztival of Trees
Games for kids will be happening while you participate in the auction of beautifully decorated trees. Of course, Santa will be there and you can grab some refreshments at their Candy Cane Cafe. This event runs through December 1st but the silent auction ends November 30th so don’t wait too long! Bektash Feztival of TreesBektash Shrine Center Concord, NH, .
Christmastime at Santa’s Village
This is where Christmas memories that last a lifetime are made. They have 14 different rides including a carousel and bumper cars. This year they’ve added a 3-D movie. Christmastime at Santa's Village Jefferson, NH, .
Christmas Parade of Lights
A Christmas parade of lights in Berlin, NH, with Santa, Christmas lights, and Holiday cheer. It’s enough to ‘take your breath away’ on 11/29 in Berlin, NH. 6pm. Christmas Parade of LightsMain Street Berlin, NH, .
Santa’s Holiday Express at Conway Scenic Railroad
Another Holiday train, this time offering cookies, pictures, hot chocolate, Santa, and elves. Conway railroad is a New England institution, and if you’ve never been, maybe a little ho-ho-holiday fun could be just the excuse! 2013:11:30am. Santa's Holiday Express at Conway Scenic RailroadConway Scenic Railroad, 38 Norcross Circle, North Conway, NH, .
Santa Express Trains at Hobo Railroad
The Hobo railroad is national treasure, with foilage trains being something like the leaf peeping superbowl. The holiday train is decorated for the season, and Santa and his elves are onboard for the ride, too. 1pm. Santa Express Trains at Hobo RailroadHobo RR 64 Railroad St. Lincoln, NH, .
Santa Arrives by Dogteam at Waterville Valley
It’s too cold in Boston, and you know that mountains get colder, right? So naturally skiing season is starting! To celebrate, Santa and his elves ride into Waterville Valley pulled by a team of sled dogs and there will be a tree lighting with fireworks! Arrival at 3:30, Tree Lighting/Fireworks at 7pm. Santa Arrives by Dogteam at Waterville Valley Waterville Valley, NH, .
Christmas in Wolfeboro Parade
This is a parade / festival. Santa arrives and uses his ‘magic’ to light a tree. With a handy device like The Clapper, you could be magic too. 3pm. Christmas in Wolfeboro Parade Wolfeboro, NH, .
Laconia NH Holiday Parade
Looks like much of NH is ringing in the holiday season this week. This will begin at Wyatt Park and end at Veteran’s Square with the lighting of the tree. 11am. Laconia NH Holiday ParadeWyatt Park to Veteran’s Square Laconia, NH, .
Polar Express
This event seems pretty adamant about the fact they’re the first ever ‘Polar Express’, that they’re really going to the North Pole, and when you get there, the main character from ‘The Polar Express’ will read the book about his Christmas journey to passengers in a special North Pole theater. Wild. I appreciate the dedication – and so does everyone else, judging by the limited ticket availability. Polar ExpressJackson Village Jackson, NH, .
Very Derry Holiday Parade
If you have kids and feel like getting in the Christmas spirit just two days after Thanksgiving, this event has crafts and entertainments for the little ones.1pm. Very Derry Holiday Parade Derry, NH, .
Conway Village Festival, Parade, Tree Lighting
This one has a parade and Santa, but with ice skating and professional ice skate performances. Conway Village Festival, Parade, Tree Lighting Conway, NH, .
Dover, NH Holiday Parade
The parade will make its way down Central Avenue from Sixth Street to Care Pharmacy starting at 2:45 p.m. Dover, NH Holiday ParadeCity of Dover NH, 288 Central Ave., Dover, NH, .
Merrimack Parade of Lights
Yet another parade. Merrimack Parade of Lights Merrimack, NH, .
Salem, NH Holiday Parade
This year’s theme is ‘A New England Christmas’ This parade truly brings the community together because it relys on the donation of local organizations. Christmas really is about bringing people together! 1pm. Salem, NH Holiday ParadeMain St and Policy St Salem, NH, .
Danvers Holiday Lights
More lighting and Holiday festivities in Danvers. 5:15pm. Danvers Holiday LightsCity Center Danvers, MA, .
Christmas Tours at the Gables
Holiday Tours in Salem are always fun, it’s such an eerie place. This tour takes you through the holiday decorated House of Seven Gables and provides a brief history of how Christmas has changed through the years. Aside: I got stuck in this house’s secret passage once and it almost became the House of Seven gables and a chubby 8th grader who should walk sideways through tight corners. 10am-5pm. Christmas Tours at the GablesThe House of the Seven Gables Salem, MA, .
Wreath-Making Workshop
The Essex Shipbuilding Museum wants to teach you how to build a….Wreath. Ships are next week, I guess. That said, this seems pretty robust. Ribbons, bows, dried fruit and leaves are just some of the tools you’ll be given in your quest to build the most sea worthy wreath in New England. Wreath-Making WorkshopEssex Shipbuilding Museum Essex, MA, .
Newburyport Santa Parade and Tree Lighting
Santa arrives on a US Coast Guard boat. Now that’s what I call an entrance! Newburyport Santa Parade and Tree Lighting Newburyport, MA, .
Christmas at the Newport Mansions
These mansions are beautiful, especially when they’re decked out in lights and thousands of decorations. Admission to all three decorated mansions is $28 for adults and $9 for kids 6 and older. Christmas at the Newport MansionsVarious Places Newport, RI, .
Santa Arrives in Westerly
I guess Mz. Claus is a little more progressive than we all thought! If the photo is any indication she is now going by the ‘Winter Lady’ moniker, which is both neat, and sounds like a super hero! The former Mz. Claus, along with Santa, Frosty, some elves, and angels, will all be arriving for this tree lighting via firetruck. 6-8pm. Santa Arrives in WesterlyDixon Square-Downtown Westerly Westerly, RI, .
Day After Thanksgiving
‘Have you ever seen milk change colors like a rainbow, magically pushed a straw through a potato or made a bubbling lava lamp?’ No, no I havent, Rhode Island Autobahn society’s website. But I certainly do now. This event also features a craftstable, a nature story, and a turkey trot! 10am – 2pm. Day After ThanksgivingAudubon Environmental Education Center, 1401 Hope Street, Bristol, RI, .
Santa’s Arrival at Roger Williams Park Zoo
Last year Santa arrived by HELICOPTER at 9:30am and then there was a parade at 10am. Santa’s arrival method is thusfar unknown for 2013, but It’s clearly the event to see at the Roger Williams Park Zoo, which is excellent. Because it’s at a zoo, not a shopping district, it’s bound to be less commercial and just more fun. Visitors are encouraged to bring a toy (or two) for a tot. 9:30am-11:30am. Santa's Arrival at Roger Williams Park ZooRoger Williams Park Zoo 1000 Elmwood Avenue Providence, RI, .
Movie, Tree Lighting, Caroling
Sing carols, hear live music, visit with Santa. And a movie! Movie, Tree Lighting, Caroling Newport, RI, .
Menorah at Plymouth Rock
More ‘Thanksgivukkah’ adventures, this time in Plymouth. Dreidels, Hot Latkes, Chanukah Music, and Gelt (it’s candy!), and the lighting of the first candle. If memory serves there’s also a big tall hill ripe for rolling down in the area. Menorah at Plymouth RockPilgrim Memorial State Park Plymouth, MA, .
Middleborough Christmas Festival
A parade, a musical, a choir, and you can join along in caroling at this small town Xmas celebration. Middleborough Christmas Festival Middleborough, MA, .
Brockton Holiday Parade
Creative project + history lesson = good time for all. Check out this wreath making workshop / history lesson from Lori Danek, Plimouth Plantation’s Horticulturist. You’ll walk away with your very own wreath, and a little perspective on this holiday tradition. Brockton Holiday Parade Brockton, MA, .
East Bridgewater Christmas Parade
Here’s another Christmas parade to represent the South Shore. East Bridgewater Christmas Parade East Bridgewater, MA, .
The Polar Express at Edaville USA
One of several Polar Express-themed train rides opens this weekend. It’s just a regular train ride where you wear pajamas, drink hot chocolate, and hear a reading and singing. But kids might really love it, especially if they’re fans of the book or movie. The Polar Express at Edaville USAEdaville USA Carver, MA, .
Thanksgiving Day Artisan Festival 2013
It takes major Koines to run an artisan festival, and thankfully this one has two! Peter and Debra Koines curate this festival that’s full of hand made gifts including soap, sweaters, vintage leather bags, *and* your 2.00 parking fee goes to a scholarship fund. 10am – 4pm. Thanksgiving Day Artisan Festival 2013Agricultural Hall, 1067 State Road, West Tisbury, MA, .
Norton Lighting of the Common
Sing carols with Santa and Mrs. Claus. Norton Lighting of the Common Norton, MA, .
First Light Community Hanukkah Celebration
It’s the largest menorah in Western Massachusetts. Come see it get lit, with singing, games, and strange food like latkes and sufganiyot. This is outdoors, right? It’s free! 4:30pm. First Light Community Hanukkah CelebrationSJCC, 1160 Dickinson Street, Springfield, MA, .
Springfield’s Festival of Trees
A ‘festival of trees’ that features quite a lot of trees – some would say a forest, all decorated and donated by folks eager to support the cause. 11am -3pm. Springfield's Festival of TreesTower Square, 1500 Main Street, Springfield, MA, .
Manchester Merriment
Normally I’d ignore an event so far away, but this time the Santa parade is a tractor parade! Horse and wagon rides, live music. Because it’s 6 weeks long, there is plenty of time to plan a trip there! You can even travel by tractor and get there in time! Manchester MerrimentAll Over Manchester, VT, .
Lights of Christmas
A monument lighting with another live Navitiy on 11/29 in Vermont. I wonder how you audition for that gig? Lights of ChristmasJoseph Smith Birthplace Memorial Royalton, VT, .
Mount Snow Torchlight Parade and Fireworks
I’ve never been skiing while fireworks are going off, and this ski attraction in Vermont could make that very specific dream come true. 5:45pm. Mount Snow Torchlight Parade and FireworksMount Snow Mount Snow, VT, .
Annual Festival of Trees
A ‘pajama party’, a parade, and a holiday run with jingle bells! All just 4.5 hours from Boston. Annual Festival of TreesTaylor Park, Downtown St. Albans St. Albans, VT, , .
Holidays at the WAM
WAM, the Worcester Art Museum, isn’t kidding around. Expanded Cafe Hours, seasonal decorations, changing programming for the kiddies, if you’ve never been, now’s the time to go, and and if you have, why not check out what changed! Holidays at the WAMWorcester Art Museum Worcester, MA, .
Christmas Festival at Asa Waters Mansion
If you’ve been to my blog before, you’ll know that I love historical re-enactments, so this is MY kind of holiday event! There will be Civil War re-enactors in addition to the ubiquitous visit from Santa, live music, and tree lighting. Christmas Festival at Asa Waters Mansion Millbury, MA, .
Oy Oy Oy
Public Menorah Lighting on Boston Common
I worked hard to find some Hanukkah events as well. This menorah lighting on Boston Common goes completely undescribed. Last year they had some kind of music. 3pm. near Park St. Subway. Public Menorah Lighting on Boston CommonBoston Common Boston, MA, .
Lights & Strikes Chanukkah Party
This Chanukkah party has got bowling and cocktails, and is aimed at the twenty-something crowd. Lights & Strikes Chanukkah PartyJillian’s Boston Boston, MA, .
Chanukkah Wonderland
This Chanukah skating event features Jewish music, a free raffle, Kosher concessions, a menorah lighting, crafts, and donuts, gelt, and dreidels. Chanukkah WonderlandTemple Sinai Brookline, MA, .
Menorah Lighting on Needham Town Common
And this one also features Gelt. What is Gelt? It’s chocolate coins! And it features donuts. Menorah Lighting on Needham Town CommonNeedham Town Common Needham, MA, .
Chanukah Festival of Lights – Majestic Theater Lobby
Chanukkah, the Jewish festival of rededication, also known as the festival of lights, is an eight-day celebration which begins this year on Wednesday evening, November 27th. Chanukah Festival of Lights - Majestic Theater LobbyMajestic Theater West Springfield, MA, .
Review: The Cocktail Hour
The pre-dinner cocktail is a revered ritual in John’s parents’ elegant home, but when he returns to announce that he has written a play about them, their calm demeanor dissolves. Click for our review! Review: The Cocktail HourAvenue of the Arts Theatre Boston, MA, .
From White Plains
Take an in depth look at the pasts of four male individuals – some straight, some gay, all of whom have past demons they need to face before moving forward in life. the play also becomes a thoughtful meditation on pride, shame, and the dynamics of love and sexual identity. From White PlainsChelsea Theatre Works, 189 Winnisimmet St., Chelsea, MA, .
Review: Camelot
Camelot is a classic, and the story of King Arthur, QueenGuenevere, and Sir Lancelot is a timeless whose essence has been told and retold through film, television, books, novels, and sometimes our actual lives. 7:30pm. Review: CamelotNew Repertory Theatre, 321 Arsenal Street, Watertown, MA, .
The Capitol Steps
This is an evening of musical political satire called the Capitol Steps. I’ve seen it and it’s way more cerebral and clever than anything you’ve seen on Saturday Night Live. Definitely check this out! Performances at 5pm and 8pm. The Capitol StepsSanders Theatre, Memorial Hall Cambridge, MA, .
The Slutcracker
Here’s your last chance to catch this hugely popular holiday burlesque show this year! The SlutcrackerThe Somerville Theatre Somerville, MA, .
Jimmy Tingle: Live on Stage and Screen
Here’s your chance to see the popular local comedian’s documentary ‘Jimmy Tingle’s American Dream,’ followed by a Q&A and live performance. 10pm both nights. Jimmy Tingle: Live on Stage and ScreenCenter for the Arts at the Armory Somerville, MA, .
New England Ringers Handbell Concert – Merrimack College
I’ve never seen a real bellringers concert. I would love so much to attend this! And more concerts all across New England — see the website. 4pm. New England Ringers Handbell Concert - Merrimack CollegeRogers Center for the Arts Merrimack College 315 Turnpike St. North Andover, MA, .
Fantasy of Lights
Another light spectacle to start off the Holiday season. This one is cool because they give you 3-D glasses so you can better appreciate the lights. Fantasy of LightsLighthouse Point Park New Haven, CT, .
Mystic Turkey Trot & Dip
Looks like crazy people in Mystic, CT, meet up then jump into a chilly lake after a 3-mile run and somehow that’s related to raising money for charity! 8am. Mystic Turkey Trot & DipMystic Branch YMCA Mystic, CT, .
Opening Show for Hartford Winterfest
Winterfest sounds TREMENDOUS but it’s really free public skating and skate rentals — all winter thru February. I guess that’s pretty cool! Opening Night Nov 29 features a ribbon cutting, caroling, and pictures with Santa. 11am. Opening Show for Hartford WinterfestBushnell Park Hartford, CT, .
Charles W. Morgan Day
Like old boats? No? What about the *oldest* boat. The Morgan is the oldest, still-floating commercial vessel in America. Still not a fan? It’s free. Still no? They let you on it and offer tours for the nautically hearted. Even better, It’s restaurant week. So you can get your sea legs, and then some sea food. Charles W. Morgan DayMystic Seaport Mystic, CT, .
Field Days
Confession time: Games are my favorite thing – video, board, puzzle, hunger, you name it, I play it. If you ever wanted to try out games from the 19th century like graces, stilts, and hoops (last seen on Star Trek: The Next Generation) this-post Thanksgiving festival in Mystic, CT could be for you. For the non competitve (looking at *you*, Mom), there’s toy boat making, paper bag puppets, and historic boats you’re seemingly allowed to climb on. 10am – 4pm. Field DaysMystic Seaport, Greenmanville Avenue Mystic, CT, .
Lantern Light Tours
I don’t know what a tavern dance is, but I love it. Take a historical lantern light tour with Victorian era costumes and hundreds of lanterns, plus the promise of surprises along the way. Mystic, CT gets all the cool stuff. Santa on a tugboat, now this. 5pm. Lantern Light ToursMystic Seaport 75 Greenmanville Ave Mystic, CT, .
The Spirit of Giving: Holiday Marketplace
This is an assemblage of various merchant in-store events, but it features participatory caroling outdoors. I’m in! The Spirit of Giving: Holiday MarketplaceThe Municipal Offices at Heminway Park 61 Echo Lake Road Watertown, CT, .
Stamford Harbor Parade of Lights
When you go to a boat parade, you learn that boats move reaaaaly slowly, especially when they’re on the horizon. But hey, it’s outdoorsy, and the boats are lathered in colored lights! Shiny! Stamford Harbor Parade of LightsStamford Harbor Stamford, CT, .
City Center Danbury welcomes Santa: Light the Lights
Free movies? Free singing? Free Shrek?! Free cookie (just one, it appears)?! Danbury, CT sure knows how to show a fellah a good time. Toss in a tree lighting, and Santa arriving via Firetruck (he’s busy today, ain’t he?) if you’re in the area this could be just the event to put you in the holiday spirit. City Center Danbury welcomes Santa: Light the LightsLibrary Plaza Danbury, CT, .
Holiday Stroll at East Lyme
This looks pretty interesting. A ‘snowflake drop’, horse-drawn carriage rides, carolers, free cocoa, and Santa is eager to take letters from kids addressed to the big guy himself. 3-7pm. Holiday Stroll at East LymeLiberty Green, Niantic Village East Lyme, CT, .
Holiday Dazzle Light Parade in Putnam
You’re going to dazzle me with your lights so often that they need their own parade? Alright! Bring it on. 5pm. Holiday Dazzle Light Parade in PutnamDowntown Putnam & Rotary Park Putnam, CT, .
Celebration of Light and Song throughout the World
In addition to a traditional tree lighting, there will be participatory caroling, an ice skating performance, and then an opportunity for everyone else to skate! 4-8pm. Celebration of Light and Song throughout the WorldParade Plaza New London, CT, .
Kora Shriner’s FEZtival of Trees
There will be an excess of 60 display trees, a craft fair, a silent auction and of course the kitchen will be open. And yes, Santa will be putting in an appearance. It’s only $2 for adults. Kora Shriner's FEZtival of Trees Lewiston, ME, .
Rockland Festival of Lights Celebration
Santa shows up in a coast guard boat at noon. Throughout Main street you can gaze into shops and see delactable gingerbread houses (that you can’t eat), before the parade and lights festival at 6pm. 6pm. Rockland Festival of Lights CelebrationRockland Main Street, 417 Main Street #203, Rockland, ME, .
Tin Mountain Round Up at Sugarloaf
Ski for cheap, and help a good cause on 11/30! Get a ski pass or ride pass for just $39 if you donate three or more canned food items. But don’t be a jerk about it. I knew a guy who brought canned fish oil once. Who’s gonna eat that?! Tin Mountain Round Up at SugarloafSugarloaf Mountain Carrabassett Valley, ME, .
Christmas Celebration in Littleton
Little town, big spirit! Check out Littleton NH’s Christmas festivites on Nov. 29th, meet Santa, check out the crafts, and get in the Holiday spirit. Christmas Celebration in LittletonMain Street Littleton, NH, .
Traditionally Yours Celebration
You had me at fondue taste-testings, ‘Traditionally Yours’. Then you had to throw in wine tasting, crafts, and something called a chocolate tour. Looks like I’m gonna need a bigger belt. Sign me up! 4pm. Traditionally Yours CelebrationJackson Area Jackson, NH, .
Moonlight Magic
Moonlight Magic in Shelburne Falls has become a traditional event across the region. It’s the kick-off to the holiday season that includes Lighting of the Village, the Parade of Lights, Santa’s Workshop, carolers, and street performers. 4pm. Moonlight MagicDowntown Shelburne Falls Shelburne Falls, MA, .
Wagon Ride Weekends at Billings Farm & Museum
This event is probably best for kids and true animal lovers. Enjoy the beautiful fall weather with a wagon ride before its too cold. There’s also an operating dairy farm and farm life exhibit so be sure to check those out too! Wagon Ride Weekends at Billings Farm & MuseumBillings Farm and Museum Woodstock, VT, .
Greater Barre Craft Guild’s Winter Festival
This event has twelve speciality food vendors in addition to dozens of other craftsmen and women. Twelve! One of them is dedicated to mustard. How cool is it that your entire life, dedicated to mustard and mustardy products? While everyone else is New England is focused on Maple Syrup, Lobstah, and Gouda Cheese, you’re the mustard guy, making pretzels and hot dogs better, one little plastic cup at a time. You also get to go to cool events like this one. Check it out. 9am – 5pm
. Greater Barre Craft Guild's Winter FestivalGreater Barre Craft Guild Barre, VT, .
Coolidge Holiday Open House
Craft demos and sleigh rides as the whole town celebrates the birthplace of former US president Calvin Coolidge. Coolidge Holiday Open House Plymouth, VT, .
Holiday Lights + Santa Events
 Holiday Light Displays & Santa Events – click map above to set region Wed 11/27 Thu 11/28 Fri 11/29 Sat 11/30 Sun 12/1 Mon 12/2 Tue 12/3 Wed 12/4
Stone Zoo’s ZoolightsBoston, MA

Daily 5-9pm. ZooLights promises to dazzle visitors of all ages this holiday season. Enter a winter wonderland of tree-lined paths lit by thousands of twinkling lights. Stroll through festively decorated Yukon Creek, home to bald eagles, North American porcupines, reindeer and arctic foxes. Meet Stone Zoo’s reindeer up close during nightly photo opportunities.* Visit with Santa, who awaits your arrival in Santa’s Castle. Jolly Old St. Nick will be available for photos through Dec. 23. After visiting with Santa, enter a magical holiday world filled with fairy tale characters and dancing plush animals.
149 Pond Street, 617-541-5466. more
Holiday Landscapes – The Lights at Gudzevich ResidenceStoneham, MA

It’s a private home but a really expansive lights display, with lights that flash in rhythm to music broadcast over an FM transmitter.
83 Franklin St more
The Sachs Family Light DisplayBellingham, MA

Just a private home, but they play music over FM radio. Tune in to 101.7 FM to “listen!
21 Mann Street, (617) 595-7167. more
Enchanted Village at Jordan’s FurnitureAvon, MA

Free! It’s a 1958 Jordan Marsh display that’s been restored to health by Jordan’s Furniture. Website is unclear for how long the display goes. Santa will be on hand every day; see the website for specific times.
Jordan’s Furniture, 100 Stockwell Dr more
Edaville Railroad’s Christmas Festival of LightsCarver, MA

The biggest and best “holiday lights” display in New England is quite non-religious, with Santa letting kids sit on his lap but also plenty of generic fare like Frosty the Snowman and a tip of the hat to Hannukah. They have a train ride, ferris wheel, carousel, and other rides, with 7 million lights. Tons of fun even for adults! Begins as early as November 22! Whoa. 2012: Mon-Fri 4-9pm, Sat-Sun 2-9pm.
Pine Street, 508-866-8190. more
La Salette Shrine Festival of LightsAttleboro, MA

5-9pm. Very religious: it’s a shrine. But I’ve been and it was nice anyway. Over 300,000 lights covering 10 acres. Trolley rides Fri-Sun.
947 Park Street, 508-222-5410. more
Visit with Santa at Smolak FarmsNorth Andover, MA

Lots of different holiday events throughout the season, from a Roaming Railroad train and hayrides with Santa, to cookie decorating and crafts and a Santa’s workshop. Many family-oriented things to choose from. Tree lighting is November 24th this year. 2012.
Smolak Farms, 315 South Bradford St, 978-682-6332. more
Leicester ChristmasLeicester, MA

Over 50,000 lights and 53 inflatables. Santa is there on Saturdays! Nightly from 4:30pm-9pm.
Waite Street more
Springfield’s Bright Night at Forest ParkSpringfield, MA

Sunday to Thursday- 5pm to 9pm. Friday, Saturday and Holidays- 5pm to 11pm 550,000 lights. Great! 2nd best to Edaville. Check out the Springfield Museums or zoo (open during school holidays in Dec) while you’re there.
Rt 83, 413-733-3800. more
Heritage Museum Gardens AglowSandwich, MA

2013. 1 million lights. Toast marshmallows. Carousel. Santa in a Model T Ford. New this year, the Hidden Hollow is open to visitors. Music. 5-9pm.
67 Grove Street, 508-888-3300. more
Christmas at the Newport MansionsNewport, RI

2013. The Breakers, The Elms, and Marble House will be decorated in period detail for the holidays and open daily for tours. On Christmas Eve, the last tour begins at 4pm. Houses are closed for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Various locations more
That Crazy Christmas HouseCoventry, RI

Over 63,000 lights and 64 computerized displays. Tune in to 107.5. Every night until Christmas: Mon-Thu 5pm – 9:30pm, Fri-Sat 5-10pm, Christmas Eve: 5pm-2am, and Christmas Night: 5pm-12am.
9 Blue Spruce Drive more
The Picozzi Family ChristmasWarwick, RI

2013. Another private home light display. Tune in to 97.1 FM to “listen” to the display. Donations will be accepted for the Make a Wish Foundation. They do cancel for inclement weather, so check the website before you go.
75 Gristmill Rd more
Santa’s Arrival & Holiday ParadeProvidence, RI

9:30am. A parade with Santa and various costumed characters, carolers, photo opportunities, and a holiday gift drive. Free with zoo admission.
1000 Elmwood Avenue, 401-941-4998 ext 316, or 401-785-3510 ext 343. more
Head Family ChristmasRumford, RI

Mon-Thu: 5-9pm, Fri-Sat: 5-9:30pm, Sun: 5- 9pm. Just a private home, but a big one! Collecting donations to benefit the Make a Wish Foundation.
Merchant Street more
Gift of Lights at New Hampshire Motor SpeedwayLoudon, NH

4:30pm-9pm daily. Drive more than two miles in your car past 2.5 million lights in 400 displays. Santa’s Village, costumed characters, free s’mores, arctic village.
1122 Route 106 North, 765-664-3918. more
Christmastime at Santa’s VillageJefferson, NH

Lights display, Santa, reindeer, rides. Friday Nov 29, 11am-7pm. Plus all Saturdays and Sundays from Dec 1st to 22nd. Saturdays 11am-7pm. Sundays 11am-6pm.
Route 2, 603-586-4445. more
Mousseau and RoyHudson, NH

Just a private home, but a big one! Mon – Sun: 4:30 pm – 10:00 pm.
75 Pelham Street more
Santa’s Holiday ExpressNorth Conway, NH

This is a more generic train ride- it’s just got Santa, elves, and hot chocolate.
38 Norcross Circle, 603-356-5251. more
Christmas Lights at La Salette Shrine & CenterEnfield, NH

Opening weekend Nov 30-Dec 1, 5-9pm. Nightly Dec 6-Dec 31 5-9pm. 45,000 evening lights spread across 30 acres. .
410 NH Route 4A, 603-632-7087. more
Horse and Wagon Rides at the Rocks EstateBethlehem, NH

Free horse-drawn wagon rides are reserved for package customers up until Sunday at noon, and open to the general public after. Reservations are strongly encouraged. Basically a marketing ploy to get you to buy a tree.
The Rocks Estate, 4 Christmas Lane, 603-444-6228. more
Holiday Light FantasiaHartford, CT

You drive through this one. Sun-Thu 5-9pm, Fri-Sat 5-10pm. $12 per car, $25 per limousine… Wait, what? That’s a thing that happens?!
1130 Maple Ave, 860-742-2267. more
Fantasy of LightsNew Haven, CT

Sunday to Thursday- 5:00-9:00 pm, Friday to Saturday- 5:00-10:00 pm.
Light House Point Park, 2 Lighthouse Road, 203-777-2000. more
That House in MilfordMilford, CT

5:00 to 9:30 Sunday through Thursday and 5:00 to 10:00 Friday and Saturday. Also 5:00 to 10:00 on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Years Day.
75 Meadows End Road more
Lincoln LightsOrange, CT

The lights will be on Monday-Thursday 5:30pm-9:30pm, Friday-Saturday 5:30pm-10:30pm and Sunday 5:30 pm-9:30 pm. This year they’ll also be collecting donations for the Red Cross to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy.
Holiday Lights at Lake CompounceBristol, CT

The park will be covered in lights, thousands of bulbs Spectacular light shows every half hour set to music. A selection of children’s and family rides will be open. Find all “12 Days of Christmas” – 12 light displays throughout the park. Meet Santa! Fridays: 5pm to 9 pm, Saturdays: 4 pm to 9 pm.
822 Lake Avenue, Bristol, CT 06010, 860-583-3300. more
WinterFest at Connecticut Trolley MuseumEast Windsor, CT

Trolley ride through holiday lights, sing-along carols and meet Santa. Friday-Sunday 5-9pm. After December 25th: 6-pm.
58 North Road, 860-627-6540. more
A Grand Holiday at the Mansion- From Victorian to ModernNorwalk, CT

A Victorian mansion, where there are holiday displays throughout the house with period rooms decorated to show the changing traditions from the 1850s-1890s. Tours Wednesday-Sunday, 1pm-3pm.
295 West Avenue more
Lantern Light ToursMystic, CT

This is a walk through a re-enactment museum portraying Christmas eve 1876! Wow!! 5pm to 8pm. Tours fill up; register in advance.
Mystic Seaport, 860-572-5365. more
Holiday Santa Trains/Northern Lights LimitedThomaston, CT

Santa visits ALL December train rides! Just pick your date. There is also a special “Northern Lights Limited to Santa’s Train Workshop” trip. Dates are as follows: Saturday, November 30 at 5 &7 PM, Sunday, December 1 at 5 PM, Saturdays & Sundays, December 7-22 at 5 & 7 PM.
242 E Main Street more
Lights On LovleyPlantsville, CT

Drive up and tune your radio to 96.1FM. Sunday-Thursday 5-10pm and Friday-Saturday 5-11pm.
14 Lovley Dr more
Limington LightsLimington, ME

30,000 lights and an 18ft “Mega Tree.” Nightly from 4:30pm-10pm.
5 Coventry Drive more
The Nubble LighthouseYork, ME

The famous Nubble lighthouse is lit up for Christmas on November 30th starting at 5pm. Shuttles running from Ellis Park at Short Sands Beach from 3:00pm to 7:00pm.
11 Sohier Park Road more
KringlevilleWaterville, ME

Visit Santa. Kicks off with Parade of Lights.
Downtown more
Waitsfield’s Grand IlluminationWaitsfield, VT

Begins daily at dusk. The whole town lights up, including the oldest, still-functioning covered bridge in VT.
Townwide more
Rutland Area Christmas and Holiday Lights TourWallingford, VT

A heated bus will take you on a two-hour tour of the area to show you all the best lights. Tours leave Rutland at 4:30, 6:30, and 8:30 each evening in December and are $15 per person. Reservations are necessary.
2788 South Main Street Rt. 7 more