Events INSIDER: Nov 12-20, 2012

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I’m appearing at EntreTech Forum!
What makes a successful mobile app company? I’ll be sitting on a panel taking questions and hawking my mobile app calendar of business and tech events. Check it out! 6:30pm but arrive early for networking. I'm appearing at EntreTech Forum!Foley Hoag at Bay Colony Corporate Center, 1000 Winter Street, Suite 4000 Waltham, MA, .
Johnny’s Picks
America’s Hometown USA Thanksgiving Celebration
Christmas can wait. Is it okay if we celebrate Thanksgiving first? I’ve been to this festival in Plymouth that attracts 125,000. There’s a concert Friday night, a parade, festival, scavenger hunt, and Air Force flyover on Saturday, and a smaller harvest fest Sunday. They’ll also have an encampment of historical re-enactors, the Mayflower II ship, and a ton more. America's Hometown USA Thanksgiving CelebrationWater Street Plymouth, MA, .
Frog Pond Opening Day and Skate Performance
There’s an ice skating rink on Frog Pond in Boston Common that is refigerated and open in warm or cold weather from this week through March. For opening day, they bring professional ice skaters to perform, the Mayor will give a speech, and skating for the day is free! It’s a wonderful event — highly recommended! 6pm. Frog Pond Opening Day and Skate PerformanceBoston Common Boston, MA, .
Spartan Race Fenway Park
I guess an extreme obstacle course is an inventive way to make room for all that holiday weight you might gain! The 11/17 event is sold out, but there’s still room on the 18th! Register while you still can. Spartan Race Fenway ParkFenway Park Boston, MA, .
Stars and Meteors at the Holidays: Leonids
This ticketed astronomy event is scheduled for the Leonids. Stars and Meteors at the Holidays: LeonidsBroadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary Natick, MA, .
Free Star Parties
Check out some stars with a professional atronomer- FOR FREE! Register in advance. 7-10pm. Cancelled if inclement weather, which could just mean cloudy! Free Star PartiesMoose Hill Sharon, MA, .
Thanksgiving Harvest Fest and Civil War Encampment
Why can’t all harvest fests be like this? Blacksmithing demos, hay rides, and the World Wood Stacking Competition are just a start! There’s a civil war encampment (a re-enactment), pony rides, and even a Hay Bale Tossing Championship. Plus, the food selection looks AMAZING! Make your trip to Northwest Massachusetts a whole weekend trip and see Mass MoCA while you’re nearby! 10am-4pm. Thanksgiving Harvest Fest and Civil War EncampmentRed Apple Farm Phillipston, MA, .
Dog Sled Fun Run (with Wheels, not Snow Sleds)
So you’ve always wanted to see dog sledding but don’t want to leave Boston or endure the snow? The Yankee Siberian Husky Club will give a presentation including real dog sledding (but with wheels). 1-3pm. Dog Sled Fun Run (with Wheels, not Snow Sleds)Houghton’s Pond Milton, MA, .
Super Megafest
Here’s another fan convention, and they claim to be the biggest. I think I believe it because they have a ton of genuine celebrities coming, like the supermega comics giant STAN LEE! Super MegafestSheraton Framingham Framingham, MA, .
Historic Thanksgivings at The Old Manse
What was it like for women before dishwashers, microwave ovens, and telling men to fetch their own damn beer? The Old Manse is one of New England’s finer historic home museums, and they’re having a festival with old-timey crafts, music, and animals. Re-enactors tell stories about the life of real women during the Revolutionary War. Historic Thanksgivings at The Old ManseThe Old Manse Concord, MA, .
Essex Pride Week
Why can’t more town festivals be like this? It’s really about the community coming together, rather than attracting tourists and getting them to shop. With events like town-wide church bazaars and a Fireman’s Spaghetti dinner, this local event is more down-to-earth than most. Essex Pride WeekVarious Essex, MA, .
Higgins OverKnight
Near Worcester there’s a fantastic museum of ancient weapons and suits of armor. And now you can stay overnight! $45 includes dinner and breakfast and with a special tour and workshops where you get to be hands-on with the armor and arms. Higgins OverKnight Worcester, MA, .
Greenberg Toy and Train Show
If you like model trains, you’ll find a bunch, including LEGO dioramas, on display here. Kids under 12 free. Adults just $7. That’s something to CHOO CHOO on. (Get it? Chew on? Hello… ? *crickets* *crickets*). Greenberg Toy and Train ShowShriner’s Auditorium Wilmington, MA, .
Rockland Open Studios
I’d rather go to this open studios, because when you visit real artists homes and work studios, you meet real artists — not just their vendors. So you can ask questions, eat their refreshments, and maybe buy something. 12-5pm. Rockland Open StudiosET Wrtight Building, 379 Liberty St. Sandpaper Factory Rockland, MA, .
Harvest Dinner with the Pilgrims at Plimoth Plantation
Also this week they’re doing a re-enactment of a 1621 harvest dinner. You’ll see all kinds of old-timey food preparation. And pilgrims. And native americans. 5:30pm. Harvest Dinner with the Pilgrims at Plimoth Plantation Plymouth, MA, .
This isn’t so much a fest as a series of talks about Proust and his epic, six-volume masterpiece Remembrance of Things Past (or In Search of Lost Time, depending on whom you ask). I wonder if they’ll have madeleines and lime blossom tea for the purists? ProustFestProvidence Athenaeum Library,252 Benefit Street Providence, RI, .
Celebrate Thanksgiving with Abraham Lincoln and Sarah Josepha Hale
Here’s another Lincoln event. This one also includes a re-enactment of Sarah Josepha Hale, the old-timey author who wrote ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ and helped Thanksgiving become enshrined as a real, official American holiday. (Previously, it was known as ‘We Killed a Bunch of Indians Day’.). Celebrate Thanksgiving with Abraham Lincoln and Sarah Josepha HaleCenter Meeting House Newbury, NH, .
Tellabration – with Abraham Lincoln
Storytelling isn’t just for kids! This festival brings together performers in what are essentially one-man/one-woman stage shows, which include Steve Wood, everyone’s favorite Abraham Lincoln re-enactor. Tellabration - with Abraham LincolnNew Hampshire Technical Institute Library Concord, NH, .
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Boston International Fine Art Show
Pay just $15 to view hundreds of pieces you cannot afford under any circumstances. Pretend to be really unimpressed and resist the urge to ask someone if they have any Grey Poupon. No, seriously, this is a huge fine art event and it’s awesome. Boston International Fine Art ShowBoston Center for the Arts Boston, MA, .
A Conservative Walks Into a Bar: The Politics of Political Humor
If you aren’t sick of talking politics after this exhausting election year, this looks like a good opportunity for a laugh. Alison Dagnes will read from her book about why so many satirists are also leftists, and about the philosophical and cultural differences between the right and left in America. 7pm. A Conservative Walks Into a Bar: The Politics of Political HumorBrookline Booksmith Brookline, MA, .
Boston Jewish Film Festival
Like the many other film festivals we’re lucky enough to enjoy in Boston, this one features plenty of directors and celebrities coming to speak and take questions. So it’s not just sitting in a dark room idly watching movies. Just mostly. Boston Jewish Film FestivalCoolidge Corner Theatre Brookline, MA, .
Boston’s Transgender Day of Remembrance
Community speak-out, candlelit vigil, and hosted reception at 4pm. Boston's Transgender Day of RemembranceSt Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral Boston, MA, .
The Role of the Internet in a Creating a Just and Sustainable Economy
Maybe I should attend one of these- I could always learn more about economics, and I use the internet! Sounds like as good an opportunity as any. The Role of the Internet in a Creating a Just and Sustainable EconomyFirst Parish Church Cambridge, MA, .
Belmont World Film’s Family Film Festival
It’s not just a film fest for kids, it’s also free ice cream and performances, yum! Belmont World Film's Family Film FestivalVarious Boston, MA, .
Guts and Glory: An Evening with Anthony Bourdain
The internationally renowned chef and television host is in town tonight to share stories of his work and travels. Guts and Glory: An Evening with Anthony BourdainBoston Symphony Hall Somerville, MA, .
Great American Smokeout
Sometimes all you need is an excuse to stop procrastinating. That’s why the American Cancer Society made the Great American Smokeout, an annual event to encourage people to stop smoking. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any local Boston events this year to celebrate. Great American SmokeoutMIT, Building 13 Lobby Cambridge, MA, .
Strange Planetary Vistas from Kepler
Tonight at Harvard’s observatory, learn about extrasolar planetary systems discovered by NASA’s Kepler mission. Strange Planetary Vistas from KeplerPhillips Auditorium at the CfA Cambridge, MA, .
Science on Screen: It Came From Beneath the Sea
How realistic are movie monsters? Here’s your chance to learn about it from a scientist, and then watch a movie! 7pm. Science on Screen: It Came From Beneath the SeaCoolidge Corner Theatre Brookline, MA, .
Party Around the World
Dance and sushi from around the world go to support the homeless. Party Around the WorldMicrosoft NERD Center, One Memorial Dr Cambridge, MA, .
The Harvard Book Store presents: Barbara Kingsolver
The popular novelist reads from her new book ‘Flight Behavior’ tonight at 7pm. The Harvard Book Store presents: Barbara KingsolverFirst Parish Church Boston, MA, .
The Royall House and Slave Quarters – Talk by J. L. Bell
When you think of great destinations for local history buffs, Medford probably doesn’t leap to mind, but one of the richest families in New England lived here during the 18th century. Tonight’s lecture by local historian J.L. Bell is about the neighboorhood and the lives of slaves . 6:30pm. The Royall House and Slave Quarters - Talk by J. L. BellThe Royall House and Slave Quarters Cambridge, MA, .
Boston International Antiquarian Book Fair
Are you a bibliophile? This is your Mecca. You’ll see everything from $10,000 first editions to an entire booth devoted to antique books bound in red and gold leather. It’s all for sale, but you won’t spend less than $100 on a single volume. Even if you can’t buy, it’s exciting just to look. Also, there are free book appraisals! Complimentary passes are available at the Bratte Book Shop. Boston International Antiquarian Book FairHynes Convention Center Boston, MA, .
Brickbottom Open Studios
Did you know that Somerville has more artists per capita than every other city in the country, except New York? See what some of them are up to at this open studios event. Union Square has become a new hot spot, so bring friends. Brickbottom Open StudiosUnion Square Cambridge, MA, .
Fall Family Night Hikes
I bet nature walks at night must be really cool. I also bet that I would trip on something and fall flat on my face. If a night walk piques your sense of adventure, check this out! Fall Family Night Hikes North Easton, MA, .
Why Did the Turkey Cross the Road?
This audubon is geared towards 7-11 year olds and teaches you everything you could possibly know about turkeys, from what their feathers look like under a microscope to how to imitate their calls. Walk-ins welcome but pre-registration is encouraged. 2pm-3:30pm. Why Did the Turkey Cross the Road?Boston Nature Center Mattapan, MA, .
Big Tom Turkey Hunt
There are five paper turkeys hidden in Burlington today, and you have to find the live one! A scavenger hunt for poultry? Okay! After pre-registering, meet at the Recreation Center at 1:00pm to receive your packet of clues. Big Tom Turkey HuntRecreation Center Burlington, MA, .
Ho Ho Holidays
Christopher Columbus Park Holiday Trellis Lighting
Because of commerce, there’s no putting off Xmas. However, I promise to only write about REAL EVENTS, not every high school that throws together some craft show. No description, but expect Santa, ‘performers’, they flick a switch and a tree lights up… hot chocolate and singing… 6pm. Christopher Columbus Park Holiday Trellis LightingChristopher Columbus Park Boston, MA, .
BLINK! At Faneuil Hall Marketplace
Talk about Xmas bombardment! This ‘LED light & sound extravaganza’ features the Holiday Pops, with performances every half hour from 4pm-10pm. EVERY night. For the next SIX WEEKS! That might be a little too much holiday cheer for me. BLINK! At Faneuil Hall MarketplaceFaneuil Hall Stamford, CT, .
Faneuil Hall Tree Lighting
Also unable to wait to Thanksgiving is Faneuil Hall. As a local, I sort of avoid Faneui Hall. You guys know it’s just a mall, right, placed where a museum should be? However, they’ll have bellringers! And caroling! I like that!! OMG! It’s CHRISTMAS! I should buy something! Faneuil Hall Tree LightingFaneuil Hall Boston, MA, .
Methuen Santa Parade
It’s music, the mayor, hot chocolate, and of course Santa, too. I love parades! It’s more creative and less commercial than the usual merchant holiday affairs. 1pm. Methuen Santa Parade Methuen, MA, .
Portsmouth, NH Holiday Arts Tour
Portsmouth, NH is having open studios as well, but by adding the name ‘holiday’ they’re hoping you think Xmas and buy buy buy some artwork. It’s only a tour in the sense that you can tour around to each location using your little feet. Portsmouth, NH Holiday Arts TourVarious locations Portsmouth, NH, .
Haverhill VFW Santa Parade
I’m not a Christian, but everybody loves Santa when the Veterans of Foreign Wars club hosts a parade. Sit on Santa’s lap and hear him say you’ll have to be VERY good this year to get Justin Bieber in your stocking. 1pm. Rain date Nov 24 at 10:30am. Haverhill VFW Santa Parade Haverhill, MA, .
Christmas at the Newport Mansions
Beginning this weekend through the New Year, the famous Newport mansions will be decked out for the holidays. Tours and events vary from estate to estate. Christmas at the Newport Mansions Cambridge, MA, .
The Rat Pack – Our review
Click for our review of the Rat Pack!
. The Rat Pack - Our reviewReagle Theatre Waltham, MA, .
Comics Come Home Fundraiser
While he’s in town, our own Denis Leary, along with Jimmy Fallon and other stand up stars, is doing a benefit for cancer research at BU’s enviable arena. 7:30pm. Comics Come Home FundraiserAgganis Arena Boston, MA, .
Monthly Concert at the Boston Athenum
This fall, the Boston Athenum is celebrating the centennial of composer John Cage with a series of free concerts. 12m-1pm. Reservations preferred but not required. Monthly Concert at the Boston AthenumBoston Athenum Brookline, MA, .
Seven Times Salt performs ‘Fortune My Foe: Music of Englishmen Abroad’
This very lively local group plays a lot of 14th-17th century music on period instruments. Tonight’s program features consorts and dances by Dowland, Hume, Brade, Simpson, Phillips, and Bull, and original settings of anonymous ballads. Seven Times Salt performs 'Fortune My Foe: Music of Englishmen Abroad'Friends Meeting House Lexington, MA, .
John Oliver from the Daily Show
Get your tickets early for the Daily Show funnyman. John Oliver from the Daily ShowShubert Theatre New Haven, CT, .
This is what, exactly? It’s a Japanese anime fesival with an emphasis on steampunk culture. Because they LOVE Thanksgiving in Japan. 2012. Gobble-ConSheraton Hotel Stamford, CT, .
Kora Shriner’s FEZtival of Trees
There will be an excess of 60 display trees, a craft fair, a silent auction and of course the kitchen will be open. And yes, Santa will be putting in an appearance. Kora Shriner's FEZtival of Trees Lewiston, ME, .
Vermont and the Civil War
Vermont author and Civil War historian Howard Coffin addresses the Vermont contribution to the Civil War. Vermont and the Civil WarSt. Albans Historical Museum St. Albans, VT, , .
Craft Vermont Annual Show
This seems like one of the better juried craft shows happening this season. It’s got holiday events like a tree lighting, food, music, demonstrations, and high-quality handmade goods. Craft Vermont Annual ShowSheraton Hotel Plymouth, MA, .
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